The rules of the road are there to keep drivers, passengers, and pedestrians safe. Drivers who speed may think they have good reason to go above the speed limit. In reality, they can cause serious personal injury or property damage.

While your insurance can help you overcome the damages related to a speeding accident, your coverage may not be enough to get you back on your feet. You can work with a speeding accident lawyer in Tucson to make up the difference. Zanes Law helps you fight for justice in court.

Legal Responses to Speeding Accidents

If you’re the victim of a speeding accident, you don’t have to resign yourself to paying for your losses on your own. Arizona gives you the right to pursue compensation through its civil courts. You can file a legal complaint identifying a liable party and subsequently bring that liable party to court.

Civil complaints will not see any parties involved in your accident arrested. Rather, speeding complaints allow you to begin either negotiating or arguing for compensation in court.

Building Your Speeding Accident Complaint

Tucson, AZ, speeding accident attorneys are here to help you start building your speeding accident complaint. After you tell us about your accident, we can work within Arizona’s roadway legislation to determine how fault might impact your possible compensation. In turn, we can establish liability through at-the-scene evidence. 

So long as your complaint establishes a reasonable connection between an allegedly-liable party and your losses, you can take your losses before a judge.

You must submit your complaint within Arizona’s statute of limitations if you want to go to either negotiations or trial, though. A.R.S. § 12-542 allows injured parties to take two years from the day of your accident to submit a complete complaint. If you don’t file your complaint within your applicable deadline, you won’t have the legal backing you need to request compensation.

Comparative Negligence and Speeding Accidents in Arizona

Arizona operates under a comparative negligence statute. This statute is outlined in A.R.S. § 12-2505. Herein, you are permitted to request financial support even if you contributed to the car accident you endured. However, the compensation to which you may be entitled will be reduced based on the percentage of the fault you contributed to the accident.

With this in mind, there is always some value to filing a speeding accident civil suit. You can work with our office to both establish your initial complaint and contest accusations of fault that arise in court.

How to Prove Duty of Care in a Speeding Accident

Drivers throughout Arizona have a responsibility to protect one another on the road. While it’s not in anyone’s best interest to take drastic action on another driver’s behalf, everyone is expected to act reasonably while behind the wheel. This means, among other things, not speeding when it can endanger other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

Anyone accused of speeding and injuring another party can be accused of violating their duty of care to their fellow drivers. If you can prove that another party failed to uphold the duty of care they owed you, you can hold them liable for your financial losses in court.

Proving a violated duty of care requires both you and an attorney to present evidence of the:

  • Original duty owed to you by the liable party
  • Extent of your losses
  • Relationship between your losses and the liable party’s behavior

Our speeding accident attorneys in Tucson, AZ, can call on third-party investigators to help find the evidence needed to establish the aforementioned connections.

Arranging Speeding Accident Negotiations

You don’t have to rely on a judge or jury if you want to seek out compensation for your losses. Instead, you can work with an attorney to negotiate for your post-accident compensation.

You must submit a complaint to a county clerk if you want the right to summon a liable party to negotiations. From there, you can elaborate on the extent of your losses and emphasize why you believe the allegedly-liable party owes you financial support.

The defendant has the right to both seek out legal counsel and argue against certain elements of your estimated compensation. However, our team can step in and ensure that you get the most compensation possible out of the negotiating process. We’ll calculate an estimate of your possible compensation ahead of time and refer back to that estimate whenever possible.

How to Take Speeding Accident Losses to Court

Speeding accident trials break down into five different stages. If you want to take your case to trial, you can expect the process to begin with discovery. Herein, both our team and the defendant’s will work to gather evidence supporting our causes. 

Afterward, we can proceed with opening statements. Your case can also involve witness testimony and cross-examination. Finally, a judge and jury will break from the case to deliberate over the evidence and arguments presented.

You’ll determine whether or not you’ll receive compensation for your losses upon hearing a judge’s verdict. Should a court refute your argument, a speeding accident attorney in Tucson can file for an appeal and begin the legal process over again. 

Predicting Your Settlement From a Speeding Accident

There’s no such thing as an average speeding accident settlement. You can refer to state precedent when calculating your possible compensation, though. Legal precedent tells you how much money other injured parties have taken away from cases comparable to yours. You can use those cases as evidence that you deserve equivalent funds for your own losses.

That said, the losses affiliated with your accident are also going to be unique. When you first calculate your estimated compensation, you can consider the cost of your:

  • Property damage
  • Personal injuries and essential medical attention
  • Future surgeries, medical aid, and physical therapy
  • Loss of opportunities to work or wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Wrongful death and related funeral expenses

Talk to a lawyer before accepting the first car accident settlement an insurance company offers you. It’s unlikely to be as comprehensive as your true losses are.

Parents of minors involved in car accidents may have the right to petition and request compensation on their children’s behalf. 

Overcome Your Speeding Accident Losses With a Tucson Attorney

Drivers who speed can do significant harm to the drivers and pedestrians around them. If you’re dealing with property damage or personal injuries after a speeding accident, you can take the party liable for your losses to circuit court. Together, we can fight for the financial support you need to pay your upcoming bills.

If you’re ready to speak to a Tucson, AZ, speeding accident lawyer at Zanes Law Injury Lawyers, you can contact us. We’re available to schedule your first case consultation over the phone or through our website.

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