Pressure cookers make welcomed additions to most kitchens, provided that they’re appropriately manufactured. But a pressure cooker that hasn’t been tested for structural failures can explode in your kitchen.

This damaged device is going to do more than ruin itself, though. A pressure cooker explosion can impact the structural integrity of your stovetop, ceiling, and other kitchen accessories. It can also cause severe injuries to anyone nearby.

Fortunately – in a manner of speaking – pressure cooker accidents have precedent in Arizona law. If you want to pursue compensation for an accident, we at Zanes Law will find evidence supporting your pressure cooker explosion lawsuit.

When to Take Pressure Cooker Injuries to Civil Court

It takes time to learn how to use a pressure cooker effectively. There’s a difference, though, between injuries obtained during the learning process and injuries endured due to a product failure. We can distinguish between the two and help you determine when you may have a legal case on your hands.

Most of today’s pressure cooker product liability cases involve losses related to:

  • Ineffective lid seals
  • Improperly manufactured gaskets
  • Poor venting
  • Defective pressure cooker lids
  • Failed automatic shut-offs

All these failures can result in an explosion if they’re not properly addressed. If you find yourself dealing with any of the above or an explosive aftermath, you can work with our team to present your case in civil court.

When to Enter Into a Class Action Lawsuit

There is a chance that you may not be the only person contending with pressure cooker losses. If a specific brand released a pressure cooker that then caused several people injury, you may have the opportunity to pursue a class action pressure cooker explosion lawsuit.

You can work with one of our attorneys to connect with other injured parties in your area. You can then elect a primary plaintiff and collectively submit your losses to a county clerk. Our team can help you avoid the complexities of class action while pursuing the most possible compensation for your losses.

Let’s Bring Together Your Pressure Cooker Injuries Claim

Building a pressure cooker claim doesn’t have to be a challenge. Your claim will not target a specific individual with the intent to hold them liable for your losses. Instead, you’ll direct a pressure cooker explosion claim toward that pressure cooker’s manufacturer.

When you bring a claim against a larger company, it’s easy to feel intimidated by that company’s legal resources. So long as your initial complaint is comprehensive, though, you have a chance of moving your case to either trial or negotiation.

With that in mind, your initial pressure cooker explosion complaint needs to detail:

  • The manner in which the pressure cooker was damaged
  • The circumstances that led to the explosion
  • Precedent detailing similar incidents with similar pressure cookers, if applicable
  • The extent of your injuries related to the explosion
  • An estimate of your desired personal injury compensation

Our team can recreate the scene of an explosion to determine what kind of mechanical failure may have resulted in the damage to your health and home. In turn, we can refer to case precedent throughout Arizona to determine if any other people who’ve purchased your pressure cooker have experienced similar problems. This research makes it easier to kickstart your case.

Calculating Your Possible Financial Support in a Pressure Cooker Case

The losses you endure in a pressure cooker accident aren’t confined to physical injuries. Pressure cookers can do significant damage to the rest of your home, too. With that in mind, you have the right to request damages based on the full extent of your losses. This means your estimated compensation can include the cost of:

  • Medical bills related to your accident care
  • Mobility aids, pain medications, and physical therapy
  • Property damage
  • Property repair and replacement
  • Lost opportunities for work or wages
  • Long and short term disability payments
  • Wrongful death and funeral expenses, as applicable

No two pressure cooker explosion lawsuits damages are the same in value. While you can refer to legal precedent to establish the value of your non-economic damages, Zanes Law calculates a wholly unique estimate for your case.

Arizona’s Statute of Limitations on Product Liability Cases

Pressure cooker explosion suits constitute personal injury cases in the eyes of Arizona courts. With that in mind, the statute of limitations that applies to car accidents, premises liability cases, and dog bites also applies to your case. According to A.R.S. § 12-542, you have two years from the day your pressure cooker explodes to bring a suit against its manufacturer.

You do not have to take the full two years to file your complaint. However, failure to submit your complaint within this designated time period can see a court reject your request for damages out of hand. Fortunately, our attorneys can help you stay on top of your legal deadlines.

Contending With Settlement Offers From Pressure Cooker Manufacturers

The manufacturers who make today’s most popular pressure cookers may be made aware of their product’s failure before you have time to reach out to an attorney. In these cases, an insurance provider may contact you with a settlement offer before you can calculate the extent of your accident-related losses.

It is not in your best interest to accept a settlement offer without first consulting an attorney. Insurance providers will use underhanded tricks to try and cheat you out of the financial support to which you may be entitled. If you sign certain documents too early, you can limit your own right to take legal action against a company.

With that in mind, reach out to Zanes Law as soon as you can after a pressure cooker explosion. We’ll take the burden of pressure cooker explosion lawsuit research off of your back so that you can recover in peace. In turn, we’ll fight for the maximum compensation you need to contend with your losses.

Work With Product Liability Lawyers to Challenge Pressure Cooker Injuries

Pressure cookers may be convenient, but they’re also known to cause a litany of injuries. If you believe your pressure cooker injury may have been the result of shoddy manufacturing or inappropriate sales techniques, you may have the right to pursue a civil case.

Is it time for you to fight for your post-accident financial support? Zanes Law’s pressure cooker explosion lawyers in Phoenix are on your side. Contact us over the phone or online to learn more about our previous pressure cooker explosion lawsuits.

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