Zanes Law is a personal injury law firm with offices in Mesa, Phoenix, Tucson, and Seattle. Our Mesa, AZ legal team fights aggressively and passionately for personal injury victims in a wide variety of cases. We pride ourselves on doing everything from A to Z to help our clients recover the damages they deserve when another party’s negligence has resulted in injury.

Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle for Mesa, AZ Clients

With the growth that Zanes Law has enjoyed over the last decade, including a roster of clients well into the thousands, our firm’s Mesa, Arizona attorneys have worked on cases in just about every area of personal injury law.

Our firm handles:

Our firm is driven by purpose and a passion for championing the rights of people who are injured through the negligence of another party. We think of our clients as members of our own family. This is why we place such an emphasis on delivering convenient, comprehensive legal services—everything from A to Z to get you the compensation you deserve.

Everything from A to Z to Recover the Damages from Your Accident in Mesa, AZ

You will see what we mean when we meet for your free, no-obligation legal consultation. For starters, we will work around your schedule. If meeting at our office poses an inconvenience for you, we are happy to travel to your home, place of work, or the hospital or another medical facility where you or your loved one is being treated for your injuries.

You will not wait long for this meeting. In most cases, we can meet with you the same day you call us. For certain, we are always able to meet within 24 hours of your call.

If you prefer for us to review your case over the phone, that is fine, too. We will even take care of electronically signing documents via a phone call. Whatever works for you, that is what we will do.

Upon hiring our firm, you will meet your attorney, case manager, and settlement coordinator within 48 hours. This team will work diligently with you and for you to make sure you never have an unanswered doubt, question, or concern about your case.

Investigating the Cause of Your Accident in Mesa, AZ

Your Zanes Law legal team in Mesa, AZ will work tirelessly, effectively, and efficiently to identify the cause of your accident. We uncover evidence from every source and crevice: the scene of the accident, witness statements, police reports, accident reconstructionists, photos, surveillance cameras, just for starters.

Researching Other Variables to Fully Illustrate Negligence in Your Accident

We also will consider any ways in which the at-fault party might have prevented your accident, either through action or inaction. This information will serve us well in establishing the at-fault party’s negligence and liability—critical components to any personal injury case.

We will tap into case law for accidents similar to yours so that we enter negotiations with clearly visible confidence that will make insurance adjusters and attorneys take note.

Calculating Damages in Your Mesa, AZ Accident

When it comes to determining your case value, we will put our years’ of experience in personal injury law to work—identifying types of damages you would never have thought to include in your demand letter to insurers.

But we will not just rely on our own knowledge. We will collaborate with professional consultants, experts in the field of medicine and economics, to arrive at damages that paint a comprehensive picture of your financial needs well into the future.

Reconstructing Car Accidents

If you come to Zanes Law with a car accident injury, your case lies in excellent hands. Our Mesa, AZ personal injury lawyers will research weather conditions on the date and time of your accident, in case inclement weather played a role in your accident.

We will also work with a team of experts to investigate the scene of the accident to check road conditions that might have contributed to the collision, as well as look for road signs that might have been ignored, another contributing factor indicating fault.

Our accident reconstruction specialists can study skid marks, car positions, and car damage to determine the angles of the vehicles and the speeds they were traveling.

All this work will result in a compelling story of how your accident happened and who caused it. It is a critical element in our strategy to depict causation, another required component in providing negligence and liability.

Helping You Find Medical Treatment

As we have mentioned, we treat our clients like family. We are not just here to help you receive compensation for your injuries. We want to help you recover from your injuries. Our personal injury lawyers in Mesa will confer with you about the injuries you sustained from your accident. Based on what they learn, we can refer you to doctors who have helped our clients for many years. They will work with you regardless of whether you have health insurance.

Of course, we also have an array of experts that will consult with us on determining what your medical care will cost you in the long-term. This figure will be added to the list of damages we send to the at-fault party’s insurance provider.

Helping You Repair or Replace Your Car

In most cases, our clients’ cars have taken on damage that requires repairs—or even replacement. Our Mesa, AZ team knows how to calculate the value of your car, as well as any personal items that might have sustained damage in the accident. We know where to look to determine the market value of this property so we will include that number, along with the costs for replacing/repairing your car in your demand letter.

Zanes Law Personal Injury Lawyer in Mesa AZ Will Take Your PI Case

Zanes Law wants to take care of your Mesa, AZ accident case, and to take care of you. Our personal injury lawyers in Mesa will champion your right to recover damages, and we will not rest until you have received compensation.

Remember, we only get paid when you get paid. And we will give you a case review, free of charge, free of obligation, wherever it is convenient for you.

Call us today at 866-499-8989.

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