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The Zanes Law Phoenix brain injury attorneys have seen fist hand how devastating a head injury can be.  In fact, one of the most devastating types of catastrophic injuries sustained by Americans involved in accidents are brain injuries. Each year, there are around 1.7 million deaths, hospitalizations, or emergency room visits throughout the country that are directly related to traumatic brain injury (TBI). The Phoenix, Arizona, area is no exception to this rule. Brain injuries are very serious and can occur as the result of automobile accidents, as well as a number of other causes. A person can also sustain a brain injury from a simple fall, playing certain contact sports, and accidents at work. Generally, any type of trauma to the head or neck can result in a brain injury if it causes the brain to swell, bleed, bruise, or tear.

Because a TBI can impair a person’s cognitive abilities or physical functioning, most people cannot ever fully recover from a traumatic brain injury. They may have problems moving, regulating their emotions, or trusting their senses. Some victims experience changes in personality. These permanent changes cause significant and expensive changes in a person’s life, from hospital and medical bills, to home health assistance, or moving into an assisted care facility.

If you or your family is facing these changes because of someone else’s illegal or reckless behavior, you may consult the Phoenix brain injury attorneys at Zanes Law to determine the best way to hold that person responsible before the law.

TBIs are caused by an external physical force, such as being struck in the head or hitting one’s head on a hard surface. TBI does not refer to brain injuries that are hereditary, degenerative, or caused by birth trauma, drugs, alcohol or other toxic substances, or diseases.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 5.3 million Americans who have suffered a traumatic brain injury need help performing daily tasks.

The Types of Brain Injuries

In general, there are two types of brain injuries a person can sustain: open or closed. An open injury is the type of brain injury that occurs when the skull has been fractured. With this type of injury, the individual fell or was involved in some sort of accident that resulted in his or her head coming into contact with a hard surface. A closed injury is one in which the skull does not sustain a fracture. However, this type of brain injury can be even more serious than the former because it can include swelling and blood clots. Regardless of whether a brain injury is open or closed, in the most extreme cases, it can result in loss of consciousness, paralysis, and even death.

Examples of Closed Head Injuries

Mild traumatic brain injuries (MTBI) are one examples of a brain injury that is considered a closed head injury. Although a mild traumatic brain injury can be caused by many different mechanisms, a blow to the head in an athletic or recreational activity is a primary cause. Concussions caused by the contact that takes place in hockey and football are common mild traumatic brain injuries. It is also believe that repeated blows to the head, even if minor, can ultimately cause more brain damage than a more sever, single event. Put simply, when an outside force impacts a person’s head but the skull odes not break, the victim will have a closed head brain injury. Closed head brain injuries are dangerous because the brain will swell, but it has no room to expand. Because the skull does not break with a closed head injury, more often than not this injury is not detected. But it can create long term problems because many times a bruised brain does not completely heal.

Examples of Open Head Injuries

A Penetration injury – a TBI that results from impact from a bullet, knife or other sharp object that pushes hair, skin and bone fragments into the brain is an examples of an open head injury. Another example is when a blow to the head is so severe that it fractures a persons skull.

Acquired brain injuries (ABI)

Depriving the brain of air will cause this type of injury. While many ABIs are not the result of negligence, such as birth complications, epilepsy or seizures, some ABIs may be sports related. For example, defective SCUBA equipment can deprive the brain of oxygen. Instances such as these may involve negligence that caused the injury.

Warning Signs of Serious Brain Injury

When a person is involved in an accident, it is often difficult to tell whether they have suffered a brain injury. There are no immediate, visible signs when you sustain a brain injury, especially if there are no wounds on the head. Nevertheless, there are certain signs to look out for that can signify that someone might be suffering from a brain injury. These signs include the following:

  • Confusion and having trouble remembering events that recently happened
  • Nausea and dizziness
  • Severe headaches
  • Unusual feeling of extreme tiredness and sluggishness
  • Weakness or numbness on one side of the body

If you or someone close to you experiences any of these symptoms after being involved in an accident or after suffering an injury, it’s important to seek medical attention immediately. In some cases, people can experience brain injuries while feeling as though they’re perfectly fine. Getting a medical evaluation is necessary in order to rule out such a serious injury.

What Are the Most Common Brain Injuries?

Brain bruising is a very common type of brain injury that can manifest after a fall, especially as a result of playing contact sports and or being in a car accident. The brain can bruise and even bleed due to the sheer force of being violently pushed forward and backward.

Tearing is another common type of brain injury. Car accidents and blunt force trauma can lead to a tear in the brain. This tear can result in nerves within the brain becoming damaged and can lead to impairment of certain functions.

No matter what type of trauma the brain suffers, swelling normally occurs. Swelling is a natural part of the body’s healing. But brain swelling can be problematic because the brain is encased in the skull and has no room to expand. Brain swelling can lead to intracranial pressure, which can result in the impairment of bodily functions and can even be fatal.

How Many People Suffer Brain Injuries Each Year?

According to the Brain Injury Association of California, over 1.7 million people suffer a traumatic brain injury each year in the United states – leading to:

  • 52,000 Deaths
  • 275,000 Hospitalizations
  • 1.4 million visits to the emergency room

The Leading Causes of TBIs in the United States

  • 28% of all brain injuries are caused by falls
  • 20% of all brain injuries are caused by car accidents
  • 19% of all brain injuries are caused by a blow to the head
  • 11% of all brain injuries are caused by assaults

Those at highest risk for TBI

    • Men are 1.5 times more likely than women
    • Children between 0 to 4 years of age and 15 to 19 years of age
    • People engaged in certain military duties

Having Experienced Phoenix Brain Injury Attorneys Is Important

If you have suffered a brain injury in an accident in the Phoenix area, it’s important to have the experience of the Phoenix brain injury attorneys at Zanes Law on your side fighting for your rights. In many instances, when people sustain this type of injury, they need extended time off from work to undergo substantial medical care and therapy in order to recuperate. Sometimes people with brain injuries never fully recover, meaning they need considerable compensation for their injuries, pain and suffering, and other damages.

The Phoenix brain injury attorneys at Zanes Law can help you to pursue a claim. Our lawyers will determine whether your case should focus on another person’s negligence or if you have a product liability case. In the former, another person’s carelessness caused your brain injury. In the latter, a defective product caused it.

If you choose to pursue legal action for a brain injury in Phoenix, Arizona, get in touch with Zanes Law Injury Lawyers as soon as you can.

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