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Our Tucson injury lawyers have seen many debilitating injuries arise falls. We help clients injured from slipping or tripping on wet, slippery or greasy surfaces as well as unexpected holes. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, each year thousands of people are the victim of a slip and fall accident. However, all falls are not the same. Fall data can be broken down into many different forms including falls on same level, falls from an elevation, or falls down stairs. Our premises injury lawyers know that these injuries are often the responsibility of the property owners. These property owners must maintain the public areas. In Fact, if you are injured on someone else’s property you must call the Zanes Law Tucson slip and fall attorneys. We will hold the landowner or business proprietor responsible for the dangerous condition that caused you injury.

You need the Zanes Law premises injury lawyers to help you with your case after being injured in a fall. Furthermore, we offer a free consultation. In your free consultation, we explain to you how the process works and what your rights are. There is a lot you’ll need to understand so that you make the right decisions. Your accident might have happened at work, in public, or in someone’s home. Our Tucson slip and fall attorneys will take all of the stress off you. Also, we will help you get paid for your injuries, medical care, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Slip and Fall Categories

The Zanes Law premises injury lawyers see four generalized categories of fall accidents:

Tripping and then falling down

When there is something in the walkway that you fall over. For example, a stack of books in a walkway that is normally clear. Also, where there is actually something that you catch your foot on like a power cord that runs between two cubicles.

Stepping and falling into a hole

Where you step into a hole that should not be there, such as a missing manhole cover or utility cover in the sidewalk.

Slipping and falling

This is when you slip and fall because the floor is wet or greasy and there are no warning signs posted anywhere.

Causes of Slip-and-Falls

Most slip and fall accidents seen by our Tucson slip and fall attorneys occur in a business setting. It is these negligent business or property owners who cause the dangerous condition that has hurt you. Therefore, these cases are known as premise liability cases. Our premises injury lawyers regularly see the following hazardous conditions:

• Damaged walkways, driveways, or paths leading to the business. This includes sidewalks that have shifted and potholes in any of these areas.
• Unmarked danger zones. This includes failing to post wet floor signs, notifying the public of uneven pavement or flooring, or other dangerous areas to walk in.
• Improperly maintained stairways. This includes missing or broken handrails and failure to put slip-resistant coverings on the stairs.
• Inadequate of missing lighting in walk areas and stairwells.
• Failure to remove snow and ice and treat ground accordingly to prevent it from becoming slippery.
• Failure to keep walkways free from debris or clutter making it difficult to maneuver.

Injuries Seen By Our Premises Injury Lawyers

Take slip and fall injuries very seriously. Thus, anyone who has experienced a slip and fall should seek medical attention, even if the injury seems minor. It is not uncommon for slip and falls to cause the following injuries:

• Concussion or traumatic brain injury. Any time you hit your head there is a potential for serious injury.
Neck and spine injuries. Twisting while falling can lead to spine and neck injuries as well as the impact from hitting the ground.
• Damaged rotator cuff and wrist and elbow injuries. Many people put their arms out when they fall to brace themselves. This can lead to serious injuries of the shoulder, elbow, and wrist.
• Damage to the tailbone and lower back. An abrupt fall can cause a hard landing on your tailbone and shock your lower spine.
• Twisted or broken ankles and displaced hip joints. Many falls cause damage to this area because of how the body twists when it slips.

Injured? Why Hire Zanes Law

The Zanes Law premises injury lawyers have been fighting for the rights of injured clients for over fifteen years. We fight for clients injured by the negligence of property owners and business owners every single day.

We figure out what happened

You slipped and fell in a particular place and might have even had to go to the hospital. There are extreme cases where people have been killed in slip and fall accidents, which means their loved ones need to file wrongful death suits. Because these cases are complex, you need the Zanes Law Tucson slip and fall attorneys to look deep into your case to determine what really happened. We will not file your case in court until we know exactly what is going on. You must give your Tucson slip and fall attorneys all the information you have.

Our Tucson Slip and Fall Attorneys Are Experienced

The lawyer you hire from Zanes Law is the one who will determine the type of case you have. He or she will figure out if someone was personally responsible for your slip and fall or if a company or government was responsible. Your lawyer will evaluate how bad your injuries were and assertain everything that could have happened to you after the accident. The type of case you have dictates how difficult it might be for you to get compensated. Furthermore, your lawyer will advise you on how the case is likely to play out.

We will help you deal with your injuries

You might have gone to the hospital, been disabled, or even worse. Perhaps you lost your job and are looking for work. There are many areas of life that the people from Zanes Law will help you with because your slip and fall accident does not stop after you hit the ground. The effects of your accident could last for years, which is why you are filing a claim for damages. You deserve to have a life that is not constantly swallowed up by your injury, and you can try to get compensation from the people who caused the accident. Your Zanes Law team members will show you what they can do and will work hard to give you back the money you know that you deserve. Give them time, and they will do the best they can.

What Do You Get from Your Case?

Your slip and fall case can get you compensation for your pain and suffering. Much of the time we are able to make the insurance company settle. Your premises injury lawyers at Zanes Law will represent you in the best possible manner. It is much harder for you to live without compensation than it is to try to file a claim. Therefore, we will take the stress off of you and will handle everything so that you can have a normal life again.

Make Sure You Call Now

Call the Tucson slip and fall attorneys at Zanes Law today. We will start on your case immediately. Zanes Law offers free consultations, and you will find out exactly what we are able to do for you. Don’t let your case go stale by not doing anything.


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