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Ep #66: Periscope Drunk Driving Video

On this episode of Zanes Law Personal Injury Legal Tips, your host, Casey Hamm, talks about a disturbing Periscope drunk driving video that is going viral- a recording of a Periscope stream of a drunk Florida woman driving. 23-year-old Whitney Beall...
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Ep #65: 2015 Zanes Law’s Christmas Toy Drive with Aviva Foster Care

On this episode of Zanes Law Personal Injury Legal Tips, we take a look at who  Zanes Law firm is partnering with for this 2015 holiday season. In Tucson, AZ, we are partnering with Aviva Children’s Services, a foster care...
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Ep #64: Zanes Law Community Involvement in Phoenix October 2015

This week, we’re back with another episode of Zanes Law Personal Injury Legal Tips! Today, your host, Casey Hamm covers Zanes Law's community involvement in Phoenix. Listen in to learn more about the Zanes Law events in October 2015 - Festival...
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Ep #63: What Happens if Someone is Injured on my Property?

Arizona Social Host Liability Have you ever wondered whether you can be held responsible for one of your guests who gets too intoxicated at your party and injures someone on the drive back home? And what if that person was...
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Ep #62: Assault: Personal Injury Attorney in Phoenix

At Zanes Law, we represent many people who have been injured in assaults, as well as families who have lost loved ones as victims of assaults. It seems like the filters and parameters that used to exist when it came...
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Ep #61: I-10 Shooter Phoenix

Today’s topic of the podcast is the devastating news and national story that’s going on right now in our hometown of Phoenix, Arizona. There have been a lot of freeway shootings over the past number of days along Interstate 10....
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Ep #60: Tow Yards

When you get into a smaller accident with another vehicle and your vehicle is still safe to drive, usually you can collect all of necessary of the information from the person a fault and be on your way.  But, have...
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Ep #59: Arizona Accident Statistics

Most often, people think that the most accidents occur when there is alcohol and drugs are involved, during night time when visibility is greatly reduced, or during dangerous weather conditions such as rain and snow. Although that may be partially...
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Ep #58: Red Light Accidents

If you’re from Phoenix, Arizona or if you have ever traveled there, you have most likely experienced the constant sense of rush on the roads of the city.  According to National Public Radio, Phoenix is the second most dangerous city...
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Ep #57: Teacher Shortage in Arizona

On this episode of Zanes' Law Personal Injury Legal Tips, we're covering a serious issue in Arizona as a whole. A teacher shortage in Arizona. Sadly, the teachers in Arizona are not getting proper support in terms of funding, resources...
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