You might be able to go after compensation for your losses if you got hurt in a bus accident in Phoenix, Arizona. These cases can be complicated, depending on whether the bus involved was a:

  • Public school bus
  • Private school bus
  • Government-owned or operated bus
  • Privately owned tour, sightseeing, charter, or shuttle bus

In some situations, your bus accident lawyer in Phoenix, AZ, might have to take action against a government entity, like the City of Phoenix or a public school district. Claims against the government can fall under different rules and procedures than cases seeking money damages from individuals or private companies will. In either case, at Zanes Law, we can navigate through the process for you.

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Factors to Establish Liability for a Phoenix, AZ, Bus Accident

MMDAF awards_logo1We cannot sue everyone who was involved in the bus accident. We can only go after the parties whose negligence caused or contributed to the collision. The law determines who is at fault by following an analysis of these four elements:

  • Legal duty. The party must have had a legal responsibility to you. For example, everyone who operates a motor vehicle on public roads has an obligation to drive safely and obey the traffic laws.
  • Breach of duty. If someone failed to live up to their legal duty, they have behaved negligently. For example, the bus driver failed to check their mirrors when changing lanes or was checking the phone and thus was driving distracted.
  • When the negligent act causes or contributes to an accident, the facts satisfy the causation element of liability. If the driver’s failure to check his mirrors caused an accident, you have satisfied the causation element.
  • You must have suffered damages, such as medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

We must prove all four of those factors to hold someone responsible for paying money damages to you.

Compensation You May Be Entitled to After a Bus Accident in Phoenix, AZ

AzTLA awards_logo4Every case is unique because the facts will vary from one situation to another, and your damages will depend on the facts of your case. Your bus accident attorney in Phoenix, AZ, from Zanes Law, will have to talk to you and investigate your circumstances to calculate the amount of compensation you might get.

Damages in bus accident claims can include things like:

  • Lost wages, to compensate you for paychecks that you missed while recuperating from your injuries.
  • Diminished earning capacity, if your injuries result in you making less money after the accident than you did beforehand.
  • Disability, if you cannot work at all to support yourself because of your injuries and resulting impairment.
  • Medical expenses, like the ambulance, emergency room, hospital, doctors, surgery, imaging studies like x-rays and MRIs, laboratory work like blood tests and tissue analysis, blood transfusions, and physical therapy.
  • Pain management services, if you have chronic pain after you complete your medical treatment.
  • Long-term care, if you need daily assistance with medical treatment and personal tasks because of impairment from devastating injuries.
  • Intangible losses, like loss of enjoyment of life, disfigurement, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or pain and suffering.

You might have additional damages, depending on the facts of your situation. For example, if your close relative died as the result of a bus accident in Phoenix, we might be able to pursue additional damages for any legal beneficiaries.

Types of Buses in Phoenix

ASLA awards_logo3We have a range of bus services in Phoenix. The type of bus involved in an accident will matter when it comes to seeking remedies for your losses.

Our local and regional public transportation is through Valley Metro. As a governmental entity, this public transportation agency operates under different rules of a liability than a private bus company.

Liability for an accident involving a school bus will depend on whether the vehicle is for a public or private school. When a public school district owns or operates a bus, they usually fall under the category of a government agency, with special procedural rules. If a private school owns or operates a bus, the school can be responsible for people who get hurt just like any other private company would.

Privately owned charter, tour, sightseeing, and shuttle buses are not government entities. We can go after compensation from the private company using the standard rules of civil procedure.

How a Lawyer Can Help with Your Phoenix, AZ, Bus Accident Claim

Doug Zanes

Doug Zanes, Phoenix Bus Accident Lawyer

When you are dealing with your medical treatments, pain, and the stress of an injury, you should have someone to fight your legal battles for you. At Zanes Law, our bus accident attorneys in Phoenix, AZ, take care of our clients’ legal needs so that they can focus their attention and energy on getting better.

We can investigate the bus accident and collect the evidence to build your case for money damages. We can work directly with the liability insurance company so that you do not have to do so. We will work tirelessly to get you all the compensation that you deserve. We care about our clients and their lives.

Keep in mind that Arizona’s statute of limitations (12-542) generally limits the time in which you can file a lawsuit against those liable in your accident. To get a free consultation, call Zanes Law today at (602) 999-9999. Let us help you rebuild your life.

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