Our Family’s Passion Is Helping Arizona Families Recover After Tragedy

Doug Zanes

founded Zanes Law in 2003. Our firm’s first office was located in Tucson, Arizona, with Doug as the only attorney. His wife Claudia, who is a business executive, helped run the business operations within the law firm. During this time, we were able to count our entire staff on one hand.

By 2008, we had added two lawyers and employed a team of 15 staff members. It was at this time that we began to focus our practice on personal injury cases. We realized that helping accident victims was far more personally fulfilling than the area of law we had been practicing.

By 2017, the firm grew to include 10 lawyers spread across three law offices. There were two offices in Tucson, Arizona, and a third office in Phoenix, Arizona. Today, we continue to serve personal injury victims living and/or working in and around Tucson, Phoenix, Nogales, Sierra Vista, Douglas, Yuma, Flagstaff, and Northern Arizona. We also serve Glendale, Casa Grande, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe and the entire Phoenix Metro area.

Claudia Zanes

In the past 15 years, Zanes Law Injury Lawyers have recovered over $500 million for our clients. Both Doug and Claudia believe that our firm owe this success to the wonderful people who work here. Our paralegals, case managers, intake specialists, receptionists, attorneys, and business executives make sure to take care of our clients every step of the way.

So what should you expect when you call Zanes Law Injury Lawyers? The first line of communication between you and the firm will be with one of our intake specialists. He or she will ask you some initial questions regarding your potential personal injury claim. This interview will generally last between 15 and 30 minutes.

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What Sets Zanes Law Apart?

The next step is to make an appointment for an in-person interview. This interview will allow us to confirm the details surrounding your potential case and give you an opportunity to get a feel for how we operate. Our goal is to offer you support and answers as you go through a difficult time. We’ll help reduce the anxiety that comes from not knowing how to proceed.

We are willing to work around your schedule. If it is inconvenient for you to meet us in one of our office locations, we will travel to your home, place of work, or the medical facility where you or your loved one has been hospitalized. In most cases, we will be able to meet with you the same day that you call us, and we will always be able to meet with you within 24 hours. Many clients also opt to complete a full, comprehensive intake over the phone and even electronically sign all of the documents we need over the phone. If a phone intake works best for you, please let us know.

After you have completed the preliminary interview process, we will introduce you to your team, which will include an attorney, a case manager, and a settlement coordinator. Typically, you will meet your team within 48 hours of hiring our firm.

About Zanes Law

Our Family’s Passion Is Helping Arizona Families

Recover After Tragedy.

The Zanes story is one of family, purpose, and passion. As a young attorney, I knew that my purpose was to help people who had been injured in accidents. Simply put, I knew that horrible accidents sometimes happen to wonderful people, and I wanted to be the person who stood next to them and fought to make them whole. I wanted to lift that burden off their shoulders so that they could move forward.

In 2001, I met my amazing wife Claudia. After being married for about one year, Claudia and I embarked on our journey to build a law firm that fulfilled the different dreams each of us had. As a business executive, Claudia’s dream was to build a well-run business with an amazing culture where the team was treated like family.

Our dream was to build a personal injury law firm

where the lawyers and team focused on the clients as if they were family.

We both believed that the combination of our different dreams would create a law firm that had an amazing impact on both the lives of everyone who worked with us and the lives of our clients. And the journey of building Zanes Law has indeed allowed both of us to experience many amazing milestones. We have seen some of our employees, who work so hard to make Zanes Law great, get married, and we have seen others bring children into their families.

We have been fortunate enough to be included in our team members’ birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations. From our Christmas at Zanes parties, quarterly celebrations, and scavenger hunts to our firm’s quarterly community service and our yearly Teacher School Supply Giveaway, the journey that we have had with our Zanes Law team has been nothing short of a life well lived.

About Zanes Law
About Zanes Law

As we have moved through the past 18 years of building and growing the firm, Claudia has focused on running and building a phenomenal business. Doug has focused on making sure we did our legal work at the highest possible level. In addition, we have both focused on raising two fantastic daughters.

Through the process of building Zanes Law together, Claudia and Doug have realized that the real passion they both have is a passion to help people. Our desire to assist, support, and grow the Zanes Law team drives us, as does their love for family and passion for helping their clients. We sincerely hope that, as one of our clients, you experience that passion and integrity. Simply put, we consider ourselves blessed in every sense of the word to have a family business like Zanes Law.

Zanes Law is much different than other personal injury law firms because the Zanes family is so different from the lawyers who lead most other firms. In essence, Zanes Law is an extension of Claudia and Doug, and the firm encompasses all of the characteristics that have made each of them successful. Claudia and Doug have always believed that Zanes Law would be the best personal injury law firm in the United States if, together, they could instill in the Zanes Law team the convictions that drive them. We believe that if we continually insist that the Zanes Law team helps clients the way that Claudia and Doug would expect to be helped, then Zanes Law will set the standard in the legal industry.

So what are those characteristics? Doug is about winning. He has always been and will always be motivated to win at everything he does. This attitude is evident in the success that Doug has had as a lawyer and the founder of Zanes Law. A drive to win is important because when people who have been injured in an accident hire a personal injury lawyer, they do so in order to win. There is no middle ground or second place. You either win or you lose, and Doug wins. But more importantly, the Zanes Law team wins because Doug accepts nothing less.
Claudia is primarily driven by growth but is also driven to win. This has been an amazing combination. Because she is not a lawyer, she is able to bring the perspective of a business executive who has always been successful at business. As a natural winner, she is compelled to focus on growing herself and the Zanes Law team. Through investing in her own professional growth, she has become the driving force behind Zanes Law’s ability to function as a well-oiled business machine. Through investing in the professional growth of the Zanes Law team, she has taught our team to invest in our clients in a way that no other firm does.

So what sets us apart is a drive to win and a never-ending thirst to learn and grow. At Zanes Law, we don’t simply show up each day and work on cases. We show up each day with a need to grow and become both better people and better professionals. This desire to grow allows us to change the lives of our clients by being winners at our core.

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Our personal injury law offices in Phoenix and Tucson serve families in their time of need. You don’t need to fight the insurance companies alone. Let us take those high-pressure calls from the claims adjuster. We’ll handle the negotiation of your claim, and if necessary, take the negligent party to court. We will use every tool in our legal arsenal to get your family justice.

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You need total access to all of the personal injury resources available to you and your family. If you have questions about your accident claim, we can help. And if you’d like to do research on your own, we can help you with that too. The following websites have up-to-date information about handling your personal injury claim in the state of Arizona.