When you watch police chases on the news, the high-octane intensity seems exciting. It’s far different to contend with a police chase on the street, though. If you’re a bystander to one of these chases, you may find that police officers abandoned their due diligence to pursue a fleeing driver.

Police officers may engage in reckless behaviors to apprehend a suspect – to a point. If officers actively endanger the people around them, you can take legal action against them. Tucson police chase accident attorneys with Zanes Law Injury Lawyers are prepared to help you request compensation for your police chase damages.

Reckless Behavior Exhibited by Tucson Police Officers

The stress of a police chase allows officers some rights to engage in reckless roadway behavior. That said, there are behaviors that fall outside of the protections offered by qualified immunity. If you are injured because of this recklessness, you can pursue compensation for your losses via a civil claim.

When you file your civil claim against a police officer, you can cite that officer’s recklessness by claiming that the officer:

  • Drove a vehicle past its point of functionality
  • Drove at speeds that significantly delay a driver’s reaction time
  • Drove in environments that endanger pedestrians
  • Lost control of their vehicle

As you bring your argument forward, a Tucson, AZ, police chase accident lawyer can bring together evidence establishing your right to file outside of qualified immunity. When you present this evidence to a county clerk, you can have a better chance of bringing your complaint to fruition.

Qualified Immunity doesn’t Have to Impact Your Civil Claim

There are obstacles that can stand between you and a successful suit targeting Tucson police. One such obstacle is qualified immunity. This immunity makes it more difficult for United States residents to take legal action against both law enforcement and government officials.

However, police officers only benefit from qualified immunity when they are not actively endangering your constitutional or civil rights, as stated by 42 U.S.C. § 1983. If you can work with an attorney to elaborate on the ways you feel your rights were endangered, you can more effectively pursue a civil suit against these parties.

Best Practices When Preparing a Suit Against Tucson Police Officers

Ideally, the police officers working with the Tucson precinct will cooperate with you as you pursue compensation for your roadway losses. However, precincts and insurance providers alike prioritize their own budgets over your well-being. While you can hope for the best, it’s smart to prepare for a fight when requesting post-accident support.

As such, it’s best to keep some dos and don’ts in mind when interacting with police officers – and insurance adjusters – after a police chase accident.

Don’t Speak to Police Officers Without Representation

If you’re injured in a police chase, a representative from the precinct may attempt to talk to you about your losses. While this may seem like a wellness check, the precinct’s intentions are rarely benevolent. These parties will seek to gather statements from you regarding your losses and fault in the accident.

Work with police officers within the letter of the law. Other than that, do not speak with a precinct representative without an attorney present. We can prevent you from incriminating yourself with accidental statements. Our police chase accident attorneys in Tucson also stand up to police officers who try to trick you into relieving them of fault.

Don’t Issue a Statement to Your Insurance Provider

Much like local law enforcement, your insurance provider wants to limit the role they have to play in your recovery. As such, your provider may reach out to you and try to get a statement regarding your accident’s losses. Alternatively, your provider may ask invasive or leading questions when you go to file a claim.

If you’re struggling to contend with an unwieldy provider, let our team know. We can communicate with a representative on your behalf. We can also ensure that you still have access to post-accident legal action.

Record Any Intimidation Attempts You Might Face

Police officers all throughout the United States have been recorded behaving badly. While the officers involved in your accident may treat you with respect, it’s still a good idea to keep a camera on hand. If you’re able to record instances of intimidation, assault, or misconduct, you can submit that evidence when you go to pursue your civil case.

When to File a Claim Against Tucson Police Officers

If you want to take up a claim against Tucson police officers, you need to abide by Arizona’s filing deadline. A.R.S. § 12-821.01 only gives you 180 days to act against a government official or law enforcement representative. This is contrary to the standard personal injury statute of limitations, A.R.S § 12-542.

Should you find yourself concerned with the amount of time you have left to file your complaint, let our team know. A Tucson police chase accident attorney can step in. We undertake an investigation on your behalf, delivering a comprehensive complaint to a county clerk before your case expires.

Including Adequate Compensation in Your Police Chase Accident Claim

The compensation you can request in a police chase accident claim is a reflection of the losses you endured. As such, you can work with an attorney to calculate the economic value of your accident.

Police chases tend to be as economically damaging as they are emotionally draining. Fortunately, you can request compensation for emotional trauma as readily as you can property damage or personal injuries. While the latter losses come with bills, we can turn to legal precedent to assign a dollar value to your pain and suffering.

Some of the most common losses to include in your police chase accident complaint include:

  • Medical bills
  • Property damage
  • Lost opportunities for work
  • Lost wages
  • Emotional stress
  • Pain and suffering
  • Wrongful death, if applicable

If you’re not sure whether or not you qualify for some of these losses, look at the evidence found at the scene of your accident. You should have evidence to back each of your requests for compensation, as a court may expect you to elaborate on those requests when your case moves forward.

Discuss the Consequences of Police Negligence With Our Attorneys

Qualified immunity may protect police officers from some civil suits. This protection does not extend to recklessness that actively endangers your safety on the road, though. Should you suffer an injury or property damage due to police recklessness during a car chase, you can fight for compensation.

Police chase accident attorneys in Tucson, AZ, are ready to discuss your case with you. You can contact us at Zanes Law Injury Lawyers to learn more about how you can work around an officer’s qualified immunity.

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