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This was the 1st time I've used Zanes Law. It was a fantastic experience for having to go through a situation most would rather not. The attorney and staff were always available to answer my questions and explained things clearly and were obviously 100% in my corner. My attorney, Jim, was very genuine and made me immediately comfortable when I came in to speak with him about my case. Every case manager I dealt with was patient and helpful. I would definitely return to Zanes should the time ever come again that I need a personal injury firm.

Kelly Kay

Personal Injury

Hello! As client of Zane law I was recently involved in accident last September and my recovery is still healing but Zane law checked on me and made sure everything was going smoothly and made sure I was on the right step every single time. I definitely would used them again ! They have helped my recovery so much and being a mom of 6 it has made my days a little more better/easier! From chiropractor to message therapist and making sure I had that extra help like trauma counseling to get through my days! I thank you so much Rachel and Annabelle!

Monique Cota

car accident

Zanes Law was a terrific legal experience. I first went to a law firm that only wanted me to go to physical therapy and pad the bill, so they could utilize my insurance policy to its capacity. Once I went to Zanes, they were honest, professional and prompt with calls almost once a week. Sometimes I got a call just because we did not have contact for close to two weeks. Some calls were to just ask how I was doing. I also received more money than originally discussed. Great job Zanes Law!!!!! If need be I will use their services again. THANKS

James Doligale

Personal Injury

Zanes Law was a terrific legal experience. I first went to a law firm that only wanted me to go to physical therapy and pad the bill, so they could utilize my insurance policy to its capacity. Once I went to Zanes, they were honest, professional and prompt with calls almost once a week. Sometimes I got a call just because we did not have contact for close to two weeks. Some calls were to just ask how I was doing. I also received more money than originally discussed. Great job Zanes Law!!!!! If need be I will use their services again. THANKS

James Doligale

Personal Injury
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No one ever expects to be involved in a car accident, suffer an injury, or need to begin looking for a Phoenix car accident attorney.

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With the help of a Phoenix wrongful death lawyer, you should receive compensation for your losses.

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Motorcycle Accident

Our motorcycle accident lawyers in Phoenix understand how dangerous it can be to ride a bike. So much so that we have created safety articles for years.

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Zanes Law Helps You File Your Tucson Bike Accident Claim

When looking for legal assistance after a bike crash and injuries in the Tucson area, look no further than Zanes Law Injury Lawyers. We represent injured accident victims, including cyclists who should expect to safely share the road with drivers.

More specifically, we give you the room you need to recover while still building a legal case. We can recreate the scene of your accident and follow the trial of applicable evidence to the party liable for your losses. We can then name that party in your claim while backing your request for compensation with damage records.

Most importantly, we stand between you and an insurance provider’s attempt to intimidate you out of the financial support you deserve. We can bring half-hearted settlement offers into question and keep you from signing any documents that might limit your legal rights.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Receive Compensation for My Bicycle Accident Injuries?

You can receive compensation for your bicycle accident injuries in one of two ways. First, you can file an insurance claim against the driver’s auto insurance policy. This requires dealing with an insurance company, but it is where most injured bikers start. After the insurance company accepts liability, they will begin to negotiate a possible settlement.

Your lawyer might also file a lawsuit against the responsible driver. If your case goes to trial, a jury can decide whether you get compensation and how much you will receive. Filing a lawsuit does not mean that your case will go to a jury.

Usually, you will continue to negotiate a settlement right up until the time that your case goes to trial. Most cases will be resolved by a settlement, whether you have filed a lawsuit or not.

What does It Mean to Hold Someone Liable for Bicycle Accident Damages?

When you hold someone liable for your bicycle accident damages, you claim that their negligence was the cause of your losses. In turn, your complaint requests that their insurance provider cover your post-accident expenses.

A court will not automatically assume that you’re telling the truth when you assert liability, though. Instead, your initial complaint needs to include evidence backing your claim. Viable proof of liability can include:

  • Police reports
  • Footage from your accident
  • Eyewitness statements
  • Statements from professional witnesses regarding your condition
  • Physical evidence, including skidmarks

If your case moves forward, you may be asked to elaborate on this evidence in court or during the negotiating process.

Can I Hold My Bicycle’s Manufacturer Liable for My Bicycle Accident Losses?

You can hold a bicycle manufacturer liable for your bicycle accident under certain conditions. If you can demonstrate that fault in the bicycle’s design, production, or advertising resulted in your losses, the manufacturer may have to meet you in court.

These cases are known as product liability cases. Product liability cases serve as a subset of personal injury cases in Arizona. With that in mind, the statute of limitations placed on product liability cases still confines your ability to take legal action for two years following your accident.

Can I Hold a Government Officials Liable for My Bicycle Accident?

There are certain circumstances under which Arizona state employees may be liable for your bicycle accident losses. If the road you’re biking on is in poor condition and does not have warning signs informing you as such, you can take legal action against government officials.

The lack of roadway signs helps your civil case maneuver around the government’s qualified immunity. Qualified immunity otherwise protects government officials and police officers from a wide swath of civil cases. That said, the time in which you have to file your complaint is sharply reduced.

A.R.S § 12-821.01 only allows Arizona residents 180 days to file a personal injury complaint against state representatives. You’ll want to reach out to an attorney as soon as you can after your accident if you believe that government negligence is to blame for your losses.

When Should I File My Bicycle Accident Claim?

According to A.R.S. § 12-542, you must file your bicycle accident claim within two years of the day your accident takes place. Failure to file your accident complaint within this time period can see you lose the legal right to pursue loss compensation.

What Happens If an Insurance Company Makes Me a Settlement Offer?

Chances are that the first settlement offer that the insurance company makes you will be for far less than the value of your case. If you have hired a bicycle accident attorney, you will know how much your case is worth.

The insurance company has this data too, and they are trying to get you to accept a settlement for pennies on the dollar. They do not care about your situation or your predicament. They only care about their bottom line.

Most often, you will end up rejecting the first settlement offer and maybe several more behind it. You always have the right to make a counteroffer. You can expect that you will exchange numerous sets of numbers with the insurance company before you can agree on a settlement.

An Insurance Provider Denied My Claim – What Should I Do?

The insurance company does not have the final say over your legal rights. That belongs to a court and jury. If the insurance company has denied your claim, you have the right to file a lawsuit in court.

In many cases, the insurance company will at least make you a settlement offer (although one that is worth far less than the value of your case). The insurance company usually only denies a claim if they think that you are so clearly at fault that a jury will rule completely in the defendant’s favor.

However, this is not a calculation that an insurance company always gets right. Their adjuster only has so much power. We can step in with our own calculation and negotiate for the financial support you need to attend to your accident losses. Should a provider prove resistant to negotiations, we can take your case to court.

What Do Bicycle Accident Attorneys Do?

A bicycle accident attorney takes on your legal challenges while giving you the space you need to recover. More specifically, the team with Zanes Law can:

  • Moderate conversations between you and the defendant
  • Gather evidence of liability on your behalf
  • Calculate your possible compensation
  • File your complaint within Arizona’s statute of limitations
  • Prepare you for discovery and cross-examination
  • Appeal court decisions that would deny you your financial support

You can learn more about the accident services that might benefit your case during an initial consultation with our team members.

How Much Will a Bicycle Accident Lawyer Cost Me?

Many people express concern about their ability to afford a personal injury lawyer. This should not be a worry of yours keeping you from getting an attorney. The truth is that legal services come at no risk to you. If we do not win your case, and you do not get money, we do not receive fees.

You do not need to write us any checks, nor do we send you hourly bills. If you win your case (meaning that you settle or get a jury award), we take our payment out of the proceeds of your case. This is called a contingency fee agreement, and it encourages you to get an attorney when money will otherwise be tight.

What Damages Can I Receive From a Bicycle Accident Claim?

You can receive both economic and non-economic damages for your bicycle accident injuries. Economic damages cover the money that has either come out of your pocket or money that should have come into your pocket. These include:

  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Medical bills

Non-economic damages are those that are not as easily quantifiable with money. They pay you for how you have suffered in your life since the accident. They require subjective judgment calls on the part of the insurance company that will never go in your favor. Non-economic damages include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

You can get damages both for what you have lost in the past and will lose in the future. With future uncertainty, there will likely be a large difference of opinion between you and the insurance company. We will help you negotiate an agreement that fairly pays you.

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Bicyclists can face severe injuries when involved in a crash with a motor vehicle. You don’t have to contend with the financial burden of medical care and recovery alone. Instead, you can reach out to a Tucson, AZ, bicycle accident attorney at Zanes Law Injury Lawyers.

Our team can provide you with the resources you need to pursue a case for compensation. Contact us over the phone or through our website to learn more about our personal injury services.

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