Zanes Law Injury Lawyers is a personal injury law firm with offices in Tucson & Phoenix, AZ. In Tucson, we are a group of top Tucson personal injury lawyers.  We have two offices in Tucson and represent thousands of injured clients each year. Our personal injury attorneys are a group of experienced Tucson car accident lawyers as well. They fight diligently for car accident victims while keeping in line with the firm’s core values.

Our Tucson car accident lawyers are required to adhere to a high standard of excellence. They must represent the client well while working to protect the clients’ financial well being. When someone is injured in a car accident they should seek help immediately. The first step is to begin to evaluate different Tucson car accident lawyers. But the process is confusing. For example, what is the difference between a car accident lawyer in Tucson and the many different Tucson personal injury lawyers? Quite honestly, there is no difference. Each is merely another name for a lawyer who handles personal injury cases.

If you live in South Tucson and have been injured, please visit our South Tucson personal injury lawyer page.

What Cases Do We Handle

MMDAF awards_logo1Zanes Law Injury Lawyers has a growing roster of thousands of satisfied clients over the last decade. This experience allows the Zanes Law Tucson personal injury lawyers to have firsthand trial experience. Our Tucson car accident Lawyers know the ins-and-outs of litigating many types of cases, including:

Zanes Law Injury Lawyers and Tucson Car Accidents

Our Tucson car accident lawyers boast more than 50 years of combined experience.  They will work diligently to help you receive a fair settlement.  This settlement amount will include compensation for medical bills, property damage, lost wages and more.

The team at Zanes Law Injury Lawyers in Tucson AZ is continuously learning and growing. We stay up-to-date on emerging technologies and issues such as truck and motor vehicle accidents, catastrophic injury accidents, traumatic brain injuries, and wrongful death claims. Because of this commitment to development, the Zanes Law Tucson personal injury lawyers are leaders in their industry.

Evaluating Personal Injury Settlements and Verdicts Obtained by Our Car Accident Attorneys

AzTLA awards_logo4To date, our law firm has obtained settlements and verdicts exceeding $500 million. Our Tucson personal injury lawyers know how to make insurance companies pay our clients. In fact, our Tucson car accident lawyers work up our clients’ cases in many ways. First, we make sure that our clients get the medical care that they need. Second, we investigate the accident. Third, we hire the experts that are required in the case. Finally, we fight!

Insurance companies don’t just pay because it is the right thing to do. They pay because our automobile accident attorneys make them pay.  We use experts to accelerate the process of getting our clients compensated. It is our reputation and our willingness to litigate a case that gives us an edge on the insurance company.  We are Tucson personal injury lawyers in every sense of the word.

Trucking Accident Client We Helped

The Zanes Law Injury Lawyers Tucson personal injury lawyers drive to win is evident in the following case.  After an accident, our client needed a Tucson truck accident lawyer. He turned to Zanes Law Injury Lawyers. We negotiated a settlement for clients who sustained severe injuries when a truck hit their vehicle. Our Tucson injury attorneys obtained a settlement of more than $500 million. We did this by first making sure that our clients received the medical care that they needed.  Next, we documented our client’s pain and suffering.  Then we evaluated the effects of their injuries by retaining the correct medical experts.  After that, we also hired the experts that were needed to reconstruct the accident. Finally, we sued and forced the insurance company to compensate our clients.

Motorcycle Accident Client We Helped

In another case, a Zanes Law Injury Lawyers client was hit by a speeding car while riding a motorcycle. He turned to our car accident lawyers in Tucson.  Because we are a  top Tucson personal injury lawyers we worked up the case correctly.  We then negotiated a settlement of more than $1.1 million. In addition to this, our client fully recovered from his injuries.  Anyone injured would have a hard time finding a better group of car accident attorneys! The Tucson car accident lawyers at Zanes Law did a great job.

Car Accident Client We Helped

Our Tucson car accident lawyers helped an injured client who did not have health insurance. This fact did not deter our injury lawyers. Our focus was on making sure that our client received the medical care needed so that he could heal. When he recovered from his injuries, our accident lawyers were able to resolve his case for $250,000.

Slip And Fall Accident Client We Helped

Our Tucson personal injury lawyers were also able to help a client injured after tripping on a mat. Initially, a doctor indicated that the injuries were minor, but the client’s pain and suffering were significant. After our medical experts completed further evaluations, the client underwent surgery and recovered. Our slip and fall lawyers in Tucson obtained a settlement worth more than $210,000 for this client.

The American Society of Legal Advocates for Injury Attorneys

The ASLA is a well-known organization that examines the services that attorneys offer. It recommends skilled lawyers and evaluates attorneys’ charitable contributions. Currently, the ASLA endorses less than one percent of all licensed attorneys.

Examining Testimonials of Zanes Law Injury Lawyers’ Clients

In their reviews, many of our clients indicate that both our car accident attorneys in Tucson and our Tucson personal injury lawyers offer frequent updates on the status of their cases. Our Tucson personal injury lawyers regularly highlight new information that could accelerate the process of settling. Numerous reviewers state that the care, understanding, and compassion they experienced relieved the stress of their injuries. Moreover, a large number of our satisfied clients refer their friends and family members to our company.

Tucson Personal Injury lawyers Helping Charitable Organizations

Tucson Metro Chamber awards_logo2Giving back to our Tucson community is at the core of Zanes Law Injury Lawyers. Over the past fifteen years, we have established yearly Teacher School Supply Giveaway where we donate tens-of-thousands of dollars in school supplies to our local Tucson teaches. As a company, we also perform quarterly community service so that we can give back to our Tucson community as a team. We have done everything from participating in love of reading week, to cooking at The Ronald McDonald House, to helping at GAP Ministries. At Zanes Law our Tucson personal injury lawyers like to say that helping our clients is our passion, but helping our Tucson community is our mission.


Offering Services to Clients Who Have Been Injured in Accidents

If you are injured in an accident, the Zanes Law Tucson personal injury lawyers and the experts that we use will do their best to determine the accident’s cause. We will evaluate factors that could have prevented the accident, consider the emotional distress the injury has caused you, and study previous cases involving similar types of accidents. We will calculate the cumulative worth of your damaged property and determine the costs of your medical care, in addition to assessing the types of medical services you will require.

Examining the Factors That Caused an Accident and Presenting Relevant Medical Reports

During a trial, the expert witness that we retain will be able to testify about their accident investigation and their findings. Prior to trial, they will prepare reports that describe what precipitated the incident.  Our Tucson personal injury lawyers will extensively study the scene of the accident and each item involved in it. We will examine the actions of the individuals who were at the scene of the accident. Medical specialists will also describe the effects of your injuries and the types of surgical procedures that you need because of the accident.

Medical Services After an Injury Accident

Once our Tucson car accident lawyers speak with you about the injuries that you have suffered, we will help you decide what the appropriate medical care may be. We have many doctors that we have worked with over the years and can help you receive medical care even if you do not have health insurance.  Our automobile accident attorneys can even refer you to doctors who can evaluate you for surgeries. We will then hire experts to effectively determine the long-term costs of your medical care.

Getting Compensated For Property Damage After a Car Accident

If your property has sustained damage in a car accident, our Tucson car accident lawyers will determine the worth of your vehicle. We will also identify the value of any personal items that were damaged. We will examine the market value of similar goods, consider the cumulative worth of a product’s components, and calculate repair costs.

Our Tucson Car Accident Attorneys Reconstruct Crash Scenes

If you have been injured in a car accident, our Tucson personal injury lawyers will investigate road conditions, the speed of each vehicle, vehicle damage and vehicle positions, tire skid marks that could be associated with braking, and obstacles that might have caused the collision. By studying the damage to your vehicle, our experts can generally determine the angles of each vehicle and the speeds of the cars that caused the collision. Our specialists will also inspect the road signs near the scene in order to determine whether or not the drivers involved followed the directions on the signs.

Hiring Personal Injury Experts to Investigate Your Claim

When our Tucson personal injury lawyers start to manage your case, we will hire the experts that are needed to develop an organized report containing any information relevant to the case. This information can include statements of individuals involved in the accident, descriptions of the scene, lawyer notes, images of the scene, and descriptions of similar incidents. The report will include extensive descriptions of your injuries, as well as medical services that could improve your condition. The report will also include negotiation details if our lawyers are negotiating a settlement.

When Unsafe Products Have Caused Injuries

If a defective product has injured you, our experienced personal injury lawyers will study the design of the product, its associated risks, the materials in the product, and independent product reviews that mention faulty components. We might analyze reports and settlements pertaining to other injuries the faulty product has caused. Many of the unsafe product cases that we handle are actually cases where our Tucson car accident lawyers are bringing a products liability claim against a car manufacturer.

Evaluating Accidents That Are Related to Construction

When managing cases that involve severe injuries at construction sites, our Tucson personal injury lawyers will assess the condition of the construction equipment. We will look at the quality of the materials that the company uses, the experience of the site’s managers, and reports that describe hazardous conditions. We will also evaluate procedures that could notably improve safety, as well as analyze guidelines and regulations that independent organizations have created.

Examining the Reports That Witnesses Offer

When you become our client, our Tucson personal injury lawyers will immediately create a list of witnesses and obtain detailed witness statements. If our law firm does not rapidly obtain a settlement for you, we can interview these witnesses during the trial. We will highlight various sections of the reports that clearly describe the causes of your accident. We will emphasize the seriousness of your injuries, the negligence that increased the risk of your accident, and the reactions of people involved in the situation.

Evaluating Emotional Distress and the Effects of Stress

Once you receive the medical care that is needed to recover from the emotional distress directly connected to your accident and injuries, our Tucson personal injury lawyers can ask for compensation for your accident’s emotional effects. We can evaluate and submit reports from therapists who have determined the psychological impact of your injury, and our experts will present these evaluations if your case goes to trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

ASLA awards_logo3How Will a Consultation Help Me?

During your free consultation, our Tucson personal injury lawyers will examine the types of injuries you have sustained and the factors that caused your injuries. We will evaluate the medical services you’ve received, what evidence we need for your case, and other cases involving similar injuries and scenarios. We will also look at the types of insurance claims we might create, the estimated duration of the process, images of the scene of the accident, and the number of witnesses you have.

If I’m Injured, Should I Submit an Insurance Claim Right Away?

You should contact one of our Tucson personal injury lawyers before creating an insurance claim. Our lawyers will gather reports and evidence associated with your injuries, pain and suffering, and medical care. Before you submit your claim, we can estimate the worth of a settlement. We will look at the long-term costs of the care that you might require and the overall impact of your injuries.

If I Don’t Have Health Insurance Can I Get Medical Care?

If you have been injured in an accident and are uninsured, our Tucson personal injury lawyers can help you obtain medical care. This is important because we want to minimize your pain and suffering as much as possible. Our vast experience enables us to recommend medical centers and hospitals that offer services specific to your situation. Once you receive medical care, we can quickly gather evidence and study your medical reports.

What Happens If I’ve Been Injured in Two Accidents?

If you’ve already been injured and then experience a second accident, medical experts will create reports evaluating the factors that differentiate the effects of your accidents. The doctors will determine the types of medical services that each accident requires. Our Tucson car accident lawyers will create a timeline that describes the events that caused each accident. Moreover, we might offer separate evidence pertaining to each accident you’ve experienced.

How Should I Deal with a Minor Injury?

If you sustain a seemingly minor injury in an accident, you should still contact the car accident attorneys at Zanes Law Injury Lawyers. Certain injuries initially have minor symptoms that then become more severe and impact an individual’s mobility. Numerous medical reports show that certain seemingly mundane injuries eventually necessitate surgical procedures because the symptoms worsen within three months.

How Will Zanes Law Injury Lawyers Evaluate Unsafe Conditions That Have Caused an Injury?

If hazardous conditions have directly contributed to your injury, our experienced Tucson car accident lawyers will review videos showing the unsafe conditions. We might analyze reports from people who witnessed the dangerous conditions and their effects. Our Tucson personal injury lawyers will also evaluate any negligence that might have caused your injury.

What Should I Do Immediately After An Accident?

If you are at the scene of an accident you should immediately call first responders. They will provide the emergency medical care that you need. You can then create a list of details about the accident. First, write down the accident facts. Then, take photographs of the scene. Multiple studies have shown that, within one hour of a collision, some drivers forget more than 38 percent of the facts related to it. So if you have been injured, you should quickly create a description of the incident that can be provided to one of our Tucson personal injury lawyers.

How Does Zanes Law Injury Lawyers Examine the Reports That Witnesses Offer?

Doug Zanes

Doug Zanes, Tucson Personal Injury Lawyer

First, our experienced car accident attorneys interview witnesses and obtain statements. We then will compare those statements to independent reports about the accident. This technique significantly increases the likelihood of a settlement. If a case requires a trial, the matching testimonies are likely to reinforce your claims and indicate the exact causes of your injuries.

Will the Zanes Law Injury Lawyers Personal Injury Lawyers Offer Frequent Updates?

When you choose Zanes Law Injury Lawyers, our Tucson personal injury lawyers will give you monthly updates. You will also speak with your Case Manager at least every two weeks. You can call our law firm at any time and get your case’s status. If our car accident attorneys obtain new case information we will call you within 24 hours.

Can I Speak to an Experienced Accident Lawyer?

When you call Zanes Law Injury Lawyers you can speak with one of our many Tucson personal injury lawyers.  Our auto accident attorneys have significant experience handling these cases. Your lawyer will describe the techniques that our law firm utilizes.  He will also discuss the types of cases that we take and the settlements that we obtain. If you would like to schedule a consultation, you can call 520-777-7777.

How Can I View Testimonials and Descriptions of the Services That Your Lawyers Offer?

Learn about the Tucson personal injury lawyers at Zanes Law Injury Lawyers by reviewing this website. Read our client reviews and watch our videos describing our services. You can also review settlements that our Tucson car accident lawyers have obtained. We have podcasts that you can listen to that discuss different injury case topics. You can also look at our company blog and at updates related to our law firm. Finally, you can view guides and a list of services that our company offers.

Your Tucson injury attorney will tell you how a jury or insurance company determines who is responsible for the injury. They use a standard called negligence. Not every single small mistake that a person makes is automatically negligence. The law compares their behavior to a reasonable person. This is not some mysterious human being. Instead, it is an average person, and the jury always thinks about what they would do under the circumstances.

There are four parts to the negligence test. They are as follows:

  • The defendant owed you the duty of care
  • They breached that duty of care by not acting as a reasonable person would under the circumstances.
  • You suffered an injury
  • You would not have suffered the injury had it not been for the defendant’s conduct

You will likely ask your Tucson personal injury lawyer this question on the initial consultation because it is one of the first things on your mind. We should be able to give you a ballpark estimate early, but we would not know for sure until we have a closer look at the documentation. There is no one set answer to this question other than you deserve to receive enough to cover your personal losses.

It is entirely probable that two people could be in the same type of accident, and they would legally deserve two completely different amounts. The one thing we can assure you is that Zanes Law will get to know your case in great detail and will be in a position to deal with the insurance company when it comes time to file your claim. You should expect nothing less from your Tucson AZ personal injury attorney.

The families of accident victims can file a wrongful death claim against the party responsible for the death. There are two types of damages that families can recover after their loved one has died in an accident:

  • What the family lost from their loved one’s death
  • What their loved one experienced before they passed away

The family can receive payment for things like the lost wages that their family member would have earned had they lived. They can also receive compensation for the loss of support from their loved one and their own emotional trauma from the loss. Arizona has a wrongful death law that dictates who has priority to sue. The rule of thumb is that the surviving spouse will always be the one to file the personal injury case.

The defendant must pay you money to put you in the same position as if they never caused you injuries in the first place. The insurance company or the jury will assign a monetary value to your damages. Here are the elements of a personal injury claim:

  • Medical costs necessary to treat your injury in the past and future
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Lost wages
  • Wrongful death if someone suffered fatal injuries

The insurance company, or even a jury, is not going to award you a penny more than what they see clearly on paper in front of them. This is why you need to focus on the documentation before you file a claim or lawsuit. Remember that injury is one of the elements of the four-part negligence test. You need to show how you suffered an injury in a way that allows someone else to quantify it.

With that in mind, here is what you would need:

  • Information about your earnings, such as pay stubs or tax returns (you may also want to prove your earnings trajectory at work because you might receive payment for the reduction in your earning capacity)
  • Complete medical diagnosis with the level of documentation necessary to know exactly what you face in the future
  • A log of your experience since the accident
  • Receipts to show costs incurred for medical treatment
  • Information about the valuation of the property that the accident damaged

This is a very good question because not everyone suffers from an accident in the same way. An insurance company will try to use a multiplier of your medical bills, but that does not always tell your own story. Here are some factors that could influence the amount of your pain and suffering damages:

  • The extent and duration of your injuries
  • Your age at the time of the accident and your expected future lifespan
  • What your life was like before the accident and what you may miss out on that you enjoyed
  • Particular factors like anxiety and stress that influence your emotional well-being

Keeping a journal of your experience after the accident is one way to document how much you have suffered. You always want to have the most effective way of telling your own story.

Usually, no. IRS laws treat personal injury claimants very well. You might think that you would need to pay taxes on the part of your settlement that covers lost wages or pain and suffering, but these are also tax-free. When your compensation stems from physical injuries, the only thing that you may need to pay taxes on is punitive damages, but these are rare in personal injury cases.

Of course, you should always consult with an accountant if you receive a settlement to learn more about the tax treatment, but you should keep most or all of your money without writing a check to the federal government.

It depends on how far your case goes. If you settle your claim with the insurance company, the most you may need to do is give a statement about what happened. If your case goes to court, you can expect to sit for a deposition and be called as a witness if your case goes to trial. Our attorneys will fight to protect your legal rights from insurance companies that get too aggressive or other lawyers who do not question you properly.

If you need to testify, we will work with you to prepare for court. We recognize that there is a natural fear of going into court or sitting for a deposition, and we promise to use our experience to help protect you from anything against the rules. Don’t let fear of the court process stand between you and possible financial recovery.

There is some good news for injured Tucson plaintiffs. Arizona is one of the few states in the country that allows plaintiffs to recover for their injuries, even when they are a majority at fault for their injuries. Most states bar people who are more than half at fault for the accident from receiving anything. Arizona allows recovery, even if you are 99 percent at fault for what happened. You can recover for the percentage that you were not at fault. You may even recover if:

  • You suffered injuries in a motorcycle crash when you were not wearing a helmet
  • A car struck yours when making an illegal turn when you were speeding
  • You were not looking where you were going when you slipped in a store aisle

Never assume that you do not have a personal injury case because you did something wrong. You should always consult with a personal injury attorney in Tucson AZ to find out whether you have a valid claim. First, it costs you nothing to speak with one of our Tucson personal injury attorneys. Second, the worst that they can tell you is that they do not think that your claim has merit. Speak to a lawyer before reaching any conclusions. An experienced Tucson personal injury attorney generally has a strong sense about your case at the initial consultation.

Not necessarily. In fact, the odds are that your case will settle at some point in the process. Whether it is during the insurance claims process or after you have filed a lawsuit, most personal injury cases do not result in a court hearing. From your perspective, a court hearing adds far more time and risk to the process. There is always the chance that the defense would win a verdict, and you could come away with no compensation. That risk alone prompts plaintiffs to settle.

The insurance company is looking at things from the perspective of their bottom line. Trials also raise their risk level. A sympathetic jury could issue a large verdict that would force them to pay out a lot of money. In addition, they must pay insurance defense lawyers for their services. They are also looking to manage their risk. More often than not, it means settling your claim or case.

You should not make any decisions about accepting or rejecting a settlement offer with the help of a Tucson injury lawyer. Just because the insurance company has made you an offer does not mean that it is a good one. Underpaying your claim and calling it an offer is a common trick that insurance companies like to use to save money and pad their profits.

You should discuss any settlement offer with a Tucson personal injury attorney to figure out if it fairly compensates you. If it is an initial offer, chances are that it would not. You always can reject the settlement offer and file a demand letter with the insurance company for the money that you think you deserve. A settlement offer is just a step in the claims negotiation process, and you are not bound to accept. In the end, full compensation for accident injuries is your legal right.

Not every injury lawyer and client pairing is a great match. For starters, you need a lawyer who has the experience and knowledge to handle your specific case. For example, you could have a large truck accident case. These are entirely different cases than smaller claims because the insurance company will demand a much more stringent process. There may also be numerous expert witnesses and accident reconstruction involved. Not every lawyer has this knowledge. Some injury attorneys in Tucson may not have the experience to handle more complex claims like product liability lawsuits.

The right attorney for you is also a matter of service. You want an attorney who is aggressive when dealing with third parties and compassionate in dealing with you. At Zanes Law, we recognize the strain that accident victims are under and how difficult the legal process is for them. We strive to provide caring and responsive service throughout the legal process.


You can always afford our lawyers for your personal injury case, even if you have nothing in your bank account. Tucson injury attorneys receive fees through a system called contingency fees. The only thing that triggers an obligation to pay them is being successful in your case. Then, your Tucson personal injury lawyer receives a percentage of what you receive in a settlement or jury award.

You never need to pay anything upfront or out of your own pocket. We will not ask you for a retainer, nor will we send you hourly bills. If you are not successful, we will not send you a bill for our legal services afterward. This is the peace of mind that you need to not worry about how you will afford a Zanes Law injury lawyer in Tucson.

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