Tucson is a sprawling city with heavy traffic and many multi-lane highways. These factors can make left turns a challenge, particularly during peak traffic times. When turning left, you are vulnerable to being broadsided by a distracted, impaired, or reckless driver who fails to stop at an intersection. If you or your loved one was recently injured in a left-turn accident in Tucson, a personal injury lawyer from Zanes Law will take on the insurance company and help you recover fair compensation.

At Zanes Law, we take the needs of our clients seriously. We believe car accident victims should be focused on healing, not on taking care of all the minutiae to be done after a collision. We will handle all of it for you. Our auto accident injury team does it all from A to Z. We offer a free case evaluation when and where it is convenient for you. That’s right: our lawyers come to you! To find out more, call our office today at (520) 777-7777 and speak with an injury lawyer for left-turn accidents in Tucson, AZ.

Injury Lawyer for Left-Turn Accidents Near Me

Zanes Law fights for dozens of car accident victims in Tucson each year and helps them take on the insurance companies to recover the compensation they deserve for their injuries and property damage. Many of our clients are drivers or vehicle occupants injured in left-turn accidents. Left turns can be dangerous in Tucson, and such accidents include:

Side-Impact Collisions

The most common type of accident that occurs during a left-turn scenario is a side-impact collision, which means that the vehicle turning left gets broadsided on the passenger side by a vehicle coming through the intersection. As you might expect, the passenger in the turning car is most vulnerable to serious bodily injury.

When this type of accident occurs, the fault typically rests with the driver who did not have the right of way. For instance, if you had a green turn arrow and the other driver’s light was red, they are liable for your damages. On the other hand, if the light is green on both sides, a driver going straight has the right of way over a left-turning driver.

No matter who you believe was at fault for your left-turn accident, Zanes Law can help you recover compensation. Under Arizona law, drivers are not automatically barred from recovering damages even if they were partly at fault for an accident.

Head-On Collisions

A head-on collision can result when two left-turning drivers both enter a middle turn lane from opposite directions. This type of accident can cause devastating injuries because the speed from both vehicles creates a double-impact effect.

Fault can be very difficult to determine in a head-on collision that occurs in a turn lane, which is why you need a lawyer on your side who is aggressive, experienced, and skilled. Call Zanes Law at (520) 777-7777 to find out what an injury lawyer for left-turn accidents in Tucson, AZ, can do for you.

Distracted Driving Accidents

A left-turn accident may occur when one or more drivers are distracted and not paying attention to the road. In an era when smartphones are ubiquitous, distracted driving is sharply on the rise. Zanes Law will seek out evidence, including phone records, to show that the motorist who hit you was concentrating on something other than their driving. We will use this evidence to help you recover fair compensation.

Drunk Driving Accidents

Intoxicated drivers are often the cause of left-turn accidents. When drivers operate their vehicles under the influence, their reaction time, vision, and judgment are all affected. This can lead to a heightened risk of many types of car accidents, including left-turn collisions.

To learn how an injury lawyer for left-turn accidents in Tucson, AZ, at Zanes Law can help you recover damages, and to set up a free case evaluation at your convenience, call our Tucson office today at (520) 777-7777.

Choose Zanes Law to Fight for You After a Left-Turn Car Accident in Tucson

Zanes Law is your left-turn car accident law firm in Tucson. We strive to treat every client as if they are the only person on our caseload. Here is what you can expect when you work with us:

Aggressive Representation

We take on the insurance companies and help you recover what you deserve. If they offered you a quick settlement after your accident, do not accept it before speaking with us. We will fight for a much better one that compensates you fairly for your injuries.

Immediate Assistance

Zanes Law does not make you wait for weeks to get legal help. We will get started on your case right away, and you can sign up on a single phone call.

Meet at Your Convenience

You do not have to trek to our office to meet with your attorney. We will come to you when and where it is convenient. Our attorneys have held meetings with many clients right in their hospital rooms as they recovered from their injuries.

Zanes Law Helps You Get Compensated Fairly

You deserve full and fair compensation for your left-turn car accident injuries. We will help you collect a settlement or award that includes money for the following and more:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Reduced earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

The Statute of Limitations

In Arizona, you generally have two years to file a claim for car accident injuries. However, this deadline can increase or decrease depending on several factors. Zanes Law will review your case and let you know what to expect. We can file a quick lawsuit to keep your claim active if we need to.

Call Today for Your Free Case Evaluation

Zanes Law is eager to hear from you today. The consultation is free, and you never pay us a fee until we win. Remember, we come to you when and where it is convenient. To speak with an injury lawyer for left-turn accidents in Tucson, AZ, on our team, call (520) 777-7777.

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