You need to focus on your health and well-being after a car accident. Later, though, you may find that your accident has left you with more medical bills and property damage than you anticipated. When these kinds of losses result from an improper turn accident, the lack of control you feel over your life can be infuriating.

A Tucson improper turns accident attorney can help you reclaim control over the situation. When you sit down with the Zanes Law Injury Lawyers team, you can discuss how to request compensation for your improper turn accident losses. We can help you file a civil lawsuit before presenting your interests to an allegedly-liable party.

How to Prepare an Improper Turn Complaint

You can file an improper turn complaint if you get into an accident after:

  • An illegal turn on red
  • An illegal u-turn
  • A left turn into the wrong lane

To file an improper turn complaint, you need to bring together information identifying the party you believe to be responsible for your car accident. An improper turns accident attorney in Tucson, AZ, must defend this claim with viable evidence. This evidence can include but is not limited to witness testimony and/or recreations of the scene of the collision.

Your complaint should more specifically detail the duty of care owed to you by the offending driver and the ways in which that duty was violated. You can then elaborate on your losses and present an estimate of the compensation to which you believe you are entitled. Submit this information within A.R.S § 12-542’s two-year deadline, and a court can consider your case.

Duty of Care and Driver Liability

Everyone on the road is expected to engage in “reasonable” roadway behavior. If it comes time for you to file a court case against another party, it’s the job of your attending attorney to provide evidence stating that the defendant was not reasonable, particularly when engaging in an improper term.

The flexible definition of “reasonable” does make it possible for injured drivers to more effectively hold other parties responsible for their losses. This definition, however, falls under a broader concept known as “duty of care.” This duty encourages drivers to protect not only themselves but one another and any pedestrians that may be on the road with them.

When you go to present an improper turn complaint, you may need to discuss why you believe a driver’s behavior was unreasonable and what evidence you have indicating that the driver violated their duty of care. If you cannot tie your losses back to this duty and/or an understanding of “reasonable” behavior, you may have a harder time arguing your position.

Don’t Let Post-Accident Bills Overwhelm You

Even recovering from a low-speed turn accident can be an expensive endeavor. If you don’t have adequate car insurance, you may be expected to shell out thousands of dollars to repair the damage done to your car. That’s before any essential medical bills make their way onto your plate, too.

That, however, is where an improper turn complaint comes in handy. When you submit a comprehensive complaint, you give yourself the opportunity to pursue compensation for your accident-related losses. The losses you list within your complaint can include:

  • Medical bills related to accident injuries
  • Property damage, replacement, and repair
  • Lost wages or opportunities for work
  • Emotional trauma
  • Wrongful death and funeral expenses

You must present evidence indicating that you suffered these losses if you want to request them in your complaint. Our Tucson, AZ, improper turns accident lawyers can help you gather the bills, witness testimony, and legal precedent needed to support the proposed value of your case.

The Benefits of Filing an Improper Turn Complaint

Improper turn complaints do more than help you win compensation based on your losses. When you work within the legal system throughout Arizona, you can:

Control How You Address Your Losses

If you’re awarded the right to summon an allegedly-liable party, you can choose to pursue either a trial or negotiation. This freedom of choice allows you to dictate how much time and energy you want to put into your fight for compensation.

Trial cases can run for several years depending on what party it is that you want to hold liable for your losses. However, these cases may also give a judge the chance to award you punitive damages, depending on the severity of your accident.

Negotiations, comparatively, take place outside of the courtroom and can resolve within weeks of your accident. While you may have to compromise on some of your requested compensation, you can tackle your accident’s bills much faster. Your representative can also stand between you and any intimidation tactics attempted by the defendant or their prosecution.

Contest Insurance Adjusters’ Claims Regarding Your Losses

Insurance adjusters do not work for you. They work for your insurance provider. As such, many adjusters are going to try to cut corners when it comes time to estimate your losses. It’s our job, with the help of an improper turns claim, to contest the cuts that an unchecked adjuster might make.

Focus on Your Accident Recovery

Improper turn accidents can result in significant personal injuries. If you’re contending with broken bones, concussions, or injuries done to a loved one, you need time to recover.

This is where our team takes over. When you work with a Tucson, AZ, improper turns accident attorney, you let us help you recover. We can gather information regarding your suit while you attend physical therapy or undergo essential surgeries. When we work together, you can rest easy knowing that your complaint will be submitted on time without compromising your health.

We’ll keep you updated as your case progresses, too. Even as you pick up the pieces of your life, we’ll help you make it to important court dates. We can even prepare you for discovery and examination, as essential, without disrupting your return to normal life.

Let’s Schedule an Improper Turn Accident Case Evaluation

Improper turns can result in severe losses for you and your loved ones. If you walk away from an improper turn accident with property damage or an injury, know that you don’t have to tackle the cost of recovery alone. Arizona allows you to pursue personal injury suits to recover your losses.

If you have questions about what your post-accident rights look like, get in touch with an improper turns accident lawyer in Tucson. Zanes Law Injury Lawyers can connect you with an experienced team. You can contact us online or over the phone to schedule your case consultation.

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