High winds put the stability of all vehicles on the road at risk. Reckless drivers can then exacerbate the dangerous conditions brought about by high winds, putting you at risk for an accident.

Even though you can’t hold the wind accountable for the way it blows, you can still take high winds accident cases to court. Tucson high winds accident attorneys can help you direct civil accident suits against parties that engage in reckless behavior during bad weather. Zanes Law Injury Lawyers is here to help you through the legal process.

When to Discuss a High Winds Accident With an Attorney

High wind accidents fall under the broader category of personal injury accidents in the eyes of the law. With that in mind, you have a limited amount of time to respond to your losses if you want to request financial support after your accident.

Anyone who wants to file a high winds personal injury complaint has two years to do so under A.R.S. § 12-542. You can get in touch with an attorney in the days following a high winds accident if you want to stay on top of this deadline.

Even if you’re in the midst of recovery, our team can begin the investigation process and bring together evidence to support your liability claim. We do not need to take that full two years to respond to your losses. Instead, the sooner you reach out, the sooner a high winds accident lawyer in Tucson can present your claim to a county clerk.

High Winds and Roadway Responsibility

When the winds kick up in Arizona, it can be dangerous for drivers to take to the road. Even so, you have responsibilities that you need to tend to on a daily basis. It’s with that in mind that attorneys address high winds accidents with an acknowledgment of duty of care.

As the weather in Arizona worsens, the duty of care that drivers owe to one another becomes more comprehensive. This duty dictates that all drivers must behave reasonably behind the wheel. When it storms, this means driving more slowly, signaling well in advance, and engaging in defensive driving.

Drivers who do not uphold their duty of care can cause accidents. Provided that evidence at the scene indicates that they violated their duty, they can also be held liable for your losses.

Addressing a High Winds Accident Claim to the Right Party

Because it’s drivers who owe you a duty of care on the road, it’s most often drivers who you can hold liable for your accident losses. There are occasions, though, in which you can hold other parties responsible for your accident.

If, for example, you’re hit by an on-duty rideshare driver, you can address companies like Lyft or Uber in your car accident claim. The same can be said if you’re hit by an on-duty truck driver. When in doubt, follow the evidence, and you can more effectively identify the party you want to name liable in your lawsuit. This evidence can include:

You don’t have to assess evidence on your own. Instead, a Tucson, AZ, high winds accident attorney can work both to gather it and understand the story that it tells.

Comparative Negligence in Arizona’s High Wind Accidents

Arizona may be an at-fault state, but the way that a civil court addresses fault may not be so straightforward. Rather, Arizona’s civil courts address high wind accident claims, among other personal injury claims, with an understanding of comparative negligence.

Comparative negligence dictates that even someone deemed to be partially at fault for an accident may seek out compensation for their losses. However, if you win your case, you will have your compensation reduced based on the percentage of fault you allegedly contributed to your accident.

You can discuss how accusations of fault may reduce your compensation with our attorneys. In turn, we can prepare arguments that contest the defense’s claims regarding your role in your accident.

Establishing Your Eligibility for Compensation After a High Winds Accident

Calculating your losses after a high winds accident is not a strictly economic endeavor. While you need to take all your bills into account, there are some damages that don’t come with assigned dollar values. These damages, known as non-economic damages, can add a considerable amount of value to your proposed compensation.

To start calculating your possible compensation, do add up the bills you believe tie back to your accident. These can include essential vehicular repairs, hospital visits, emergency room fees, and ambulance rides. You must, however, provide evidence supporting each damage you request. Professional witness statements and printed hospital fees can help in this regard.

To prove the value of your non-economic damages, you can refer to legal precedent throughout Arizona. For example, these damages can include pain and suffering, long-term trauma, and emotional distress. When you can cite other cases in which a court has awarded these damages, you can better defend the dollar value you’ve assigned to them.

How to Finalize a High Winds Accident Complaint

Once you’ve brought together all the information essential to your high winds accident complaint, you can submit it to a county clerk. So long as you’ve submitted the complaint within the aforementioned statute of limitations, the county clerk and other representatives will consider your request.

Our high winds accident attorneys in Tucson will receive notice as to whether or not your case moves forward. Should you have the opportunity to pursue compensation for your losses, you may be given the right to summon the liable party you named in your complaint. From there, we can decide whether to pursue a trial or negotiate for financial support outside of court.

Let’s Weather Your Post-Accident Recovery Together

No one on the road can control the weather. Drivers can only control their reactions to the elements. Drivers who do not take extra care in high wind situations actively endanger your safety. Should these drivers cause an accident, they can subsequently face the consequences for your losses.

If it’s time for you to take another driver to civil court, let Zanes Law Injury Lawyers give you a hand. Our high winds accident attorneys in Tucson, AZ, are ready to fight for the compensation that you need to recover from your accident losses. You can contact us over the phone or online to learn more about what your path to financial support looks like.

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