Were you or your loved one injured in a low-impact car accident in Tucson? One of the biggest misconceptions about car accidents is that severe bodily injuries tend to only occur in high-speed collisions on major roads and highways. In reality, a car moving as slowly as 15 or 20 miles per hour is capable of inflicting major damage in the right circumstances. If you were a victim of a low-impact car accident and suffered injury, you deserve compensation. An attorney from Zanes Law can help you get it.

Zanes Law fights for the rights of injured victims in the Tucson area. We believe the needs of our clients come first. That is why we work to make the process as easy and stress-free as it can be. Our car accident attorneys offer a free case evaluation and will come to you when and where it is convenient—in your home, at your office, or even in your hospital room. To start the process today by speaking with an injury lawyer for low-impact car accidents in Tucson, AZ, on our staff, call us at (520) 777-7777.

Injury Lawyer for Low-Impact Car Accidents Near Me

When most people think of car accident injuries, they envision fiery, high-speed crashes that leave piles of mangled steel splayed across multiple interstate lanes. But it is just as possible to get hurt in a collision that occurs in a quiet, residential neighborhood, an accident some might refer to as a “fender-bender.”

If another driver injured you in a low-impact car accident, you deserve compensation from them and their insurer. Zanes Law helps you get it: we take care of everything from A to Z so that you can focus on recovering and getting better.

Rear-End Collisions

Many low-impact car accidents that produce severe injuries are rear-end collisions. It does not take much of an impact for one or more occupants of either vehicle to suffer injuries in this type of crash. The driver or passengers of the front vehicle may experience whiplash, especially if they did not have time to brace themselves for the collision. The occupants of either vehicle may suffer injuries from the airbag deploying.

Side-Impact Collisions

If you take a look at the nearest door while driving or riding in a car, you will notice that there is not much distance between it and your body. While vehicle frames provide some level of protection from impact, a car that hits you from the side does not have to be going very fast to inflict damage. Zanes Law has represented many clients with broken legs, hips, ribs, and other injuries from low-impact car accidents in which they were hit from the side.

Head-On Collisions

In a head-on collision, severe injuries can result even if both vehicles are crawling along at very low speeds. That is because of the double impact effect. You may be traveling at only 20 miles per hour, and the other car might be moving at the same speed, but the combined impact of a head-on collision is like hitting a stationary object going 40 miles per hour.

Drunk Driving Accidents

Low-impact car accidents frequently involve impaired drivers. An intoxicated motorist might veer out of their lane and strike your vehicle from the side, for instance. No matter how your accident happened, Zanes Law will protect your rights and help you recover fair compensation.

To start the process today with a free case evaluation in which an injury lawyer for low-impact car accidents in Tucson, AZ, comes to you, call our office at (520) 777-7777.

Choose Zanes Law for Your Low-impact Car Accident Case

When you work with a Tucson car accident attorney from Zanes Law, you enjoy a number of advantages. Here is what our firm offers you:

Experience and Professionalism

Our firm has many years of experience handling car accident claims and has helped many clients in the area take on the insurance companies and collect the damages they deserve. We want to put our resources to work for you.

Immediate Help

You will not have to wait for weeks to sit down with an attorney and discuss your case. At Zanes Law, we are eager to get to work right away, investigating your accident, gathering evidence, and helping you collect fair damages.

A Team That Does It All From A to Z

At Zanes Law, we believe car accident victims should focus on healing, not on all the minutiae that come with a car accident claim. That is why we handle everything from A to Z, leaving you time to prioritize your health and your family.

Help No Matter How Your Accident Happened

Worried you will not be eligible to collect compensation because the accident was partly your fault? In Arizona, you may be eligible to recover damages even in a shared fault situation. We want to hear from you no matter how your accident occurred or who you believe (or were told) was at fault.

To set up your free case evaluation at your convenience with an injury lawyer for low-impact car accidents in Tucson, AZ, call Zanes Law today at (520) 777-7777.

Zanes Law Helps You Get Compensated Fairly

At Zanes Law, we believe in fighting for the fair compensation our clients deserve. That includes money for:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Reduced earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

The Arizona Statute of Limitations

In Arizona, car accident victims have two years from the date of injury to file a claim. However, certain extenuating factors may lengthen or shorten this timeframe. An attorney from Zanes Law can review your case and inform you of all deadlines that apply. If necessary, we can take quick legal action to prevent the statute from expiring.

Call Today for a Free Case Evaluation

At Zanes Law, our attorneys come to you when and where it is convenient. The consultation is free, and we do not get paid until you do. To speak with an injury lawyer for low-impact car accidents in Tucson, AZ, on our staff, call (520) 777-7777 today.

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