If you have been involved in an accident in Phoenix, AZ and suffered injuries and property damage because another driver was distracted by their cell phone, contact an attorney who can assist you with getting compensation for your injuries. Call an injury lawyer for accidents caused by cell phones in Phoenix, AZ from Zanes Law at (833)-890-8329 for legal guidance and representation.

Cell Phone Usage While Driving In Phoenix, AZ

It may be difficult to prove that another driver was using a cell phone at the time an accident occurred and that the driver was responsible for the accident due to their distracted driving. Some examples of cell phone-related distracted driving include:

  • Looking away from the road to dial a number
  • Sending or reading a text message or email
  • Looking at a map while using a GPS system when driving
  • Talking on a cell phone

There are generally three types of distracted driving:

  • Visual Distractions: Visual distractions may be looking at a sign or billboard, looking at your children in the backseat, staring at a GPS display, and texting or using electronic devices.
  • Manual Distractions: Manual distractions include eating, drinking, looking for items, and texting or using electronic devices.
  • Cognitive Distractions: Cognitive distractions include talking to a passenger, focusing on music, talk radio or podcasts, texting or using electronic devices and multi-tasking.

Experienced attorneys, like the team at Zanes Law, have experience proving negligence on the part of distracted drivers.

How is Negligence Determined in Arizona?

A driver has a duty to take reasonable measures to ensure the safety of other drivers on the road. If the driver failed to ensure your safety by something they did or failed to do and caused an accident, an injury lawyer for accidents caused by cell phones in Phoenix, AZ from Zanes Law will show how the injuries you sustained and the economic hardship you have suffered are a direct result of the negligence of the other driver.

An Injury Lawyer Can Provide Legal Assistance for a Cell Phone Accident Claim

In the state of Arizona, insurance companies are required to accept or deny a claim within forty days after they receive proof of the claim. If they accept the claim, they must compensate the victim within thirty days from the date a settlement was reached.

In Arizona, it may be found that both drivers contributed to an accident and are partially at fault. A driver can generally recover compensation if they are not wholly at fault for the accident, but the degree of fault for the accident determines how much compensation you may receive.

If you are involved in a serious car collision or accident:

  • Keep all the paperwork having to do with your accident in one place, including photographs, videos, medical reports, and any other paperwork.
  • If there were witnesses to the accident and you got their contact information, include this with your paperwork so that your attorney can interview them at a later date.

The police may be able to find videos or photographs that show that the other driver was on their cell phone when the accident happened. It is difficult, if not impossible, for someone other than an attorney or the police, to obtain the cell phone records, video surveillance footage, or police dash-camera footage of a private citizen. Zanes Law can subpoena cell phone records and video footage if necessary, interview witnesses, and work with accident reconstruction experts to recreate the accident scene.

Zanes Law is on Your Side

Zanes Law believes that after an accident, your focus should be on healing physically and emotionally. We know that people involved in serious auto accidents can suffer minor injuries like a sprained wrist or life-threatening injuries such as traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries. Regardless, medical costs should be paid for by the responsible party’s insurance and not by you.

However, insurance companies may not offer to pay for every medical cost associated with your accident injuries and may try to reduce the compensation you receive. Zanes Law will know what to do and will fight on your behalf to get you what you need.

An injury lawyer for accidents caused by cell phones in Phoenix, AZ at Zanes Law knows that it is important to file your case within specific deadlines and are available seven days per week to keep you abreast of how your case is progressing.

Injury Lawyer for Accidents Caused by Cell Phones Near Me

If you have been injured in an automobile accident in Phoenix, AZ caused by another driver’s cellphone usage while driving, call the attorneys at Zanes Law at (833)-890-8329. Zanes Law will do everything possible to get you the compensation you deserve. Call us for a free initial consultation before the statute of limitations runs out and we can no longer pursue damages for your injuries.

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