The Phoenix weather brings more than dry heat and abundant sunshine. The area’s desert setting makes it a hotspot for swift winds, sometimes reaching 60 miles per hour or more. In fact, the National Weather Service reported Phoenix’s highest recorded gust for 2018 at 71 miles per hour. Drivers who find themselves stuck on the road when wind speeds pick up are at risk of an accident. If you were injured in a car accident caused by high winds, an injury lawyer for accidents caused by high winds in Phoenix, AZ from Zanes Law can help you recover compensation.

We take on the insurance company if they try to deny your high winds car accident claim, and we can also pursue damages from another driver if their negligent actions during a period of high winds contributed to your accident. Our attorneys offer a free case evaluation, and we come to you whenever and wherever it is convenient. To speak with a member of our staff today, call us at (602) 999-9999.

Injury Lawyer for Accidents Caused By High Winds Near Me

The higher the wind speed, the more difficult it is to maintain control of a moving vehicle. Winds have a greater effect on vehicle control the faster the car is traveling. Drivers who find themselves on the interstate moving at 70 miles per hour or faster when a strong wind gust comes may find it impossible to keep their vehicle between the lines, or even on the road.

When you lose control of your vehicle in Phoenix traffic, a collision is almost imminent. Unfortunately, many insurance carriers try to deny claims when high winds contributed to the accident, claiming that winds fall under an “act of God” and thus are not covered by your policy.

Our attorneys take on the insurance companies and make sure they compensate you fairly. Before you agree to talk to them about your accident, speak with an injury lawyer for accidents caused by high winds in Phoenix, AZ from Zanes Law. We have a substantial track record of winning compensation from insurance companies. We can negotiate with them on your behalf while you focus on getting better.

Car Accidents Caused By a Negligent Driver in High Winds

Another common cause of motor vehicle accidents in high winds is that another motorist, often driving too fast or carelessly for the conditions, loses control and strikes your vehicle.

Even if the speed limit is 65, 70, or 75, that does not mean it is safe or legal to drive that fast when the wind speed is at the same level. Under Arizona law, drivers must take road and weather conditions into account and adjust their speed and driving habits accordingly.

If another driver lost control due to high winds and struck you, Zanes Law can gather evidence (photos, videos, eyewitness statements, accident and police reports from the Phoenix Police Department, etc.) and hold them liable for your damages. To learn more, set up a free case evaluation by calling (602) 999-9999.

Why Choose Zanes Law for Your Phoenix High Winds Car Accident Claim

Zanes Law has a lengthy track record of helping car accident victims in the Phoenix area recover compensation. We have a special focus on accidents caused by high winds and other hazardous road conditions. We want to put our resources to work for you and steer your case to a favorable outcome.

We Do It All From A to Z

At Zanes Law, we believe our clients’ primary focus should be on recovering from their injuries. As a result, we handle everything else from A to Z, including document filing, dealing with the insurance company, and a host of other little things that must get done after an accident.

We Value Client Service

We know that our number-one job is to make sure you receive fair compensation for your accident injuries. We also understand how physically, emotionally and financially draining the days, weeks, and months that follow a car accident can be.

Our goal is to provide top-notch client service so that you get through this challenging period as smoothly as possible. Our attorneys and support staff are always a phone call, email, or text away, and they are always eager to hear from you and to help in any way they can.

We Come to You

After a severe car accident, the last thing many people want to do is make time to get in the car and drive across town to meet with an injury lawyer for accidents caused by high winds in Phoenix, AZ. At Zanes Law, we believe our clients should not have to exert substantial energy just to get the opportunity to sit down with a lawyer and discuss their case. That is why our attorneys come to you when and where it is convenient. We will meet you at your home, office or hospital room to conduct your free case evaluation.

Compensation for Your Phoenix High Winds Car Accident

The Zanes Law team fights for the fair compensation you deserve. We help you recover money to pay you for the following losses and more:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Reduced earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering

The Arizona Statute of Limitations on Car Accident Claims

Generally speaking, Arizona has a two-year statute of limitations on car accident injury claims under AZ § 12-542. Because every case is unique, though, you should consult with an injury lawyer for accidents caused by high winds in Phoenix, AZ about your accident rather than assuming you have a set amount of time to file a claim. Zanes Law can take any necessary, quick legal action to stave off any looming deadlines and keep your claim alive.

To set up your free, no-obligation case evaluation today, call us at (602) 999-9999.

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The Zanes Law team is eager to get to work on your high winds car accident claim today. We will come to you for your free case evaluation whenever and wherever it is convenient—in your home, at your office, or in your hospital room. We even conduct evaluations over the phone. Our attorneys will do whatever necessary to help you through this challenging time. To get started today, call our Phoenix office at (602) 999-9999.

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