When a personal injury strikes—whether in the form of a car accident, a slip and fall, a dog bite, or burn—your life changes. Every moment after serves as an inescapable reminder of the accident as you bear the pain of your injuries, relive the trauma of the accident, and suffer the fear of an uncertain future with bleak economic prospects.

Zanes Law’s Peoria personal injury lawyers serving Peoria, AZ, can turn this situation around for you. We will put your life back into a perspective that makes sense because we will hold the party whose negligence caused your injury responsible.

We will do everything from A to Z to see that you receive compensation for your injuries, your pain and suffering, and your losses and other damages. Call Zanes Law today at 866-499-8989 for a free case review.

Personal Injury Cases We Accept in Peoria, AZ

Zanes Law’s attorney’s practice in multiple offices across Arizona, each of which delivers results-driven, compassionate legal support for the people of Arizona who have sustained injuries in an accident caused by another party’s negligence.

To date, we have recovered more than $500 million for our clients.

Some of the types of cases we accept include:

  • Car accidents
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Nursing home abuse
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Burn injuries
  • Brain injuries
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Construction accidents
  • Animal and dog bites
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Slips and falls
  • Wrongful death
  • Truck accidents

Results Driven and Client Focused

Our legal team works hard to deliver a low-stress, results-driven experience for our clients. For starters, we offer a free consultation where a Zanes Law attorney will meet with you to discuss your case and possible strategies for seeing that justice is served.

You Name the Place

Our personal injury lawyers in Peoria understand you might be recovering from your injury at home or in a hospital, or maybe you are already back at the office, trying to make up for some of the time you already missed. That is fine with us. We will meet you wherever is most convenient for you. We are even happy to handle our meeting and sign-up over the phone.

You Set the Pace

Zanes Law also gets that you are eager to move your case along, and we do everything to make things happen swiftly. In most cases, we will meet with you the same day you reach out to us, and you can count on meeting your legal team within 48 hours of hiring us.

Pay When You Are Paid

We do not charge for this consultation, nor will we charge for any upfront lawyer’s fees. You pay us only when and if you receive compensation.

We Take Care of You—Not Just Your Case

Our clients are more than plaintiffs. Sure, we will use what we learned from our 15 years in practice to see that you receive financial compensation, but we also will do what it takes to see that you are okay.

Finding Medical Treatment for You

The attorneys and staff at Zanes Law want to see you recover from your injuries, and we will help you do just that. Your legal team will discuss your injuries with you and refer you to the best medical practitioners we know who can treat them. Do not worry about health insurance. These medical professionals have treated Zanes Law’s clients for years, and they will help you regardless of your insurance status.

Getting Your Car Repaired or Replaced

Chances are, your car will need its own doctor. The Zanes Law’s Peoria, AZ, team will assess the value of your vehicle and any personal property that might have taken a hit in your accident. They can provide you with reliable estimates for what it will cost to repair or replace your damaged property.

Investigating Your Personal Injury Case

Once you hire Zanes Law, your personal injury lawyer in Peoria will hit the ground running. They will begin building your case by investigating your accident. This hands-on effort means your team will:

  • Travel to the scene of your accident to gather evidence
  • Talk to witnesses
  • Collect and catalog photos and videos
  • Gather all your accident-related medical records
  • Get copies of the accident report filed by a law enforcement officer, employer or facility manager
  • Obtain wage statements from your employer

We will use all the evidence we gather to construct the framework of our case, including establishing negligence and presenting damages.

Establishing Negligence and Damages

Proof of negligence serves as the cornerstone for any viable personal injury claim or case. The law is strict in what it wants to see before establishing that another party’s negligence caused your suffering.

Fulfilling “Duty of Care” Requirements

Our 15 years in personal injury have shaped our ability to meet the criteria for establishing negligence. We will argue that the defendant in your case owed you a duty to take reasonable steps to keep you from injury, that they failed in this duty, that this breach caused your injury, and that you sustained physical, emotional, and financial damages as a result.

Tapping a Network of Experts

For our clients who suffered injuries in a motor vehicle accident, we will use highly competent accident reconstruction specialists to map out how the accident occurred. The resulting report is impressive and persuasive to any insurer, judge, or jury.

To fully convey the damages sustained, our personal injury lawyers in Peoria will seek out experts in the fields of medicine, economics, vocational rehabilitation, and life-care planning. They will tell the compelling story of the extent of your injuries; pain, costs of treatment (now, ongoing, and future); and how it will affect your ability to support yourself and your family.

Zanes Law Personal Injury Lawyers in Peoria, AZ are Ready to Help You

You deserve compensation for your injuries. This much we know. All that remains is to explain to an insurance company, judge, or jury why this is the case, and how much compensation you demand to receive. This is our job. We will take it on from A to Z. You just focus on getting better.

Call Zanes Law today for a free, no-obligation case review: 866-499-8989.


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