The Tucson motorcycle accident attorneys at Zanes Law are experienced and know how to win. Our Tucson injury attorneys handling motorcycle accident cases know they can be incredibly difficult. It is challenging for our clients to be hurt, to miss work, and to have lost their bike. There is a lot to do to resolve your case properly. Our motorcycle accident attorneys in Tucson know exactly what to do to win. We will create the strongest case possible, but you must do your part too. We will work together to give you the greatest chance at winning the damages you deserve.

You Must Call Zanes Law Immediately

It’s important that you contact the Zanes Law Tucson motorcycle accident attorneys immediately after your injury. You will have the opportunity to speak with a motorcycle accident lawyer in Tucson and provide information about your case. There are several steps you must take to help your us manage your case properly. First, you need to be completely honest about the motorcycle accident. Second, you should be thorough about the information that you provide. Third, provide all of the details pertaining to your motorcycle accident.

Allow Your Motorcycle Attorney to Manage Your Case

You might spend a lot of time speaking to your Tucson motorcycle accident attorneys about your case, but you must also allow your attorneys to contact all of the interested parties in the case. Your Zanes Law motorcycle crash lawyer will file anything that needs to be filed, create a timeline for your case, and will update you about it as needed. You can also ask your Tucson motorcycle accident attorneys for an update at any point. You deserve to have an open line of communication with your motorcycle attorney in order to ensure that you know everything you need to about your case. At Zanes Law, we will handle everything related to your situation and explain anything you need to know in terms you will understand.

You Have a Number of Options

Your case might be settled out of court if your Tucson motorcycle accident attorneys from Zanes Law believes that is the best option. If you agree to settle, you can avoid the expense of a trial. Your motorcycle wreck lawyer in Tucson will make sure that you make the best choices based on the facts of your case.

Many motorcycle accident injury victims wish to go to court because they believe their cases are strong enough to win. Your attorney will help you determine if winning is as likely as you might think it is. Your case might be one that would be closed quite quickly in court because of the evidence you have. Or it might be best for you to settle with the company that owns the truck that hit your motorcycle. On the other hand, you might need to defend yourself if you have been accused of harming someone with your motorcycle. Allow our Tucson motorcycle accident attorneys to guide you toward the best option.

Your Case Is Complicated

Motorcycle accident cases are complicated. Once you have gathered all the relevant information about your case, you might find that it is rather complicated. Your lawyer will update you so that you know what is happening as your case progresses. Your Zanes Law Tucson motorcycle accident attorneys cannot guarantee the results of your case and will give you honest assessments about it as it goes on. Also, keep in mind that your case could take a long time to wrap up, and you must allow enough time for it to reach a conclusion. Therefore, do not expect your lawyer to make your case close sooner than it ought to close. Understand that your Tucson motorcycle accident lawyer is working hard to keep your case as short as possible.


You have a right to ask for damages for any type of accident, whether it be a slip and fall or a simple car accident with no injuries. Your motorcycle accident will require damages because you have likely been seriously injured and might have missed work or lost your vehicle. Your insurance will not cover all of your losses, and your Zanes Law lawyer might choose a figure that accommodates your pain and suffering. Our lawyers use a specific formula to ensure that they request the proper amount money, and we will show you why we have asked for a particular amount. We will help you feel confident about fighting for the amount we believe you deserve.

Why Do I Need a Qualified Attorney?

Many people who have been injured in motorcycle accidents do not understand how difficult it is to litigate a case. Your motorcycle crash attorney from Zanes Law was trained to managed cases such yours. Because of this, it is wise to have a qualified attorney who has a track record of closing such cases. Also, you will have more peace of mind knowing that your attorney is knowledgeable about motorcycle accident cases. At Zanes Law, we will always give your our best advice. This advice is based on our many years of experience. Furthermore, you cannot expect an inexperienced attorney to help you adequately, nor should you try to represent yourself in court. It’s also important that you don’t assume you’ll automatically win your case. There many possible outcomes, but our Tucson motorcycle accident attorneys will use their considerable legal education to help you.

Speak to Zanes Law about your motorcycle accident today. We are even happy to discuss how to avoid a motorcycle accident before it ever happens. Whether your case has become more complex because you must go on disability or you need compensation to pay your medical bills, our Tucson motorcycle accident attorneys will ensure to handle your case properly and take care of all your needs.

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