Our Family’s
Passion Is

Helping Arizona Families

Recover After Tragedy


The Underdog

It’s the 2007 football playoff season. My husband Doug and I are driving Northbound on the highway, heading home. It’s 8 pm and dark.

Suddenly, two headlights appear in our lane; a car is hurtling directly toward us for a head-on collision.

I grip the armrest, and brace for impact, My back stiffens, and I want to scream Stop! But I’m paralyzed with terror.

The car whizzes past my window and swerves off the road.

We pull over and slowly approach. Behind the wheel is a guy who’s stupid drunk. After drinking all day watching football, he thought it’d be a good idea to drive home.

Prior to this almost-fatal night, our law firm had been representing people in need of a good criminal defense attorney in addition to personal injury. Sometimes, people like this drunk driver. But that night, we changed sides and went “all-in” on personal injury law.

I’m a first-generation American. My family is Mexican.

We were the underdogs.

Mom had me at 20. She kicked out my drunk, womanizing dad while she was pregnant before raising me with my aunt and grandmother. All three women were gritty entrepreneurs.

From age 3, I was with them daily while they worked. By age 7, I helped them run a tiny cafe at a Greyhound bus stop in Nogales, AZ. I walked and crossed the border alone, tasked with getting groceries, so our store had inventory. I could handle money in the store and the interrogations I’d received from Border Agent (I needed to prove I was an American).

I was a young businesswoman, and I loved the hustle and being involved with my family.

After a failed relationship, I also became a young single mom with very little college education.

To support my two daughters, I took jobs in sales. I worked hard and eventually became a top salesperson in my company.

Then I
meet Doug.

Just after starting Zanes Law in 2003, Doug calls the Yellow Pages to buy an ad. The sales rep he speaks to is my friend, and he introduces us. We fall in love and marry within 18 months.

Doug was 31, and I was 29. He was an exceptional young lawyer and became a wonderful father to my girls.

One day while I was in Doug’s office helping him with some marketing…
I saw he needed a lot more help than just marketing. Doug had to be in court every day, and I could see the business side falling apart.

In my world of sales and marketing, I’d consulted hundreds of businesses.
I knew that I was smart and I knew I was good at finding solutions…

And Doug and I decided I could manage and help grow Doug’s firm,
but only if…

I quit my lucrative job…

It was a scary decision, but in 2003, I quit my job and joined the firm.
I began running it so that Doug could focus on being a great lawyer.

We were stronger as a team, but…

At the time Doug did criminal defense work, but his dream was to build a personal injury firm. When we narrowly missed a 45 mph head-on collision with a drunk driver, we changed exclusively to Personal Injury overnight.

That near-miss with fate on that dark highway

aligned us with our purpose.

Today we’ve been in business helping our clients for 20 years. We’ve learned a lot in those two decades about how to maximize compensation despite the astounding complexity of personal injury cases.

We’re at our best when helping underdogs… We’re relentless when fighting for people who deserve real justice in a system that is heartless, greedy, and stacked against you. When you’re hurt, and it’s not your fault, we exhaust all avenues to make them pay the maximum amount. Doug and our lawyers don’t sell out our clients for easy money like a lot of lawyers.

We’ll stand with you to transform your fate into your favor.


Core Values


Give A Damn

We give a damn about what we do and the impact we create for our clients. Our team members care about the growth of our company and are committed to excelling at the role they’ve been hired to fill.



As G.O.A.T.s we consistently overdeliver for each other and our clients by working both harder and smarter than everyone else. Our team is driven to create exceptional results and always be looking for ways to improve.


A Blessing to Others

We go far beyond being helpful to both our clients and to each other and aim to be a true "blessing" in the lives of others. We are kind, respectful, thoughtful, understanding, and willing to help no matter what


Totally Drama Free

We don’t do drama! You won't find any gossiping, complaining, or whining done by any of the G.O.A.T.s on our team. Instead we’re dedicated to high integrity and personal accountability.