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The Zanes Law Phoenix injury lawyers have offices located centrally on 42nd Street and Thomas Road. Each year we help thousands of car accident victims get paid. No one ever expects to be involved in a car accident, suffer an injury, or need to begin looking for a Phoenix car accident attorney. Who wants to have to go through the intimidating and frustrating process of pursuing your car accident claim alone? Normally, people set out for work, school, errands, leisure activities, and road trips without anticipating a collision. Even though car accidents are common in Phoenix, people usually don’t imagine that they’ll be involved in one.  So people are certainly surprised when they need a Phoenix car accident attorney.  Where should someone who has been injured begin? How about with the best. Do not look further than the Zanes Law car accident lawyers in Phoenix.

Once you are injured in a car accident, you then open your car accident claim. But the aftermath can feel overwhelming. People often find themselves in shock over a crash and its costs. This is true even if the injuries are as minor as a whiplash injury. It is especially true if the accident leads to serious injuries. It’s difficult to predict the exact effects that a car accident will have on your life. Sometimes, people face relatively minor expenses and inconveniences. Other times, their lives change completely and the assistance of experienced Phoenix injury lawyers is necessary.

Reaching out to a Zanes Law Phoenix car accident attorney is critical. We make every effort to guide your case towards the most favorable outcome possible. We serve as a source of dedicated guidance and support in the stressful aftermath of a car accident.

How Often Do Automobile Accidents Occur in Phoenix, Arizona?

MMDAF awards_logo1The Arizona Department of Transportation reports that there were 126,845 motor vehicle collisions throughout the state in 2016. As a result of these collisions, 962 people died and 56,636 were injured. Every day, approximately 155 people suffered a motor vehicle injury. Maricopa County is the most heavily affected area in Arizona. In 2016, roughly 73 percent of the state’s motor vehicle collisions and 50 percent of its fatalities took place in the city of Phoenix and the rest of the county.

At Zanes Law, each Phoenix car accident attorney is familiar with fighting with insurance companies and with litigating car accident claims. The legal support you receive by our Phoenix injury lawyers comes from significant insight and knowledge.  Each Zanes Law Phoenix car accident attorney has developed his skills through years of pursuing these cases. As you cope with your whiplash injury or broken bones from your accident, your Zanes Law Phoenix injury lawyers will provide you with invaluable guidance and will fight tirelessly for your interests.

How Will Our Phoenix Injury Lawyers Help?

Even without injuries, car accident claims are intimidating.  Car accident victims face the hassle of dealing with the damage to their vehicles and any valuable belongings. What if you are injured? Even with whiplash injuries, the costs and the stress from an accident are considerably higher. But a Zanes Law Phoenix car accident attorney can take this stress off of you.  We will do all of the work needed on your car accident claims so that you can recover from your injuries.

According to data reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, motor vehicle crashes are among the leading causes of emergency room visits, hospitalization, and deaths resulting from traumatic brain injuries. Spine injuries, internal bleeding, whiplash injuries, broken bones, nerve damage, burns, and lacerations are other types of injuries that people might suffer during a car accident. The effects of these injuries often become apparent within a short time after a crash and are one of the main reasons car accident claims are brought by victims. It’s also possible for symptoms of medical problems to escape immediate detection and to appear at a later time.

Injuries And Car Accident Claims

AzTLA awards_logo4Our Phoenix injury lawyers know that your quality of life will diminish after you are injured in an accident. Injuries can result in a variety of problems, including:

  • Pain, nausea, or dizziness
  • Limited mobility or paralysis
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Cognitive or sensory impairments

Depending on the nature of the injury, the problems can last anywhere from days to years. They also necessitate various kinds of medical treatments, including the following:

Emergency Room Visits

Our Phoenix injury lawyers say go to an emergency room and get evaluated after a car accident.  Each year, millions of people in the U.S. visit emergency rooms after motor vehicle accidents. The rate of visits is especially high for people between the ages of 16 and 24. Even if an injury is a whiplash injury and doesn’t require hospitalization or other intensive treatments, the emergency room visit alone can cost thousands of dollars. An ambulance ride in Phoenix can cost hundreds of dollars.


According to our Phoenix injury lawyers, the length of a hospital stay depends on the specific injuries and treatments needed. For example, surgeries are necessary for injuries such as shattered bones or internal bleeding. Car accident victims sometimes need to be hospitalized multiple times for surgeries.

Outpatient Care

When people sustain injuries during a car accident, our Phoenix injury lawyers at Zanes Law know that follow-up care is an important part of healing and managing medical conditions. Medications and multiple visits to the doctor are key components of this care. Even when outpatient care is necessary for only a short amount of time, the medical bills add up quickly. When car accidents leave people with permanent injuries and lasting health problems, they’ll need this care for the rest of their lives.

Physical Rehabilitation

Any number of injuries can require physical therapy, including whiplash injuries, damage to the brain, spine, legs, and arms. Physical therapy helps people regain functioning or adapt to permanent changes in mobility and motor coordination.

Assistive Technologies and Residential Accommodations

Wheelchairs, walkers, and prostheses are among the assistive devices that people might need after a motor vehicle accident. Certain injuries require devices and software that help people read, write, or reach for objects. Furthermore, car accident victims might need to make modifications to their homes. These changes include installing handrails, adding ramps to entrances, broadening doorways to accommodate wheelchairs, and replacing existing showers and tubs with walk-in or roll-in varieties.

Psychological or Cognitive Therapy

Car accidents can be traumatic. People who suffer an accident can experience nightmares, flashbacks, and other post-traumatic stress symptoms. They might have to cope with grief, anger, or stress over the accident and the way it has changed their lives. Our Phoenix injury lawyers see car accidents result in the loss of work, fractured relationships, financial troubles, and the inability to participate in activities people once enjoyed. Some people develop depression or anxiety after a crash. Psychological and cognitive therapy are often necessary to help people who have sustained traumatic brain injuries. Brain trauma can result in memory deficits, speech impairments, and emotional disturbances.

All of these treatments play an important role in healing from injuries or coping with them after an accident. These treatments are also quite expensive. Even if someone has medical insurance, the insurance might not provide adequate coverage. Out-of-pocket expenses can become staggering. A Phoenix car accident attorney at Zanes Law will guide you through the medical end of your case.

Costs of Being Injured

ASLA awards_logo3The Zanes Law Phoenix injury lawyers minimize the impact of an accident. The costs of injuries in the aftermath of a car accident also become exacerbated by other changes to daily life, including:

Loss of Wages

After a motor vehicle accident, people often wind up missing work, resulting in lost wages and possible job loss. When they’re forced to leave their jobs, car accident victims also lose any benefits they obtained through their work, such as medical insurance.

Higher Premiums

On top of all the costs arising from medical bills and property damage, accident victims face the burden of higher car insurance premiums.

Loss of Productivity

Dealing with an accident demands a great amount of time and effort. People need to arrange for other forms of transportation. They’re faced with mountains of bills, insurance paperwork, and legal documents. Medical treatments are time-consuming. These demands sap people’s energy and make it more difficult for them to keep up at work, stay on top of other obligations, and cope with injuries.

Fractured Relationships

The medical, psychological, and financial problems stemming from car accidents can damage interpersonal relationships. Even though car accident victims need support, their struggles can wind up depriving them of potentially beneficial relationships and support networks.

Hiring an experienced Phoenix car accident attorney eases some of the burdens of coping with an accident. You shouldn’t have to struggle alone in dealing with the costs of injuries, lost wages, car repairs, and diminished quality of life. Dedicated legal assistance from the qualified auto accident lawyers at Zanes Law makes it easier for you to avoid mistakes that will undermine your car accident claims. You’ll have an advocate who works to improve your physical, mental, and financial well-being.

Seeking Damages in a Car Accident’s Aftermath

The state prohibits any law that would limit the amount of damages a plaintiff may receive if someone causes their death or any injury. This means that individuals who pursue claims following a Phoenix motor vehicle accident do not have a cap on the amount of compensation they may pursue with a lawyer’s assistance.

Arizona follows the doctrine of pure comparative negligence. Under pure comparative negligence, a person who suffers injuries for which another party was even minimally liable may recover compensation proportionate to the other party’s responsibility.

Types of Compensation Motor Vehicle Accident Victims Can Recover

AAJ awards_logo5Individuals who suffer injuries in a motor vehicle accident may recover two types of compensation: compensatory damages and punitive damages. Compensatory damages, which account for most damages resulting from car accidents, are designed to provide sufficient compensation to make the plaintiff financially whole. In Phoenix, an experienced attorney could help the plaintiff assess their out-of-pocket expenses due to their car accident, predict the likely future accident-related costs they may incur, and attribute a value to the losses that are more difficult to quantify.

Compensatory damages often include reimbursement for medical treatment relating to the accident, estimated expenses for future medical care for accident-related injuries, lost wages for missed work, potential loss of future earning capacity, and property damage. The damages may also comprise emotional distress, pain and suffering, loss of life enjoyment, and loss of consortium, to which it may be more difficult to attribute a dollar value. The state’s civil jury instructions request that a jury consider the following elements when determining how much to award a plaintiff who can prove a defendant’s negligence:

  • The injury’s duration, extent, and nature
  • The amount of pain and suffering the plaintiff has endured and is expected to experience in the future as a result of their injury
  • The cost of medical treatment the plaintiff has undergone and is expected to undergo in the future
  • The plaintiff’s lost wages and diminished earning capacity
  • Loss of pleasure within the plaintiff’s relationship with a spouse or child
  • Decreased quality of life

Punitive damages are awarded significantly less often than compensatory damages, and they are reserved for especially egregious cases of negligence. They are designed to punish the defendant. For punitive damages to be granted, a court must determine that the defendant intended to cause injury, was motivated by ill will, consciously disregarded a substantial risk to others while pursuing their own interests, or pursued conduct they knew created a substantial risk of serious harm to others. There is no fixed standard for valuating punitive damages and the amount is left to the jury’s discretion. When deciding whether and how much punitive damage to assess, a jury may consider the defendant’s motives, the severity of the harm the plaintiff suffered, and factors relating to the defendant’s financial position.

Under What Circumstances Do Car Accidents Occur?

Each Zanes Law Phoenix car accident attorney has brought car accident claims for people who have suffered injuries ranging from whiplash injuries to paralysis and death.  These car accidents have been caused by a variety of contributing factors, including the following:

Drug Use

When people operate their vehicles under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, the chances of a crash increase significantly. Accidents can also involve the use of prescription drugs that cause drowsiness or other side effects.

Distracted Driving

The Arizona Department of Transportation reports that, in 2016, roughly 24 percent of drivers involved in motor vehicle accidents were documented as distracted. Distractions include texting and making phone calls while driving.

Other Kinds of Irresponsible or Illegal Driving Behavior

Speeding, failing to signal, failing to yield, ignoring stop signs and red lights, making improper turns, driving while fatigued, neglecting to use headlights, and driving in the wrong lane are among the behaviors that contribute to motor vehicle accidents.

Poor Road Conditions

Roads with sharp curves, faded lane dividers, weak lighting, and inadequate traffic signals can increase the risk of a crash. Although driver behavior is usually the most important factor in an accident, it’s necessary to consider the surrounding circumstances. Weather and traffic conditions also play a role in accidents.

Mechanical Failure

Vehicles with mechanical problems might fail to function properly on the road. For example, a defect in a car’s brakes or steering wheel column can lead to a devastating accident. It’s important to determine if anyone knew about the problem in advance and neglected to fix it in a timely way.

Your Zanes Law Phoenix car accident attorney will help you make sense of your accident. Also, your auto accident lawyers will review and carefully analyze the facts. You’ll develop a clearer understanding about the parties responsible and the appropriate steps involved in bringing your car accident claims for compensation for your injuries and other losses.

Car accidents are sometimes unavoidable. Even if you’re driving responsibly, there are circumstances that remain out of your control. You don’t have to get stuck bringing your car accident claims on your own because our auto accident attorneys are here to help.

Let Our Phoenix Injury Lawyers Fight For You

You’ve been injured in a car accident and are having a hard time.  Even if your injuries are as minor as whiplash injuries, let a Phoenix car accident attorney at Zanes Law step in and help. We will take care of your car accident claims while you focus on healing. You’ll feel less overwhelmed if you do so. An accident can seriously upset your life. Your physical and mental health can change. You might find it difficult or impossible to work, take care of your home, maintain relationships, and enjoy meaningful hobbies. Keeping up with bills, insurance claims, and other paperwork is time-consuming. With each Zanes Law experienced Phoenix car accident attorney working for you, your circumstances won’t be as overwhelming. You won’t feel lost or completely unsure about the steps you need to take.

You will also have a powerful advocate in our auto accident lawyers. As you deal with insurance companies, bring your car accident claims, or handle a legal dispute, your Phoenix car accident attorney will serve as your mediator. With our strong Zanes Law Phoenix car accident attorney, you’re in a better position to fight for what you deserve. The degree to which you’re held responsible for an accident can affect the amount of money you receive. Your Zanes Law Phoenix car accident attorney will ensure that you’re treated fairly.

Every Phoenix car accident attorney at Zanes Law will assist you with sorting through the evidence. Police reports, photos, video footage, witness testimony, medical assessments, and vehicle inspections are among the pieces of evidence you need to collect, organize, and analyze. Your Phoenix car accident attorney will use various kinds of evidence to create a coherent picture of the accident and successfully strengthen your case. He or she will also question any evidence that’s faulty.

Your Zanes Law Phoenix Car Accident Attorney Knows The Hurdles

Your Phoenix car accident attorney will help you develop a better understanding of your accident and your car accident claims. Who is at fault? There isn’t always a straightforward answer. Maybe multiple drivers share the fault. Sometimes, the fault extends to companies that employ drivers or manufacture vehicles. Witnesses might offer contradictory accounts. A driver might flee the scene without providing insurance information. Your legal and insurance situation could be different if you’re a vehicle passenger and not a driver. The experienced auto accident lawyers at Zanes Law will know how to analyze an accident and its contributing factors. As a result, you’ll have a clearer understanding of your situation and a stronger case.

Your Zanes Law Phoenix car accident attorney will give you valuable guidance. For example, an insurance company might want to conduct an independent medical examination in order to determine if you’re telling the truth about your injuries. Your lawyer will help you prepare for this examination and ensure that you’re providing clear and coherent replies. Without an attorney, you’ll have a much more difficult time presenting your case to insurance companies and in court.

Your Zanes Law Phoenix injury lawyers avoid costly mistakes. It’s painful to look back at the aftermath of an accident and discover mistakes or wasted opportunities. If you fill out the car accident claims paperwork incorrectly, accept an unfair settlement, or overlook a key way to obtain coverage for your medical bills, you’ll have a more difficult time coping with the effects of your accident. Your auto accident lawyers will help you avoid these potentially life-changing oversights.  It is important to understand that the insurance companies involved in your claim will create the following hurdles that your Zanes Law Phoenix car accident attorney will help you navigate.

Insurance Company Hurdle #1 – A Rushed Settlement Offer

Each Zanes Law Phoenix car accident attorney sees this all the time. The responsible driver’s insurance company tries to get you to accept a check and sign away your legal rights.  The adjuster wants to do this before you consult with an attorney. This would be a HUGE mistake! So make sure you don’t sign any papers or accept any payments until you retain legal representation.

When you accept a settlement check, it’s almost always going to come with paperwork that must be signed. Doing this means you are waiving your legal right to ask for any additional money in the future. Insurance companies try to get a settlement right away so that they can avoid future medical expenses. This means that if it turns out your whiplash injury is actually much more significant, you will be out of luck because you settled your car accident claims. Therefore, contact our auto accident lawyers before signing anything.

Another example: Imagine for a moment that you begin experiencing serious issues a few months after the accident as a result of sustaining a traumatic brain injury (TBI). If you have already signed a settlement agreement, you may be out of luck and on the hook for all of your related expenses moving forward. This is especially distressing in a TBI situation because many of the worst problems may not present themselves until at least six months after the accident. In this scenario, the injured party could end up footing the bill for medical complications such as seizures, growth hormone insufficiency and even progressive dementia.

Insurance Company Hurdle #2 – Tricks to Make You Admit Fault

Arizona is an at-fault, comparative negligence state. In a nutshell, if you are 99 percent at fault for the accident, but you’re also the injured party, you have the right to compensation. However, being 99 percent at fault means you would only be eligible to recover 1 percent of your auto accident injury-related expenses.

As you can see, this makes it imperative for people who were injured by the negligence of others to never admit fault. Insurance adjusters may attempt to trick you into admitting at least a little bit of fault as you bring your car accident claims to reduce their financial obligation to you. This is a common trick, and many people fall for it, especially if they do not have an attorney advising them. This is also the reason every Zanes Law Phoenix car accident attorney handles the communication with the insurance company on behalf of our clients.

Insurance Company Hurdle #3 – Getting an Immediate Statement

It doesn’t matter to an insurance adjuster if you are in the hospital or dealing with a painful injury. They will try to corner you into making a statement about the accident as quickly as possible. The adjuster will also ask for permission to record your statement, but this is a trap. Essentially, the adjuster is hoping to get you to say something on record that will make them less responsible for your medical bills.

Do not play these games. Instead, politely decline to make a statement, recorded or otherwise, until your Phoenix car accident attorney is present. The professional, experienced auto accident lawyers at Zanes Law will guide you through the process to help reduce your risk of ending up with a smaller settlement.

Insurance Company Hurdle #4 – Claiming You Can Trust Them and Don’t Need a Lawyer

Our Phoenix injury lawyers have seen insurance companies do lots of dishonest things. Although not all adjusters will flat out lie, you need to protect yourself by not letting them lull you into a false sense of security. It is an adjuster’s job to wrap up all car accident claims as quickly and cheaply as possible. Being friendly and polite is a great way to achieve these goals. It can help convince injured people that the other driver’s insurance company truly cares about them.

If you start thinking of the adjuster as someone who is on your side, you have been roped in and will probably lose a lot of money as a result. Even worse, after these adjusters convince people that they are trustworthy, they then use their persuasiveness to dissuade the injured party from speaking with auto accident attorneys. If they truly wanted the absolute best for you, why would they go out of their way to convince you not to hire legal representation?

Insurance Company Hurdle #5 – Ignoring Your Claim

Have you already filed your car accident claim and are currently trying to work with an insurance adjuster who never returns your calls? Insurance companies do not make money by paying claims, so they try to avoid them at all costs. One tactic is to push people off for long enough that the victim either stops trying, dies or accepts a low settlement offer. If this is currently happening to you, our team of Phoenix injury lawyers can help your injury claim get the attention it deserves.

Insurance Company Hurdle #6 – Requesting Your Medical Records

Did the adjuster ask for your medical records? This is not as reasonable of a request as you might think. After all, they are probably not looking at these records to determine how much they should pay. Instead, they are looking for a way to deny part or all of your claim.

For example, if you file a claim due to a whiplash injury you sustained during the car accident, the adjuster will comb through your medical records looking for any previous neck and back issues. If they find one, they can try to claim that your current injury is a preexisting condition that was not caused by the accident.

Another insidious trick is to try to minimize what you are going through. For instance, you suffer from blinding headaches from your whiplash injury. The adjuster then claims that there is not enough proof that these headaches are happening or that they are severe enough to warrant medical attention. Due to this erroneous claim, they deny payment for that part of your medical expenses.

Don’t let a penny-pinching adjuster compromise your health and financial well-being. Fight back with the Zanes Law Phoenix injury lawyers on your side.

Insurance Company Hurdle #7 – Denying Fault

Each Zanes Law Phoenix car accident attorney sees insurance adjusters scour all applicable records looking for any loophole that gets their company off the hook for your medical payments. These adjusters claim that their insured party was not actually at fault. However, an insurance company denying fault does not mean that their customer truly has no fault in the accident.

There are several sad scenarios that can arise from this. For example, injured people who are unable to work will sometimes become so desperate for money that they abandoned their car accident claim and accept a very low settlement from an unscrupulous adjuster. Unfortunately, our Phoenix injury lawyers regularly see this. The conversation could go something like this, “our client has zero fault in this accident. Because of your extensive injuries, we still want to offer you some financial assistance. We will send you a check for $500 today if you sign this waiver.”

Meanwhile, their client actually was at fault, and the injured party’s injury claim is for $5,000. Despite this, someone who tries to navigate through the confusing world of car accident claims without an attorney might end up accepting a paltry amount and signing away all of their future rights. Your Zanes Law Phoenix car accident attorney will make sure this does not happen.

Important Qualities in a Phoenix Car Accident Lawyer

Doug Zanes

Doug Zanes, Phoenix Car Accident Lawyer

Don’t hesitate to contact a Zanes Law Phoenix car accident attorney after a motor vehicle collision. When meeting with our Phoenix injury lawyers, bring whatever evidence you’ve gathered, including medical records and any photos from the scene. Make sure your attorney exhibits certain key qualities. These include:

  • Personal attention to clients and their unique needs
  • Dedication and compassion
  • Keen analytical thinking
  • Extensive experience with car accident cases and general personal injury law
  • A sterling reputation and a track record of success

After a car crash, hire a Phoenix injury lawyer. It is critical to open your car accident claim and take immediate legal action. At our firm, a Phoenix car accident attorney has the proven experience necessary to help you navigate through the complicated world of insurance companies and lawsuits. We take pride in offering top-notch service to each of our clients and will do everything in our power to help you secure a fair settlement.

Car Accident Case Results

Do not sit back and let the insurance adjuster treat you badly. Don’t accept an insulting settlement offer. Instead, call a Phoenix car accident attorney. Our Phoenix injury lawyers offer assistance for a variety of personal injury, car accident and wrongful death cases for clients.

Even with a decrease in traffic, the number of road accident fatalities in Arizona reached close to an all-time high, increasing nine percent from the previous year. This is with even fewer car accidents than the year before. Simply stated, people are driving far more recklessly than they did in the past, and it risks your life.

In one recent year, nearly 130,000 crashes took place in Arizona. While the number of crashes in the Phoenix area dropped in recent decades, it is now on a steady climb, interrupted only by the pandemic. One can expect that number to rise as more cars take to the roads. The problem is that car crashes are becoming more serious as things like distracted and drunk driving remain issues.

As the most populous area in Arizona, Maricopa County (home to Phoenix) has, by far, the most accidents in the state. Almost 100,000 accidents took place in the county in a single year, and more than three out of every four crashes in the entire state happen in the Phoenix area. Roughly 30 percent of these crashes will result in an injury. There are estimates that car crashes have a direct economic impact of over $10 billion just in the Phoenix area.

Surveys show that Phoenix-area highways are among the most dangerous in the country. For example, I-17 between Phoenix and Flagstaff is considered one of the worst interstates in the U.S, and Phoenix is the most dangerous part of that highway. Many experts are perplexed because Phoenix roads are not as congested as those in other major cities.

In Phoenix, the problem is not necessarily the roads themselves. The issues are more with Phoenix-area drivers. Their behavior is dangerous. Numerous news reports detail the aggression of Phoenix drivers. They make risky moves in traffic, and all it takes is one bad driver to raise your risk of a serious crash. In addition, Phoenix has numerous tourists and snowbirds who are not as familiar with local roads as others.

As mentioned above, I-17 is the site of numerous fatal accidents each year. Also, other major urban highways such as I-10 are frightening for drivers, especially at rush hour, where accidents are seemingly everywhere. There is almost no safe space on I-10 as congestion builds both east and west of the city during peak times.

Off the highways, you can find many unsafe intersections and roads in Phoenix.

They include:

  • 59th Avenue and Olive Avenue – This is consistently the most dangerous intersection in Phoenix in terms of major crashes.
  • Seventh Street/Seventh Avenue – Chis street has reversible center lanes that invariably cause drivers to make mistakes.
  • 67th Avenue and McDowell Road – commuters trying to avoid I-10 make life worse for those in the residential area.
  • 75th Avenue and Indian School Road – Professionals designed this intersection for a much-less congested time and they have not re-engineered it to accommodate a busier Phoenix. Over a five-year period, there was an average of 50 crashes each year at this intersection.

99th & Lower Buckeye – Based on statistics, there have been more crashes at this intersection than any other one in Phoenix.

You should contact a Phoenix auto accident lawyer as soon as possible after your accident. As we described, the insurance company is hard at work almost immediately after an accident to begin cutting their own potential liability. They could be working on it while you are injured and unsuspecting. Before you know it, the insurance company has gotten you on the record saying something you should not have, and you might compromise your claim. Hiring an attorney immediately after an accident would help protect you sooner.

In addition, you could lose evidence from your accident that you would need very soon after the crash. A car accident attorney in Phoenix would get to work immediately to try to gather and preserve what you would need to prove fault in your case. It would be very difficult for you to work on your own to preserve evidence given your injuries. However, your car accident attorney knows exactly what to do as soon as they get on your case.

No. Phoenix accident attorneys would advise you that the driver who causes the accident (or, more specifically, their insurance company) must pay for the harm that they caused. This will start with a determination of who caused the accident. In Arizona, the determination will specify who bears what proportion of the blame. Even if you were not completely blameless, you could still receive money for your accident injuries.

Arizona’s laws make it even more important to be in a position to show what happened. It will directly impact the size of the settlement check that you recover. This means that you must act quickly after an accident to gather evidence before it disappears.

There are two types of evidence that an accident attorney in Phoenix would need to help your case. The first relates to what happened to cause the crash. The second is proof of your damages as you seek compensation.

In terms of proving liability, a Phoenix car accident lawyer could use:

  • Evidence that the other driver faced charges of a traffic offense
  • Witness statements
  • Photos of the accident scene and wreckage
  • Security or traffic camera footage
  • Expert witness testimony that reconstructs the accident

To prove your damages, an auto accident lawyer in Phoenix could use:

  • Pay stubs that show what you earned
  • Your medical diagnosis
  • A log or your testimony that shows how your life changed since the accident
  • Expert testimony that shows the cost of caring for your injuries

Either way, you will need much more than your word to convince the insurance company or a jury that you deserve to receive compensation. Our experienced attorneys know how to prove a case.

This is why the police report is so helpful after an accident. If you can show that the other driver violated a law in the accident, it may mean that they are automatically responsible. This is known as the doctrine of negligence per se. Of course, the other driver’s violation of the law is not a requirement to receive compensation, but it can certainly help your case.

After your accident, it can be incredibly difficult to focus on your legal situation. Your most immediate priority is your health and treatment, but there are things that you must do to advance your legal case at the same time. There is only one of you, and you are already injured. In your focus on your health, you could understandably let other things slide. You must start the legal process no matter how badly injured you or your loved one may be after your accident.

In addition, you may not know of your legal rights and options after your accident. You are generally aware that you can receive financial compensation, but you may not know how to go about the process. The insurance company also tries to make it as difficult as possible. A phoenix auto accident attorney will be your guide to the legal process and your protector from the insurance company. Every injured person needs someone to help them with a claim system that might not always work in their favor.

When you are looking for phoenix auto accident lawyers, you should find someone who has the experience necessary to hire your case. What you are looking for the most are results. That is what we get at Zanes Law Injury Lawyers. If you have suffered severe injuries and are looking at a possibly large settlement, you need an attorney who you know can handle the big cases. You can be certain that the insurance company will make it much more difficult to get a large settlement. If they are making it too easy, chances are that they are underpaying you.

In a large majority of cases, your claim would be against the other driver who caused the accident. In some accidents, there may be a third party who is responsible for your injuries.

These could include:

  • The government that failed to keep the roads in good repair (different rules for suing the government, however, force you to act more quickly)
  • The manufacturer of the car or the part that failed to cause your accident
  • The bar or establishment that served the other driver alcohol before they got behind the wheel drunk

An auto accident attorney in Phoenix will perform a thorough investigation of the circumstances behind your accident to quickly learn who was responsible and where you should go to pursue compensation.

This is also known as the statute of limitations. This restricts the amount of time that you have to file a lawsuit after your injuries. If you miss this deadline, you will lose the right to obtain financial compensation entirely.

In Arizona, you have two years to file a lawsuit after a personal injury case. This does not mean that you should take the entire time to wait. The sooner you begin to seek compensation, the sooner you can receive your check. You may want to take some time to negotiate with the insurance company. However, if you cannot reach a settlement agreement, it will be time to take your case to court.

The best advice that we can give is to be patient during the process. We understand that you are worried and struggling financially, but car accident cases take time. The best estimate that we give potential clients at the consultation is that your case could take between a few months and a few years. However, receiving a fair settlement check a few months after filing your case is a rare outcome.

Usually, you need to prepare to go several rounds with the insurance company. Settling your case could take several rounds of offers, rejections, and demand letters to get the check closer to what you need. All of this takes time. If you cannot reach a settlement agreement, you may need to file a lawsuit in court, which will add additional time to your case. We recommend that our clients fight for top dollar, and that is always a process.

When you hire a lawyer, you sign a representation agreement. This describes how the lawyer is going to receive payment for their services. In a car accident case, your lawyer gets payment on a contingency basis.

Whether they receive a check for their services depends on whether you receive payment for your injuries. If you do, your lawyer will collect a portion of the settlement or jury award that goes directly to them. If you do not win, you do not have to worry about receiving a large legal bill for your lawyer’s time after the case. You would owe your attorney nothing in this situation.

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