Personal injury protection (PIP) protects you from expensive medical bills after a car accident. This insurance, also known as med pay, is not mandatory in Arizona. However, it can give you the support you need to keep accidents from devastating your finances.

How does personal injury protection interact with a car accident claim, though? Will insurers really honor the protections they’ve offered you? The Tucson personal injury protection attorneys with Zanes Law can make sense of this coverage for you. We can also help you fight back against adjusters who want to undercut the protections you’ve spent good money on.

Arizona Is an At-Fault State

If you get into an accident in Arizona, insurance providers and civil litigators alike will assess your losses through the lens of fault. Arizona is an at-fault state. This means that one party involved in your accident can be assigned liability for both their own losses and yours. In turn, that driver’s insurance provider must offer you financial support.

Arizona does complicate this process when you take your concerns to court. The state allows all its drivers to pursue compensation under an understanding of comparative negligence. Comparative negligence lets you file an insurance claim even if you’re partially at fault for your accident.

If you’re awarded coverage from a civil court case under comparative negligence, you still receive a settlement. However, your settlement will be reduced by the percentage of fault it’s said that you contributed to an accident.

How to Determine Fault After a Car Accident

Insurance providers and civil litigators use many of the same techniques to determine fault in a car accident, albeit often to different means. Insurance adjusters may try to undercut the number of damages you endured in your accident. Personal injury lawyers, comparatively, want to maximize your possible compensation.

In both cases, interested parties should look to the evidence and testimony available at the scene of the accident to establish liability. Viable evidence can include:

  • Photos of the accident
  • The accident’s police report
  • Reports from both bystanders and professional witnesses

While it’s often other drivers that can be held liable for your roadway accident, there are other parties that can be responsible for your losses. Corporations often stand in for their on-duty drivers and/or truckers after an accident. Construction crews, too, can often rely on their parent companies for protection if it appears they engaged in reckless behavior.

Arizona’s Minimum Liability Insurance and Other Essential Protections

You are not legally required to have personal injury protection insurance in Tucson if you want to drive in Arizona. Personal injury protection insurance is instead an auxiliary form of coverage that you can use to further protect your finances.

Instead, Arizona’s minimum liability coverage includes:

  • $25,000 for the injury or death of a single individual
  • $50,000 for the injury or death of two or more people
  • $15,000 for property damage

These protections can be used to help prevent you from having to pay damages to another party out of your own pocket.

The Benefits of Personal Injury Protection

PIP in Tucson is also referred to as no-fault insurance. This insurance protects you from an accident’s medical expenses regardless of which party insurance providers determine to be at fault. Depending on the provider you opt to work with, this insurance may also protect you from:

  • Lost wages
  • Lost opportunities to work
  • Unexpected ambulance, surgery, or medical aid costs
  • Substitute services, including cleaning services and rental vehicles
  • Funeral expenses

Unfortunately, personal injury protection does not cover property damage. Your ability to rely on personal injury protection will also vary depending on the extent of your coverage limits.

You can request PIP coverage in addition to your minimum liability coverage when you first purchase your insurance policy. You can also work with a representative to add this coverage to your policy at a later date.

Driving Without Insurance in Arizona

If a driver takes to the road in Arizona without the state’s minimum liability coverage – PIP notwithstanding – that driver takes on a significant financial risk. These drivers can face more than severe losses after an accident. Law enforcement representatives may also ticket them for driving without insurance.

The penalties for driving without insurance vary depending on how many other times you’ve been brought up on similar charges. These penalties can include:

  • First-time offense: Fines of $500 and a three-month driver’s license suspension
  • Second offense: Fines of $750 and a six-month driver’s license suspension
  • Third offense: Fines of $1,000 and a license suspension for up to a year

It may become more difficult for someone caught driving without insurance to secure cost-effective coverage in the future. If you’re struggling to contend with the intricacies of car insurance after an accident, you can work with a provider’s representative to discuss your available options.

Taking Uninsured Car Accident Drivers to Court

Should you get into a car accident and find your coverage lacking, it can be tempting to take your losses to court. If the liable party has the insurance to contend with your losses, this process can serve you well.

However, it is not always financially viable to take an uninsured driver to civil court. While you may feel you find justice in the situation, the party in question may not be able to provide you with the compensation you need to tend to your losses.

This is where PIP comes in handy. While you can still take legal action against an offending party, you can also rely on your insurer to give you a leg up on your bills that you need. If you’re having trouble seeing a claim through, you can turn to a personal injury attorney for guidance.

Discuss Personal Injury Protection and Your Recent Accident With Our Team

Your insurance provider is meant to protect you from the financial difficulties of a car accident. That doesn’t mean that insurance adjusters are your friends, though. In many cases, even people with personal injury protection in Tucson can suffer from reduced accident compensation.

You don’t have to let your insurance provider dictate what financial support you receive after a car accident. Instead, call on Zanes Law Injury Lawyers. You can contact us to learn more about our services. We offer free consultations and contingency services to anyone looking to pursue a civil suit.

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