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    After I was hit by a drunk driver last year, Zanes Law handled my case and my experience was a positive one. Even though the guy was never given a sobriety test (due to a lot of inconvenient and frustrating circumstances including police incompetence and other things), they got me compensation for my totaled car and injuries. They always kept me in the loop and everyone I talked to from my lawyers to the office staff was kind, forward, and made an effort to connect with me beyond just being their "client". I approve :)

    Kayley Self Personal Injury
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    I enjoyed my experience dealing with Zanes Law. The staff kept me up to date every week. It was nice to know how my case was progressing week by week. Everyone I dealt with was very friendly and also helpful.

    Richard Keegan Personal Injury
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    Zanes Law provides great experiences for its clients. The staff is very professional and sensitive when dealing with personal injury cases. The clients are kept up to date with the status of the case. It is nice to know there is no fees unless Zanes Law wins the case. I would recommend this personal injury law firm to anyone with a case!

    Sean Rhude Personal Injury
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    I was extremely pleased with this law firm. Everyone I spoke to was so polite and down to earth. They kept me up to date on everything...each step of the way. They explained what was going on and answered any question I had. I've never needed a lawyer before this. To be honest, I was a little nervous at first, because I've always heard how lawyers are unscrupulous/cut throat. I thought they'd use "big words" that I didn't understand and make me feel uncomfortable. The people at Zanes Law are nothing like this. They truly cared about my well being. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

    Darlene H Personal Injury
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    If you are in need of personal injury representation, you will not find a better law firm than Zanes Law. Everyone in the office is dedicated to making this journey as easy and pleasant as possible. Because I did not have medical insurance, I thought I would not be able to receive the medical care I needed after a particularly severe back injury, but as soon as I contacted Zanes law all that changed. As soon as they accepted my case they made arrangements for me to get all the care I needed, and assured me that I would not have to be concerned with the bills. I received exemplary care and the staff at Zanes handled everything, relieving me of any worry over the bills. If I found it necessary to contact them for any reason, the response was immediate or as quick as possible if an immediate answer was not available. All my communication was pleasant and everyone involved was caring and concerned. Injury lawsuits are stressful at best, but everyone at Zanes Law has made it their mission to make it as stress free as possible, while getting me all that I was entitled to. All of this excellent service comes at a very reasonable price. I did not feel as though my case was only to benefit the doctors and the law firm.  If ever you find yourself in need of accident - injury representation, I highly recommend you begin your search with Zanes Law.

    Anne Geach Personal Injury
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    Zanes Law was a terrific legal experience. I first went to a law firm that only wanted me to go to physical therapy and pad the bill, so they could utilize my insurance policy to its capacity. Once I went to Zanes, they were honest, professional and prompt with calls almost once a week. Sometimes I got a call just because we did not have contact for close to two weeks. Some calls were to just ask how I was doing. I also received more money than originally discussed. Great job Zanes Law!!!!! If need be I will use their services again. THANKS'

    James Doligale Personal Injury
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    We have needed the help of Zanes Law on two occasions. The 1st, was a severely damaged neck due to a rear-end collision, mind you due to a person too busy texting to drive responsibly. The outcome was excellent, my medical was paid for and I recieved excellant care. My current care involves a dog attack, Michael, my counsel and Shannon, his assistant have truly saved the day. My medical bills will be cared for and a promise of returning, albeit slowly, to a close second to my former self looks possible. I thank God for dedicated people such as Michael and Shannon, running the halls of the justice system can be both challenging and daunting. To have such a team by your side removes so much of the angst and worry. Without them many would leave to worry and doubt, they don't work that way. Their clients come first and they they are known locally as the most aggressive in representing those clients. Ok.I am long winded, but my thanks goes out to the many men and women that are Zanes Law. Thanks again, Michael & Cynthia Clegg

    Michael Clegg Personal Injury
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    I hired Zanes law when the other parties insurance company decided to play games and ignore my claim. They accused me of lying about being injured. Zanes Law took over and successfully settled my case. I was completely happy with the result.

    Brenda Pinckney Personal Injury
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    Zane Law has gone above and beyond to help us with our case. Brian, and the rest of the staff were always available to answer any questions. It was a great experience!!!!

    Ethan Z Killer Personal Injury
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    Zane Law is the best!! Thank you Nino and Karen & Mario!! Very happy with my case! Great customer service. Fast & easy!!!

    Stephanie Casillas Personal Injury
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    I never though of myself as a person that would ever file a lawsuit, but sometimes you have to do what you don't want to do to get what you need/deserve this was one of those times i didn't know a thing about the process they we very helpful in answering all of my questions and making sure I understood where we were, what was going on and where we were going. they we extremely flexible to work around my crazy schedule even when it was out of control. I was able to walk away from the debit cause by my situation everything was able to be paid from the outcome with a little to spare. thank you!

    Nate Ash Showers Personal Injury
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    Zanes Law has been my law firm for over 10 years. Doug and Claudia , as well as their staff are professional ,friendly and helpful. My family has had the unfortunate experience of multiple car accidents due to the fault of other's and Zanes Law not only took care of all the legal paperwork but also assisted us in acquiring excellent medical care. I can only speak highly of them. There are no other lawyers that I can recommend. If you have the need for a lawyer for an injury case that is not your doing,Doug Zanes and Associates is the only firm to contact. They always have my back and will do the same for you. Thank you always Doug and Claudia, my family and I would never had such a wonderful outcome without you!!!!!!!

    Christine Bartfai Personal Injury
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    My experience with Zanes Law was great. They were on top of things from the beginning and made sure to keep me updated an explain exactly what was going on. The people an environment was extremely friendly an I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you!

    Dezirae Monteen Personal Injury
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    This is the second time I've had to use Zanes Law. Both times have been very good.The staff at Zanes have always been compassionate and understanding of my situation, and have worked hard to settle my cases in a timely manner. The communication has been great too. Shauna, Lillian ,and Doug have been sure to call me frequently to keep me up to date on the progress of my case. I would recommend Zanes Law to friends and family in a heart beat. If I am ever in need of representation again, I will call Zanes Law.

    Lee Vaccaro Personal Injury
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    This was the 1st time I've used Zanes Law. It was a fantastic experience for having to go through a situation most would rather not. The attorney and staff were always available to answer my questions and explained things clearly and were obviously 100% in my corner. My attorney, Jim, was very genuine and made me immediately comfortable when I came in to speak with him about my case. Every case manager I dealt with was patient and helpful. I would definitely return to Zanes should the time ever come again that I need a personal injury firm.

    Kelly Kay Personal Injury
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    They were amazing with my case found a hit and run driver and everything I would recommend them to all my friends and family thank you guys for all you did for my family

    Kristy Snell Personal Injury
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    My team was great! They answered all my questions and always made sure I was taking care of my health. Thank you guys for all you did for me.

    Marcia Carrasco Personal Injury
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    I have to say that Zanes Law made my whole experience stress free! Kudos to all of you at Zanes Law! Thank you for everything you've done.

    Billie Hernandez Personal Injury
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    I was rear-ended with a friend of mine on February 28, 2016. Within a few days my fiance & I knew that I was going to be receiving medical care for an extended amount of time as well as being out of work. This accident caused so many different issues in my life, the biggest one being my 3 year old daughter. My attorney Neil Poston took care of everything for my family including, paperwork, doctor's bills & other items & making sure my family was compensated for the past year of our lives. Zanes Law also called to check on myself & my family on a regular basis. There was also a few times that our family was struggling financially (which the majority of families due these days especially when you are out of work) & Zanes Law helped us pull some money from the settlement we were going to be receiving to pay bills that could not wait anymore. The gentleman that helped me during these processes, Dominic (I'm so sorry I can't remember his last name, he works out of the Tucson Branch) was absolutely amazing. He understood the gravity of the situation & did everything he could do & more. Then to make it even better he got things done quickly & called me when bhe said he would - which everyone loves & makes life less stressful, right? Dominic truly deserves to be recognized. Thank You Neil, Dominic & the Zanes Law Family

    Jessica Martin Personal Injury

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