As Phoenix dog bite attorneys, we are concerned with the nature and frequency of dog bites. In fact, we are so concerned that we want to provide you with five dog bite prevention tips. Dog bite incidents are no longer just a problem for mail carriers or the occasional neighbor. They are now becoming a more serious problem. Whenever a child is near a German Shepard, Rottweiler, or bulldog, dog bite accidents are common, and people are not paying enough attention to this terrible issue. This is why each animal bite claims lawyer in Phoenix focuses on cases that involve dog bites. If you have suffered a dog bite injury, please contact us for a free consultation. Our dog bite attorneys in Phoenix will have the fight with the insurance company for you.

Whether the best objective is a settlement or going straight to court, we will always fight for our clients within the legal system. Furthermore, our qualified attorneys do not charge any fees unless we win our cases. Unlike a number of other law firms, we are not simply in the legal profession for the money. Our Phoenix dog bite attorneys fight for injured individuals because they believe in justice and the rights of dog bite victims. We care about the people who we represent.

Steps To Take After A Dog Bite In Phoenix

When it comes to your dog bite case, you must obtain the dog owner’s insurance policy. Any homeowner or tenant of a rental property should have one. You or your animal bite claims lawyer should obtain this information as soon as possible. If you allow time to pass, it will likely be harder to get. You should also go to the emergency room immediately after the incident. If the dog bite has broken the skin, it’s possible you’ve suffered a broken bone, and you also risk an infection setting in. Get your wound examined as soon as possible so that a medical professional can clean and treat it. Acting immediately is crucial. The longer you wait to get the dog owner’s insurance policy and to have a doctor look at your injuries, the more likely it is that your case could lose legitimacy.

You will also need to decide whether or not you would like to file a claim against the dog owner’s insurance company. Be aware of the statute of limitations in the State of Arizona regarding dog bites. Dog bite victims only have one year to file a strict liability claim. During this first year, the owner of the dog is held responsible for your injury simply because he or she owns the dog. In addition, you have two years to file a lawsuit for negligence. However, this action poses more challenges than your liability claim because you have to prove in court that the dog owner’s negligence is what led to the dog’s attack. But the statute of limitations in Arizona only allows for two years to file a lawsuit for negligence.

Furthermore, when this time expires, you completely forfeit all your rights. So do not wait to take action. While you have a year or two to accomplish these tasks, our Phoenix dog bite attorneys cannot stress enough how vital it is to immediately pursue your dog bite claim. The longer you wait, the more legal power the dog owner gains over you. Speak with an animal bite claims lawyer immediately because we would hate to see you either not informed of your rights or acting too slowly to defend yourself in court.

Strict Liability for Dog Bites in Phoenix

Under Arizona Revised Statutes §11-1025, the owner of a dog that bites someone who is in public or lawfully in a private place, including the dog owner’s property, is considered responsible for the injuries the person incurs. The dog owner has strict liability for damages, even if the animal had never acted aggressively before and the owner had no knowledge of its vicious propensities.

When a dog that is running freely and uncontrolled bites someone, either the dog’s owner or the person responsible for the dog when it attacked may be held responsible for the damages caused. A dog is deemed “at large” when it is either not confined within an enclosure or does not have a leash or other physical constraint. A Phoenix lawyer who has experience representing dog bite victims can provide guidance regarding the best way to proceed after an injurious attack.

A dog bite victim is precluded from bringing legal action against a government agency using dogs for police work or military duties if the dog bit the individual in self-defense or following provocation from the victim. If an agency has adopted a written policy for appropriate dog use, other circumstances in which a dog bite victim may not sue a government agency for the injury include when the dog is assisting an agency employee with apprehending them as a criminal suspect, engaging in a criminal investigation in which they are involved, executing a warrant involving their property, defending a person’s safety against the individual.

Any person who is bitten in the course of these activities and is not a party to the act that prompted the dog’s use for military or police purposes reserves the right to seek damages.

Common Law Causes of Action Relating to Dog Bites

Dog bite victims may also file claims against a dog owner or the person responsible for the dog on the basis of common law causes of action, such as negligence. These claims may be pursued simultaneously with strict liability causes of action.

A person who suffered a dog bite in Phoenix is likely to succeed in a negligence claim against the dog’s owner or the party responsible for the dog at the time of the attack if they and their attorney can prove the following elements:

  • The defendant owed the victim a duty of care with regard to the dog in question
  • The defendant failed to maintain that duty to the victim
  • The defendant’s breach of duty led to the dog bite
  • The dog bite caused the victim to suffer actual damages

Within the context of negligence in a dog bite case, a dog’s owner or the person responsible for a dog at the time of an attack will be considered to owe a duty to any person who suffers a bite in a public place or while legally on private property.

Engaging a Phoenix Dog Bite Attorney

Above all, you need to decide whether or not you need an animal bite claims lawyer to represent you in Phoenix, Arizona. The fact is that dealing with a dog bite injury in the legal system is a complex matter. Investigating your ordeal is complicated enough in itself, let alone bringing it to court and filing any claims or lawsuits. Our Phoenix dog bite attorneys will investigate all the claims related to your case. We will accurately represent all of the facts and evidence in court. Don’t lie down and allow the offending party or the justice system deny you fair compensation for your losses.

Again, our Phoenix dog bite attorneys will do everything in their power to defend you. We will not allow our clients to remain victims. Our attorneys use the legal system to empower our clients to take a stand and fight back. In addition to the help we provide in the courtroom, we encourage our clients. Each animal bite claims lawyer is your support and your advocate. Call today to learn more.

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