A total of 15,014 hit and run motor vehicle accidents happened in Arizona in 2017, according to the 2017 Arizona Motor Vehicle Crash Facts Report. After your hit and run accident, you are now a number in these statistics, and you are not happy about it.

As if the pain of your injuries were not enough, you are plagued by anxiety and frustration. You know you deserve compensation, but you have no idea how to make this happen when the negligent driver just took off, leaving you to cope with your injuries—and with all the financial mess that accompanied those injuries.

Zanes Law’s hit and run accident lawyers in Phoenix understand you are suffering, anxious, and frustrated. Let a hit and run accident lawyer in Phoenix fight for the justice and compensation you deserve. Call us today at 602-999-9999.

What You Should Do After Your Hit and Run Accident in Phoenix

Although you most likely are no longer at the scene of your accident, the following notes for what to do following your hit and run still apply. Keep these in mind and try to act on them as soon as possible following your hit and run accident:

  1. Involve the Police. It is a crime to leave the scene of an accident before law enforcement authorizes you to do so. Be sure to call 911 and let the police know that you have experienced a hit and run. The police report serves as strong evidence for your claim. With your accident now being a criminal matter, the police will be on the hunt for the negligent driver in your accident. If they find the driver, your options for recovery extend to the driver’s insurance company and/or to a personal injury lawsuit in a civil court of law.
  2. Observe, Record, Document. Be sure that you record as much information as possible—as soon as possible before you forget it. At the scene of the accident, take photos. Look around and observe the surroundings. Try to spot witnesses who saw the accident happen and ask them for their contact information. They can write statements that will serve as evidence in your claim.
  3. Get Medical Attention. Do not refuse medical help at the scene of the accident and follow up with a visit to the doctor after your accident. Your physician’s documentation will also serve as evidence to support your damages claim.
  4. Talk to a lawyer. Do this as soon as possible, and do not talk to anyone about your accident until you have hired a hit and run accident lawyer in Phoenix.

Arizona Hit and Run Accidents Result in Injuries and Frustration

The hit and run accidents reported by the Arizona Department of Transportation (DOT) in 2017 caused injuries for 3,683 people.

Like adding insult to injury, the driver’s wrongful behavior has left you feeling frustrated—on top of all the physical pain you are experiencing from your injuries. You may feel helpless thinking that because you do not know who the driver was, you have no recourse for compensation. This is not the case.

Using Uninsured Motorist Coverage to Pursue Compensation for Damages in a Hit and Run Accident in Phoenix

Even if you do not know the identity of the driver who caused your hit and run accident, you still have options for recovering damages. You can file a claim with your insurance company using your policy’s uninsured motorist coverage.

In Arizona, uninsured motorist coverage is not required by law, but it comes in handy when you consider the number of people driving around without insurance (even though Arizona law requires drivers to purchase liability coverage).

This coverage also comes into play in hit and run accidents. It is your recourse. Keep in mind that this type of insurance covers only bodily injuries—including medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering—but not property damage.

Our team of legal experts will talk to your insurance company about your hit and run accident to see if your policy covers your injuries in a hit and run accident.

Using Your Personal Injury Protection Coverage to Pay for Damages You Sustain in Your Hit and Run Accident

As a “Fault” car accident state, Arizona’s approach to determining financial responsibility in a car accident is based on who was at fault for the accident and liable for damages.
In a hit and run accident in Phoenix, when the at-fault party has not been found, the victim might file a claim against his or her personal injury protection (PIP) coverage, if the victim’s policy includes this coverage.
PIP, also known as MedPay, is an optional coverage plan that will pay for any medical expenses you pay out of pocket as a result of your accident injuries.

Using Medical Insurance to Pay for Your Bodily Injuries Caused by Your Hit and Run Accident in Phoenix

When you do not have another driver—or that driver’s insurer—to pay for your injuries, and you do not have uninsured motorist coverage to fill in the gap, your recourse is to use your own medical insurance.

Using Collision Coverage to Pay for Repairs to Your Vehicle After a Hit and Run Accident in Phoenix

If you have not identified the at-fault driver who fled the scene of your hit and run accident, you can tap your insurance policy’s collision coverage to pay for your car repairs.

The allocation of this type of coverage does not hinge on a determination of fault. It is based solely on the fact that your car was damaged in a crash.

Arizona Hit and Run Accidents Can Result in Wrongful Death, and You Have Legal Recourse

If your loved one died as the result of injuries sustained in a hit and run accident, you have suffered damages that include the financial expenses from the time of the accident to the time of your loved one’s death and the losses you will experience afterward. You can file a wrongful death claim to recover your damages.

This legal action can be filed only against the person(s) legally responsible for the accident that caused the death. In other words, you would need to know the identity of the negligent driver in the hit and run accident to file a wrongful death claim against him or her.

Zanes Law will handle this case for you. Call us today at 602-999-9999 so we can start building your case.

Why You Should Hire an Attorney for Your Hit and Run Accident in Phoenix

If you are not filing a personal injury lawsuit against the driver who hit and ran, you might wonder what the benefits are of hiring a lawyer to help you recover your damages.

A hit and run accident lawyer will prove immensely valuable when it comes to negotiating with your insurance company.

Insurance adjusters have a specific duty to their employers—the insurance company—to help their bottom line by giving you the least amount of money possible. The adjuster is very experienced in the art of making this happen.

A hit and run accident lawyer in Phoenix will fight for your compensation with all the confidence that comes from knowing how to negotiate with an insurance company and understanding how to apply the law to your benefit.

Zanes Law will negotiate with your insurance company in your hit and run accident. We will champion your case to get you’re the compensation you deserve. Call us today at 602-999-9999.

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