While people think of Arizona as a place where the sun always shines, and the rain never falls, during monsoon season, which runs from June to September, it is not uncommon for Tucson to receive substantially more rainfall than cities such as Seattle or Portland. Monsoon conditions can make driving extremely hazardous and can lead to serious accidents and major bodily injuries. If you were hurt in an accident because of a monsoon, Zanes Law can help you recover compensation.

At Zanes Law, our Tucson car accident attorneys take on the insurance companies and help victims receive the compensation they deserve. We are committed to making the process as easy and stress-free as possible. Our attorneys come to you when and where it is convenient and conduct a free, no-obligation case evaluation. To start the process today by speaking to an injury lawyer for accidents caused by monsoons in Tucson, AZ, on our team, call us at (520) 777-7777.

Injury Lawyer for Accidents Caused by Monsoons Near Me

As a general rule, the worse the weather, the more hazardous the road conditions. Accident rates increase sharply when the weather turns bad. In Arizona, rain from monsoons is a significant weather-related hazard faced by drivers. If you were injured in an auto accident caused by a monsoon, Zanes Law can help you recover compensation no matter how the accident occurred. Our car accident attorneys have helped many Tucson clients collect damages for monsoon-related car accident injuries.

Call us for a free consultation if your injury involved any of the following:


Hydroplaning occurs when a layer of water comes between a vehicle’s tires and the pavement below them. The condition causes the vehicle to lose traction and the driver to lose control. It is possible to hydroplane at speeds as slow as 25 to 30 miles per hour, and severe injuries can occur even at these low speeds.

Because many Arizona drivers are not as experienced at driving on wet roads as motorists from other parts of the country, hydroplaning accidents are common during monsoon season. Zanes Law can help you file an insurance company claim and collect compensation if you were injured in a hydroplaning accident.

Rear-End Collisions

When the roads are wet from a monsoon, a vehicle’s braking distance increases substantially. This makes rear-end collisions much more common. Zanes Law can help you recover compensation whether you were the front driver or the back driver in a rear-end collision caused by a monsoon.

Submerged Vehicle

In extreme cases, a monsoon can come on so quickly and heavily that drivers find themselves in vehicles that are partially or fully submerged in water. This scenario usually results in a total loss of the vehicle and substantial injury to the driver. In the worst situations, fatalities can occur. We can help you recover compensation if your vehicle was submerged or waterlogged during monsoon conditions.

Zanes Law Takes on the Insurance Company

To recover compensation for injuries or damages suffered in a car accident caused by a monsoon, you generally file a claim with the insurance company. Unfortunately, insurers can be unpredictable about paying out in this situation. Some will try to classify a monsoon as an “act of God” and claim they are not responsible for any injuries or damages resulting from it.

Zanes Law has a long track record of taking on insurance companies and making sure they compensate our clients fairly for injuries suffered in accidents caused by monsoons. Our injury lawyers for accidents caused by monsoons in Tucson, AZ, will scour your policy, gather evidence showing that your accident is covered, and you deserve to be paid. If necessary, we will file a lawsuit and take your claim before a judge and jury.

We Do It All from A to Z

At Zanes Law, we do more than fight aggressively for the compensation our clients deserve. We do it all from A to Z, handling everything on your post-accident to-do list so that you can focus on your health and your family. Let us take the stress off your shoulders and put it on ours.

We Come to You

We are so committed to our clients that we come to you when and where it is convenient. That could mean in your hospital room, at your office, in your home, or over the phone. We do what works best for you, and we never charge a fee until you get paid.

Zanes Law Helps You Recover the Money You Deserve

The Tucson car accident lawyers at Zanes Law are committed to making sure you get compensated fairly for your injuries and property damage. We aggressively take on the insurance companies and help you receive a settlement or award that includes the following damages and more:

  • Current and future medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Reduced earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering and inconvenience
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

The Statute of Limitations on Car Accident Injury Claims

Arizona has a two-year limitation on car accident injury claims. The clock starts running the day of your injury, but extenuating circumstances may result in a longer or shorter statute. If necessary, Zanes Law can file a quick lawsuit to stave off any impending deadlines that threaten the viability of your claim.

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