Have you been injured in a truck accident and need the help of a truck accident lawyer in Phoenix? Are you tired of insurance companies pushing you around? Well, look no further. The Zanes Law team has the know-how to help you with your legal needs.

We want to help you fight for the financial support you need to recover from a truck accident in the Phoenix area. When you bring your losses to our team, we can establish accident liability and back your claim with evidence. From there, you can count on us to represent your best interests whether your case goes to trial or negotiations.

Our Truck Accident Attorneys Go to Work For You

As your trucking accident attorneys, it’s our job to make your case as straightforward as possible. While this can be challenging, considering the nature of insurance providers and even some liable parties, we’ll still strive to:

  • Gather evidence to establish liability
  • Submit your truck accident claim within Arizona’s statute of limitations
  • Communicate with the defendant on your behalf
  • Prevent your words from being taken out of context
  • Protect your possible compensation
  • Arrange negotiations or prepare you for a trial
  • Represent your best interests before a judge
  • Appeal decisions that do not benefit your recovery

You deserve to feel safe when you take to the road. If a trucking company doesn’t train or prepare its drivers for Phoenix’s traffic, the safety of you and your family is at risk. We can bring the weight of your losses to the attention of the right parties. In turn, you may have the chance to fight for compensation based on a truck company’s violated duty of care.

Raising Concerns About Commercial Drivers’ Conduct

Trucking companies are responsible for the daily conduct of their drivers. This means that the parent company in question must bear the onus for a driver’s reckless behavior, intoxication behind the wheel, or lack of training.

This also means that truck accident lawyers in Phoenix will not bring a truck accident complaint against an individual driver. Instead, so long as you can prove that the driver in question was on the clock at the time your accident occurred, you can level your complaint against that driver’s parent company.

Assigning Liability Beyond a Trucking Company

It’s easy to point the finger at a trucking company after a roadway accident. It’s not always these companies that you’ll want to hold liable for your roadway losses, though. Depending on the circumstances that contributed to your accident, there may be other parties to blame.

Government officials, for example, have a duty to keep the roads in Phoenix safe to drive on. This can mean installing the appropriate road signs or filling potholes within a reasonable amount of time. A public official that doesn’t look out for its drivers can subsequently be held liable for a driver’s losses via A.R.S § 12-821.01 – albeit on a tighter deadline than other parties.

In this same vein, part malfunctions can be the fault of either a truck’s manufacturer or its mechanic. We’ll investigate the scene of your accident to determine what went wrong with a driver’s truck and which party, in turn, you can name in your claim.

Back Your Assertions of Liability With Truck Accident Evidence

Your initial complaint must include evidence to back your claim of liability. While you can elaborate on this evidence later down the line, you need to present enough of a correlation between your losses and a particular party to convince a county clerk to carry your case forward.

There are different kinds of evidence that are considered admissible in a truck accident case. These include:

  • Logbooks
  • Black box/computer data
  • Documents detailing the load of the truck
  • Details regarding previous deliveries
  • Tractor-trailer inspections
  • Recreations of the scene of the accident
  • Training information

We’ll also work with the bystanders present at the scene of your accident and secure witnesses for future testimony. The more information we’re able to provide in your initial complaint, the more straightforward the rest of your case may be.

Zanes Law Fights for Your Maximum Compensation

What is the most compensation you can get after a truck accident? The damages you can request will vary depending on the severity of your accident. In most cases, though, a Phoenix, AZ, truck accident lawyer can request:

  • Reimbursement of both your current medical expenses and future medical needs
  • Compensation for your pain and suffering
  • Reimbursement of  your lost wages
  • Compensation for any lost earning capacity
  • Money for any permanent injuries
  • Wrongful death

If you choose to carry your case to trial, a judge may also choose to award you punitive damages. Judges most often apply these damages to cases involving gross negligence or excessive recklessness. 

File Truck Accident Complaints Within State Deadlines to Go to Negotiations or Trial

If you want Phoenix courts to consider the losses you faced in a truck accident, you must file a complaint within the state’s deadline. The statute of limitations for personal injury, which truck accidents fall under, is outlined by A.R.S. § 12-542. According to this statute, you have two years from the day your accident takes place to bring your complaint forward.

As noted, your complaint needs to identify:

  • The party you want to hold liable for your losses
  • Correlation between a breached duty of care and your injuries
  • Evidence of both of the above
  • An estimate of your possible compensation

Submitting a complaint within this deadline does not commit you to a civil trial. Instead, if a court moves your case forward, you can choose how to approach your losses. You can summon an allegedly-liable party to negotiations or a trial. Negotiations can secure your financial support in a shorter period of time. Trials, however, can help you avoid compromising on your losses.

Let’s Find the Best Truck Accident Attorney for You

Truck accidents leave you up close and personal with vehicles significantly larger than your own. The damage you may be left to contend with after a truck accident can leave you apprehensive about your family’s financial well-being. Fortunately, our team knows how to contest your losses and fight for the financial support you need to recover.

Let a Phoenix truck accident attorney at Zanes Law Injury Lawyers help you and your family get back on their feet. You can contact us to learn more about our services and schedule a case consultation.

Where Do Truck Collisions Happen in Phoenix?

Truck collisions can occur anywhere in Phoenix. That said, there are some roads and intersections that have worse reputations than others. The roads that most commonly see smaller vehicles and other vulnerable parties interact with commercial trucks include:

  • Interstate 10
  • Interstate 17
  • U.S. Route 60

You may also see grocery, delivery, and garbage trucks in Paradise Valley, Arcadia, and North Scottsdale. While you should always be aware of your surroundings on the road, you can be particularly cautious of trucks when passing through these areas.

What Injuries Can a Truck Accident Cause?

The injuries you endure in a truck accident can range in severity. Some of the most common include:

  • Traumatic brain and head injuries
  • Soft tissue contusions (sprains and strains)
  • Lacerations and abrasions
  • Internal organ injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Amputations and crush injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries

Whiplash, too, may not have as significant of an impact on your lifelong comfort, but it can make your day-to-day responsibility less comfortable throughout your recovery. There are also often psychological effects, such as PTSD, that many accident victims suffer.

You have the right to seek our medical care and physical therapy if you’ve endured a truck accident injury. We can include the cost of those essential expenses in the complaint you file with a Phoenix civil court. Similarly, we can estimate the economic value of a lifelong or temporary disability, depending on the degree to which it impacts your day-to-day life.

Who Is Liable for a Phoenix Truck Accident?

Individual truck drivers are rarely liable for your truck accident losses. Instead, truck drivers who are on duty at the time an accident occurs can benefit from the protection of their parent company. With this in mind, you’ll often name a trucking company as a liable party in your complaint, not the person behind the wheel.

That said, there are other parties that can be liable for your losses in a truck accident, too. These include:

  • The team that loaded the truck
  • The truck’s mechanic
  • The truck’s manufacturer
  • Government officials who failed to uphold local road safety
  • Construction teams

Before you name a liable party, make sure you have the evidence to support your claim. Our attorneys can help you build up a body of evidence to submit with your complaint.

How Do You Support Your Assertion of Liability?

When you name someone liable for your losses in a truck accident, you need to support your claim with evidence. The scene of a truck accident can be stressful, though, and it’s easy to lose track of the details when you’re concerned about a personal injury.

That’s where we step in. Our team can recreate the scene of an accident and identify evidence that can help establish liability. We do this with the help of:

  • Video footage
  • Photos
  • Skid marks and physical evidence
  • Eyewitness testimony
  • Professional witness accounts from medics, police officers, and accident reconstructionists

We can then present our findings alongside your initial complaint. If your case moves forward, we can elaborate on these findings during either negotiations or a civil trial.

What Damages Can a Truck Accident Entitle Me to?

While there’s no universal average that you can apply to your estimated truck accident compensation, the truck accident damages that you can list in your complaint may have appeared in previous cases. For example, most truck accident complaints touch on:

  • The cost of medical care needed after an accident
  • Property damage, repair, and essential replacements
  • Wrongful death and emotional trauma
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of wages or loss of opportunities for work

When you first come to our office for a case consultation, we can sit down and discuss what kind of losses you endured in your accident. From there, we can label those losses and look to state precedent to determine what financial support you may qualify for.

How Much Does a Phoenix Truck Accident Lawyer Charge for Legal Representation?

The attorneys at Zanes Law do not give you a bill after your first consultation. In fact, you won’t be charged for services rendered while your case is ongoing. Instead, Zanes Law operates on contingency. 

When you first come and speak with one of our team members, we’ll discuss your case’s contingency fee. This fee represents what percentage of your settlement we’ll be entitled to if we win your case. Should you receive a settlement from negotiations or a trial, we’ll take this percentage without you ever having to sign a check.

What’s more, you only share your settlement with us if we win your case. If we can’t appeal a court’s decision or fight for your cause, you won’t pay a dime for our representation.

Whenever you are driving in or around Phoenix, you will likely encounter a large commercial truck.

Trucks regularly use our city’s major highways to transport goods, including:

  • Interstate 10
  • Interstate 17
  • U.S. Route 60

While you might associate trucks with highways since they are often on long road trips, many commercial vehicles travel through residential areas. These can include fuel trucks, grocery trucks, delivery trucks, garbage trucks, and more. You can see trucks in greater Phoenix neighborhoods such as Paradise Valley, Arcadia, North Scottsdale, and more. Almost anywhere you drive in Phoenix, you can be at risk of suffering injuries in a truck crash.

Various serious injuries can result from a Phoenix truck accident. This is especially true if the truck that collides with the smaller vehicle is a big rig, tractor-trailer, or some other large truck. When these types of collisions occur with a significant degree of force, it is almost always the driver and passengers of the smaller vehicle who suffer more serious injuries.

When a motor vehicle driver or passenger is involved in a truck accident, their body might move around inside the vehicle, from side to side or forward and backward. This can result in whiplash-type injuries to the neck and back. Moreover, accident victims can suffer other significant injuries if the force of their impact causes one or more body parts to strike something in the vehicle. For example, the driver or passenger’s body could strike the headrest, steering wheel, window, dash, or front console, and serious injuries could result.

Some of the most common injuries that victims of truck accidents suffer include:

The most serious truck collisions can even result in a motor vehicle driver or passenger’s death.

Many of these injuries require significant amounts of medical treatment, which can be ongoing. For example, the accident victim might need to continually follow up with a family doctor, physical therapist, or medical specialist, such as an orthopedist. Obviously, all of this medical treatment costs money, and the more treatment that the accident victim has to undergo, the higher the medical bills will be.

The accident victim might also have to undergo surgery, injections, or some other expensive medical procedure. A healthcare provider may also project future anticipated medical costs for the accident victim if conservative medical treatment for the injuries does not work.

If you or a person you love has suffered injuries in a truck accident, a knowledgeable Phoenix truck accident attorney at Zanes Law Injury Lawyers can explain your legal options and help you pursue compensation from the at-fault person or entity’s motor vehicle insurance company.

Several individuals and entities could be fully or partially have caused a truck accident in Phoenix. First and most obviously, a negligent truck driver could be clearly at fault for the accident. Truck drivers are often in a hurry to get to their final destinations as quickly as possible. These drivers often receive cash bonuses and other incentives if they deliver their cargo to its destination ahead of schedule. Consequently, drivers have incentives to violate speed limits, drive while fatigued, and violate other rules of the road.

There are different ways that truck drivers can operate their large vehicles carelessly or recklessly. First of all, they may violate truck speed limits and other road rules when operating their vehicles. For example, they might weave in and out of traffic without using turn signals or tailgate other smaller motor vehicles. In addition, truck drivers may operate their vehicles while under the influence of alcohol or drugs or while they are fatigued. In some cases, truck drivers will even take stimulants to keep them awake for long hours on end to arrive at a final destination quickly.

Truck drivers are also negligent when they engage in distracted driving. Distracted driving usually involves paying attention to an electronic device, such as a cell phone or tablet, instead of paying sufficient attention to the road. Even when a truck driver turns their head away from the road for a mere fraction of a second, this could be enough time for a serious and sometimes deadly trucking accident to occur.

Finally, truck drivers and sometimes trucking companies are also negligent when they fail to abide by state and federal motor carrier regulations. These regulations establish weight and load limits for tractor-trailers, set guidelines for properly securing cargo to a trailer, and set up rules for overhead and undercarriage lighting on tractors and trailers. When drivers violate these regulations, serious accidents can happen. For example, large amounts of cargo could roll out into the middle of a busy highway, or the truck may not be visible for other drivers to observe it to avoid an accident.

Although truck drivers are usually the negligent party in a truck accident case, other individuals and entities might cause or contribute to a serious accident. Those potential defendants include trucking companies, truck repair facilities, and truck part manufacturers.

When a truck driver works for a trucking company as an employee, the trucking company could be deemed vicariously liable for negligent acts that the truck driver commits while they are on the job—and within the course of employment. Therefore, if you prove that a truck driver’s negligence caused your accident, then you might also name the trucking company employer as a defendant in your claim or lawsuit.

Trucking companies are further responsible for adequately supervising, hiring, and retaining safe and careful drivers to operate their vehicles. If you can demonstrate that the truck driver who caused your accident had a history of infractions, such as prior moving violations, then the trucking company might be liable for negligent hiring, supervision, or retention of that particular driver.

In addition to trucking companies, repair facilities can be fully or partially responsible for a truck collision that occurs. Truck repair facilities are responsible for performing repair jobs on trucks and trailers in a safe, careful, and workmanlike manner. If repair shops fail to complete proper work, the defective repair work could lead to an accident while the truck is on the roadway.

Finally, truck and trailer part manufacturers can be fully or partially to blame for a serious accident. These entities are responsible for sufficiently testing products and making sure that they are safe before distributing them for sale to the public. If an expert determines that a truck or trailer part contains a manufacturing or design defect, then you might pursue and recover compensation from the manufacturer, designer, or some other individual or entity who was within the product’s chain of distribution.

In Phoenix truck accident cases, the accident victim has the burden of proving all legal elements in any claim or lawsuit that is filed. In many instances, the duty element is simple to establish. For example, trucking companies clearly have a duty to hire safe and capable drivers to operate their vehicles. By the same token, truck drivers have a responsibility to operate their vehicles safely and carefully while they are on the roadway.

In addition to the duty element, there is a breach element that the accident victim must prove. In other words, the accident victim must demonstrate that the truck driver, trucking company, or other defendant violated the prevailing duty of care. For example, the accident victim must demonstrate that the truck driver violated a road rule or committed some other negligent act.

In cases where liability is clear, such as where the truck driver was operating the vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the insurance company might go ahead and stipulate to, or admit to, liability. In addition, the accident victim must show that the accident resulted from the defendant’s negligence and that, as a further result, the accident victim suffered one or more personal injuries or other damages.

Proving the various elements of a truck accident claim or lawsuit can be difficult. In some instances, the accident victim might need to rely upon various experts. For example, the accident victim may need to retain the services of an accident reconstructionist, police officer, or some other individual who can determine exactly how the accident happened.

When it comes to proving medical causation and damages, the testimony of a healthcare provider may become necessary. A healthcare provider must state, to a reasonable degree of medical certainty, that the injuries and damages the truck accident victim claims actually stemmed from the accident.

In some cases, pertinent medical records and medical bills can serve as evidence at trial. A healthcare provider might also be necessary to prove that various medical bills are necessary, reasonable, and appropriate under the circumstances.

A knowledgeable Phoenix truck accident lawyer at Zanes Law Injury Lawyers can assist you with proving all of the legal elements of your case. Your attorney could also help with retaining the necessary experts to pursue the maximum amount of damages available on your behalf.

Victims of truck accidents in the Phoenix area are often eligible to pursue and recover various types of damages. First of all, the accident victim might recover all causally related medical bills and expenses. This is true even in cases where the accident victim has health insurance in place at the time of the accident, and the insurer pays for some or all of the medical treatment in the case. However, in cases where a health insurer pays some or all of the accident victim’s related medical bills, the carrier might assert a lien against some of the accident victim’s monetary recovery.

In addition to pursuing medical damages, the accident victim might claim lost wages or loss of earning capacity in the event they were working at the time of the accident. Lost earnings compensate the accident victim for the time they had to miss from work because of injuries sustained in the accident—often from having to attend medical and physical therapy appointments. In addition, if the accident victim suffers permanent injuries and can no longer return to the same job or occupation, then they could assert a claim for loss of earning capacity.

Victims of truck accidents must often undergo a large amount of painful medical treatment. All of this pain, suffering, and inconvenience is legally compensable. These damages can be difficult to quantify. However, your attorney can come up with a formula for quantifying the pain, suffering, and inconvenience that you had to endure because of your truck accident into a monetary amount.

Additionally, you could seek compensation for the mental anguish or emotional distress that you experienced because of your truck accident injuries. Finally, if the injuries you suffered in your truck accident impacted your ability to be intimate with a spouse, you could assert a claim for loss of companionship or spousal consortium.

The experienced Phoenix truck accident attorneys at Zanes Law Injury Lawyers will work hard to maximize your potential compensation in your truck accident case.

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