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Third-degree burns are among the most severe injuries a person can suffer. They can occur anywhere flammable or hot objects exist. Doug Zanes is a Phoenix burn injury lawyer. At Zanes Law, Doug has a team of burn accident attorneys who know how severe and life-changing burns can be. Our team will be by your side during all the burn injury phases of your burn treatment. You will never be alone. A Phoenix burn injury lawyer knows that car and truck accidents cause these types of injuries. Even in the absence of an actual fire in a vehicle, it’s common for people to receive chemical burns from airbags. These can create permanent scarring. Burns are some of the most common types of injuries in auto accidents, and a good burn injury attorney knows how to handle cases of this nature.

Hire Burn Accident Attorneys Who Win

Each Phoenix burn injury lawyer at Zanes Law is a fighter and handles lawsuits involving:

  • Apartment building fires
  • Workplace injuries
  • Truck accidents and tanker explosions
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Electrical cord fires
  • Defective products
  • Locked fire exits
  • Scalding water and pipes
  • Electrical accidents
  • Fires in public venues

Types of Phoenix Burn Injury Claims

There is more than one type of burn that might occur when you’re at work or involved in an accident in Phoenix. Each Zanes Law Phoenix burn injury lawyer handles cases involving third-degree burns. Our burn accident attorneys understand that burn victims have both physical and psychological injuries. Third-degree burns often lead to overwhelming medical bills, lost wages, and permanent pain and suffering. This is why our burn accident attorneys obtain money for our clients who are injured by someone else’s negligence.

Insurance company adjusters, landlords, employers, and product manufacturers will always place saving money above fairly compensating burn injury victims. Therefore, it is critical that you contact an experienced Phoenix burn injury lawyer at Zanes Law as soon as possible.  Although there are many causes of third-degree burns, the following are examples of some of the most common:

  • Chemical burns
  • Electrical burns
  • Thermal burns
  • Radiation burns
  • Inhalation problems

Chemical Burns

When a dangerous chemical comes into contact with your skin you can suffer a chemical burn. These injuries are common in the work environment, but can also happen at home.

Electrical Burns

High voltage electricity causes electrical burns and leaves entry and exit wounds on your body.

Inhalation Injuries

These injuries might not be visible, but they have the potential to cause more damage to your body than any physical burn. Inhaling smoke or dangerous chemicals not only makes it difficult for you to breathe but can also seriously injure your internal organs. Toxic fumes are not uncommon when chemicals burn, and inhaling them is extremely dangerous.

Thermal Burns

Extreme heat causes thermal burns. We see these injuries caused by fires or are near hot metal, water, or steam.

Radiation Burns

Ultraviolet light causes radiation burns. This might happen anywhere nuclear radiation occurs, in a toxic tanning bed, or during treatment for medical problems in the hospital.



Apartment Building Fires in Phoenix

Many burn injury victims are entitled to compensation because of apartment building fires. Apartment fires often begin in the kitchen and cooking is the leading cause of home fires and injuries, according to a National Fire Protection Association report analyzing fires from 2010-2014. The report says that cooking equipment is responsible for almost half of all home fires and nearly half of all home fire injuries.  Also, cooking equipment fires are responsible for 19 percent of fire fatalities in the home.

Candles, smoking, and heating devices are also major causes of home and apartment fires. Heating equipment was involved in one out of every five fire deaths at home, according to the NFPA. The culprits can include portable and fixed space heaters, such as wood stoves. In addition, a leading cause of home fire deaths is smoking. The NFPA says that two-thirds of those fatalities result from fires starting in furniture, mattresses, and bedding. Electrical wiring and lighting equipment installation also contribute to home fires. Sixteen percent of fire fatalities and nine percent of fire injuries in the home stem from electrical work, according to the NFPA.

Landlords are required to protect their tenants from injury and wrongful death due to fires. When landlords don’t follow the law and people get hurt or die, burn accident attorneys help tenants hold them accountable. If you have been injured in this type of event, call a Phoenix burn injury lawyer at Zanes Law.

Phoenix Business Owner Burn Liability

Entrepreneurs in Arizona who open their property to the public for business purposes have a duty to make sure that the premises are reasonably safe. An Arizona business owner cannot shift this responsibility to a third party like a landscaper, electrician, or pool maintenance company, even if that third party created the condition that caused the burns.  Some examples of situations in which a business owner would be held accountable for a customer’s injury include the following:

  • The hotel or fitness center owner is responsible for a hot tub that severely burns a patron, even if the company that was supposed to maintain the hot tub caused the problem.
  • A restaurant or bar owner is responsible for an injury resulting from a fireplace or firepit, even if the patron slipped and fell into the fire while walking past it. Someone could make the argument that the property was not reasonably safe because there had been similar incidents of people falling into pits in other restaurants. Thus, the restaurant must protect their patrons from falling in the pit.

Burn Treatment in Phoenix

You must seek medical care if you have third-degree burns.  Obtaining burn treatment is not optional. But it’s not uncommon for people to leave the scene of an accident with a small or seemingly insignificant burn and not to seek medical care for it. Do not assume your minor burn does not require burn treatment. Always seek medical care following an accident, especially if you worry you might have internal injuries. Even if you’re not suffering from external burns, you could suffer from smoke inhalation or other injuries that you simply cannot see or feel at the moment.

Burn victims can suffer from both psychological and physical injuries. It is typical for burn victims to find they have issues in many areas of their lives following an accident. Because of this, it’s imperative you call a Phoenix burn injury lawyer immediately.

We are fortunate in Phoenix to have the Arizona Burn Center, which is a top burn treatment center. The Arizona Burn Center is leading burn treatment center that provides emergency services to adult and pediatric burn patients from across the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. In fact, each year they provide burn treatment to over 5000 adult and pediatric patients and boast a 97% survival rate.

Third-Degree Burns

The most life-changing burns someone can suffer are third-degree burns. When someone suffers third-degree burns, each layer of the skin is severely damaged. Since third-degree burns damage so much tissue, many times the burn will be deep enough to damage nerves, blood vessels, muscle, and bone. Because of this, it is best to consider third-degree burns a medical emergency and the burn victim should immediately receive medical care. Without immediate medical care, a burn victim with third-degree burns can go into shock and die. The most severe third-degree burns will require the victim to receive specialized care in a hospital burn unit.

Causes of Third-Degree Burns

The following events cause third-degree burns:

  • Scalding liquids burn someone
  • The victim’s skin comes in contact with hot objects.
  •  Fire or explosion causes the burns
  • Chemicals burn someone
  • A person receives an electrical burn.

Immediate Treatment of Third-Degree Burns

Third-degree burns require immediate treatment to minimize greater damage. The immediate needs of the burn victim are of paramount importance after a burn accident. If someone suffers third-degree burns you must do the following immediately:

  1. First, stop the burn process. As safely as possible remove the victim from whatever is causing the trauma. Then, if there are chemical burns immediately wipe off the chemical and then remove the person’s clothes. If possible, immerse the victim in cold water or irrigate the burn wound to get the chemicals off the skin. When you are dealing with thermal burns, immediately remove the victim from the source of the burning. Extinguish the flames as quickly as possible. Then make sure that the victim is breathing and still has a pulse. Finally, if the victim suffers an electrical burn, immediately turn-off the power source that is causing the electrical burn injury and get the victm medical attention.
  2. Then, do a quick medical assessment. Make sure that the victim is breathing and that his heart is beating and he has a pulse. If not, begin to perform CPR.
  3. Next, keep the burns sterile. New third-degree burns are always initially sterile because the burn source has sterilized the wound. Therefore, do not contaminate the burn wounds through contact with other objects or people.
  4. Finally, get to the hospital. Third-degree burns are severe injuries and can be fatal. The victims survival is dependent on getting him to an emergency room immediately.

Recovering From Third-Degree Burns

Many of us have seen the significant damage that is caused to the skin layers, the muscle, nerve endings and bone by third-degree burns. This extensive damage makes the healing process slow and painful. The scarring that takes place requires skin grafting and reconstructive surgery, and can leave a burn victim a permanent tightening of their tissues that affects their ability to move normally.

The Four Burn Injury Phases

A Phoenix burn injury lawyer knows that there are four distinct burn injury phases. The proper burn treatment is directly related to the different burn injury phases.

Emergent phase

Of the four burn injury phases, this is the first and begins immediately at the time of burn injury and ends with the restoration of capillary permeability. The main goal of this phase is to prevent a patient from going into shock and keep the patients organs functioning. This phase typically involves a person’s medical care by medical professions on the way to the hospital and in the emergency room.

Resuscitative Phase

The second of the burn injury phases involves the management of fluid replacement. This is initiated or started and ends when the capillary integrity returns to the near normal levels and when the large fluid shifts have decreased. The amount of fluid administered to the patient is based on the client’s weight and extent of injury. Usually, fluid replacement formulas are calculated from the time of injury not on the arrival on the hospital. The main goal of the resuscitative phase is to prevent shock through the initiation of fluids to maintain adequate circulating blood volume and maintain vital organ perfusion.

Acute Phase

When the burn victim is hemodynamically stable we have reached number three of the burn injury phases. This is when he has restored capillary permeability and has been showing signs of separation of the tissues. During this time, the goal is to restore the burn victim’s capillary permeability.  The acute phase then continues until the wound is closed, and its main goal is focused on prevention of infection, wound care, optimum nutrition and physical therapy.

Rehabilitative Phase

The final phase of managing a burn injury is the rehabilitate phase. Most frequently, it overlaps the acute phase and it goes on after hospitalization. Main goals during this phase are helping the client gain independence and achieve maximal function.

Every burn is dangerous, and you might suffer lifelong health problems as a result of one. Your Phoenix burn injury lawyer at Zanes Law gets you compensated for your burn injury. That is sole job of the Zanes Law burn accident attorneys. We know that damages can include far more than just physical harm. Being involved in any kind of fire or burn situation can have serious, lifelong psychological effects as well. The impact on your life is devastating.

Experienced Burn Accident Attorneys In Phoenix

After a burn injury you might not be able to return to work, or you might not be able to return to your specific line of work. Thus, you can’t make the same amount of money you earned prior to your injury. You might incur expensive medical bills or require lifelong medical treatment. If the burns are bad enough, you might need special equipment to function daily. In addition, your spouse might even suffer from loss of consortium. There is no limit to the kind of damages you might suffer when you are injured because of burns. You deserve compensation to help you with the problems you face in the aftermath of your injury.

A burn can cause exceptional financial crisis, and you don’t need to suffer the rest of your life because someone else was negligent and caused an accident that burned you. It is easy for you to discover your rights when you contact a Phoenix burn injury lawyer at Zanes Law to discuss your case. Your attorney can help you decipher legal paperwork from your employer, decide if you have a case, and determine whether or not you should proceed.

Your life might be forever changed, but you can seek damages that will help you live your life with more comfort and better treatment. It’s not easy to live with a serious burn injury, but you shouldn’t have to suffer the added financial stress that follows one. You have rights, and it’s time to enact them by calling a Phoenix burn injury lawyer at Zanes Law.

The Phoenix Fire Department (PFD) is called quite often throughout the year. In one recent year, the PFD responded to 21,106 calls for fires. This is up dramatically from prior years. For some context, the PFD responded to 13,761 calls for fires in a single year. Even the number of fire fatalities in the city is increasing. Earlier this decade, every year six people perished in Phoenix fires. This number rose to 22 in 2020.

People are spending more time at their homes. An increase in telework means more home offices and home cooking.

In addition, people are using more electronics and appliances, taxing their home electrical systems even more. Electronics are more complex, and people always have multiple plugs in a jack as they charge things like their phones and their laptops. Combined with more kitchen appliances and gadgets, it is a recipe for home fire risk.

The hot weather in Phoenix increases the risk of burn injuries in fires. There is more wildfire risk in the area, and Arizona has had numerous large conflagrations recently. The expansion of Phoenix also puts the city in the potential path of large fires.

Further, the high risk of traffic accidents in Phoenix also raises the chances that accident victims could suffer burns. Roughly 15 percent of fires in the U.S. happen in vehicles. These are some of the deadliest fires because the crash might trap drivers and passengers inside while the car burns.

Here are some reasons why you may sue someone for your burn injuries:

  • An electric company if you suffered burns due to low-hanging wires or wires that were not properly insulated and concealed.
  • A property owner for a fire that started on their property and reached yours and injured you.
  • A restaurant when a server put a scalding hot plate in front of you without warning you that it was hot.
  • A building owner when their negligence caused a fire that injured you in your apartment

Almost half of the patients who seek medical treatment suffer burns from heat or fire. The second-biggest cause of burn injuries is scalding. For example, you could have purchased coffee from McDonald’s or 7-11, and the coffee was far too hot.

There have been numerous cases over the years when fast-food restaurants and convenience stores face injury claims for the unreasonably hot temperature of their coffee. Scalding injuries could also happen in hotels or nursing homes when staff members do not properly regulate the water temperature in the bath. Courts often find such conduct to be negligence.

Contact with a hot surface causes nine percent of burns, while electricity and chemicals are to blame for other injuries.

Plaintiffs can file burn injury lawsuits against:

  • Product manufacturers who designed or made defective products
  • Landlords or property owners whose negligence caused a fire in your home
  • Next door neighbors whose careless actions started a fire in your home
  • A third party who caused your burn injury at work


At Zanes Law Injury Lawyers, we can conduct our own investigation of your accident to try to determine the responsible party, so you can file a lawsuit for financial compensation.

It depends on the cause of your injury. In Arizona, very few situations would allow you to actually sue your employer. Workers’ compensation should cover a burn injury, even if your employer was to blame. You cannot sue an employer for their negligence under Arizona law.

However, there may be third parties who are to blame for your injuries at work. For example, you may suffer chemical burns from something you were working with that was made by another company. You could be using defective work equipment. Finally, you could have suffered burns because of the actions of another contractor on the construction site. When a third party has caused your burn injury, they can face a claim. Then, you could seek pain and suffering for your injury, and this is generally a high amount for burn injuries.

Many kitchen appliances and electronics are defective and cause consumer injuries. For example, products from Amazon have allegedly caused burns. When that happens, you can file a lawsuit against the company that made or sold you the defective product.

First, you must prove that the product was defective and that it caused your injuries. You would do this in a product liability lawsuit.

You would need to prove defects in:

  • Design – the design of the product is unreasonably dangerous for its intended purposes
  • Manufacturing – there was no problem with the design, but something unexpected happened in the manufacturing to make it unreasonably dangerous
  • Marketing – the seller failed to warn you of a defect that they knew about

You could also allege that the seller was negligent in designing or manufacturing the product or that the goods failed to live up to warranties. Zanes Law Injury Lawyers regularly represent clients in product liability actions.

First, you never quite know how a defendant may respond to your lawsuit. They may try to blame your injuries on your own carelessness. Even if the cause of an accident may seem obvious to you, you must take several steps to hold someone else negligent. Namely, you need to prove that another party was to blame.

Second, you need an attorney because liability is only part of your issue. Getting enough money to cover your damages can be a real challenge, especially when you are dealing with an insurance company that places its own financial interests first. You may think that it is a cliche when yet another attorney promises to fight for you, but that is exactly what you need when you are dealing with an insurance company.

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