If you sustained injuries in a Phoenix car accident, you may be facing the loss of your vehicle, medical bills, and a range of other losses. In fact, a car accident can impact every aspect of your life, making it difficult to work or complete daily tasks such as cooking or taking care of your family.

The team at Zanes Law is committed to creating a low-stress, results-driven experience for Phoenix car accident victims. When you call us, we get to work right away uncovering the cause of the accident and pursuing the compensation you deserve.

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Damages You Might Recover After an Accident Caused by a Driver’s Sneeze Phoenix, AZ

The state of Arizona is not a no-fault state in regards to car accidents. This means that the insurance of the at-fault driver is held responsible for the damages in the event of a car accident.

AZ § 12-2505 states that if the other driver is even partially to blame for the accident, for example, due to a sneeze, you may be able to recover a portion of your losses.

While the damages you may recover will depend on a variety of factors, you may be eligible to recover the following losses in your Phoenix car accident claim.

Medical Bills

You may recover the cost of any medical care you seek due to the car accident. This may include but is not limited to, a hospital stay, doctor’s visits, surgery, medication, and physical therapy.

Lost Salary and Wages

Time is money, and missing work can make it challenging to keep up with your daily bills. You may be eligible to recover the salary or wages you missed while unable to work due to your injuries. If you are never able to return to work, you may recover future lost wages as well.

Damage to Personal Property

Personal property damages may include the cost to repair or replace your vehicle as well as replacement costs for items in the car such as eyeglasses, mobile devices, and work tools.

Pain and Suffering

Depending on the details of your car accident claim, you may also be eligible to recover the compensation for the physical and emotional pain you suffered due to the accident.

The amount of recoverable compensation in an accident caused by a driver’s sneeze will depend on several factors, including your injuries, whether you were partially at fault and the details of the at-fault party’s insurance plan. Call Zanes Law today at

(602) 999-9999 for a clearer understanding of your case.

How Zanes Law Will Help with Your Phoenix Accident Claim

Every year, our firm helps thousands of Phoenix accident victims recover the compensation they deserve. No one expects to get in a car accident, but you do not have to face this challenge alone.

Our team of results-driven lawyers and legal professionals is here to guide you through the process with the following services.

Investigate Your Accident to Determine Fault

Due to Arizona laws, it is critical to determine who is at fault in your accident. Even partial responsibility, like from a sneeze that distracted the driver, can impact your final settlement. Our first step is to understand the details of your accident and establish fault.

Gather Evidence to Build a Claim

Next, we work to build a strong claim. This includes collecting evidence such as the City of Phoenix Police reports, medical bills, witness statements, and video or photo evidence of the accident if possible.

Calculate Your Full Losses

A Phoenix car accident can have a ripple effect on your life. We work to understand all the ways your life has been impacted, including missing time at work, pain, inconvenience, and monetary losses such as medical bills.

Negotiate with the At-Fault Party’s Insurance Company

Once we understand the full range of your losses, we take that number to the at-fault party’s insurance company and work towards a settlement. For some clients, this can be done out of court. If we need to take your case to court, we will represent your interests.

If you are facing a car accident claim caused by a driver’s sneeze, you want a dedicated legal team on your side. We understand how car accidents can devastate your life and your family. We will help. Call (602) 999-9999 for a free claim review.

Arizona’s Statute of Limitations for Phoenix Car Accident Claims

According to AZ § 12.542, Phoenix car accident victims have two years from the date of their car accident to pursue compensation. Our team will work to ensure you meet this deadline and protect your right to compensation.

Contact an Injury Lawyer for Accidents Caused by a Driver’s Sneeze in Phoenix, AZ

You have the right to pursue damages after a car accident, but it is imperative that you act fast. Eyewitnesses may forget what they saw, skid marks may fade, and videos may not be saved longer than a few weeks.

The team at Zanes Law is committed to helping you and your family recover the compensation you deserve. Let us put our legal knowledge to work fighting for your rights.

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