Personal injuries can put your life on hold. You suffer through the pain, possibly facing time away from work., while the medical treatments you endure consume your time and eat away at your bank account.

You need not bear this burden alone. For starters, if another party caused your injury, you are entitled to hold them liable for your damages. A Gilbert personal injury lawyer at Zanes Law could work with you to recover the compensation you deserve.

Types of Cases We Accept from Injured Parties in Gilbert

The Zanes Law personal injury team serving Gilbert represents victims with zeal and compassion. Throughout our time practicing personal injury law, we have recovered over $500 Million for our clients.

We handle just about every type of case in which one party suffered injuries due to another party’s negligence. For example, we represent victims of:

When you call us to discuss your case, we will walk you through the possibilities for damage recovery, and how we intend to seek it. The relief of knowing that we are representing your needs will give you the best night’s sleep you have had since the day your accident occurred.

Pursuing the Compensation You Need

We know this is a difficult time for you, and so we go out of our way to make everything about your experience with us pleasant, convenient, and comprehensive. You need not travel to our office. We are happy to meet wherever and whenever works best for you. We will meet at your place of work, your hospital room, your home if you feel most comfortable in one of these environments.

We surprise many of our clients with our ability and willingness to meet soon after you contact us—often the same day you call us. You are eager to move toward the resolution of this emotional and financial weight you have been carrying, and we want to accommodate you. At most, you might wait 24 hours to meet with us after you initially contact the office.

Some clients prefer to discuss their matters via phone. We will accommodate this request, too, and we even provide for electronic signing over the phone.

Within 48 hours of signing up with Zanes Law, you will meet your personal attorney, case manager, and settlement coordinator to discuss your accident. They will want to hear everything you have to say about your accident, including your concerns and questions about how your case will proceed.

We Will Assist You in Your Search for Medical Treatment

Many law firms focus solely on the legal aspects of their clients’ cases. At Zanes Law, we go much farther in our client-attorney relationship. We see you as family, and so we not only want to facilitate your financial compensation—we also want to see you get better.

Your legal team will discuss your injuries with you and give you contact information for the right medical professional to treat them. The practitioners to whom we refer you will not even require that carry health insurance. We have known these doctors for years, and we feel confident in their ability to help you recover from your injuries.

Assistance with Fixing Property Damage

In the event that your motor vehicle was damaged in your accident, your appointed team at Zanes Law will help you navigate the process of either repairing or replacing the vehicle.

We will evaluate your car, along with any contents of the vehicle that suffered damage during the accident. Your demand letter to insurers will include costs associated with repairing and/or replacing all your damaged property.

Thorough Investigation of Your Accident

Our legal team will artfully construct your case from the bottom up, first laying a foundation of rock-solid evidence to support all the elements. Understanding the importance of this evidence, Zanes Law conducts a private investigation so we will present the matter in a way that gets you the compensation you need.

Your investigative team will:

  • Travel to the scene of your accident to document the surroundings and capture any trace evidence from the incident
  • Review photos from cell phones and/or any surveillance cameras in the area
  • Interview witnesses
  • Acquire police, employer, and/or facility accident reports
  • Gather medical records from any professional who has evaluated and/or treated you
  • Obtain copies of your work pay statements
  • Work with accident reconstruction specialists to reverse engineer the cause of the accident

Your Gilbert personal injury lawyer will dig deep into case law to draw parallels from previous cases similar to yours–further grounding our arguments for recoverable damages.

Calculating Your Damages and Handling Insurance Companies

Although we are not experts in every field required to evaluate your damages, we know the people who do have this expertise, and we are going to bring them in to testify as to the extent of your economic, medical, vocational, and emotional damages.

We will use the values these consultants determine best represent what you have suffered and include them in a demand letter to insurers.

The insurance adjuster will most likely respond with a low-ball counter-offer, and we shall step in to launch an aggressive negotiation toward a better settlement. If the adjuster refuses to cooperate toward a fair settlement agreement, we will file a personal injury lawsuit and fight for your compensation in a civil court.

What Is the Statute of Limitations in Gilbert?

The state of Arizona’s statute of limitations requires that victims file a legal action in a personal injury case within four years of their accidents.

The sooner you hire a lawyer, the less likely you are to miss this state-imposed deadline. It also gives your attorney more time to build your case.

Our Gilbert Personal Injury Lawyers Eagerly Await Your Call

Our Gilbert personal injury lawyers want to help you continue with the life you enjoyed before this accident put everything on hold.

Zanes Law will do everything we can to satisfy you beyond your imagination. Call us today for a free case review, with absolutely no obligation.

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