Are Premises Liability Cases Easy Compared To Other Injury Claims?

TRANSCRIPT: So are premises liability cases straight forward and easy? The answer is, quite honestly, no. I think there’s a misconception with premises liability cases because people feel like if I slipped and fell, lets say in a store, the...
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Who Can File Wrongful Death Claims In Arizona?

TRANSCRIPT: So how does a wrongful death case work in Arizona? The reason I say in Arizona is because most states actually have a wrongful death statute an Arizona has a wrongful death statute. The wrongful death statute actually specifically...
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What Types of Personal Injury Cases Does Zanes Law Take?

TRANSCRIPT: So what types of cases do we take at Zanes Law? At Zanes Law we’re a personal injury law firm. We have offices in Phoenix, Arizona and Tucson, Arizona but we actually represent people both statewide and nationally. We...
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