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The instant you find out that a member of your family has passed away because of the actions of another person, you must call Zanes Law Tucson wrongful death attorneys. Zanes Law has some of the finest lawyers in the industry working on wrongful death cases every day, and we have dedicated a lifetime of work to ensuring that we correctly handle wrongful death cases. If you have lost a family member due to the negligence of another person, contact the Zanes Law Tucson wrongful death attorneys as soon as possible to determine whether or not you need legal help.

Who Are The Zanes Law Tucson Wrongful Death Attorneys?

Zanes Law is an accident and injury law firm that specializes in aiding people who have been hurt or who have lost a loved one. When you call us, you will speak with a fantastic attorney who is qualified to review your case. We will take your case as soon as we can and will begin a full review of your allegations. You could be suing someone with quite a lot of power, so you must ensure that you have all your facts straight. Zanes Law will thoroughly evaluate your case, and we might even discover new evidence as we do so.

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Why Do You Sue for Wrongful Death?

You might believe that someone’s negligence resulted in the death of your loved one, but you do not have the experience to prove your belief in a court of law. If you have seen something that has troubled you, contact the Zanes Law Tucson wrongful death attorneys to deal with the insurance companies and get justice for you and your family. Your lawyer will sue for wrongful death only when there is sufficient evidence to do so. He or she will go through the painstaking process of calculating how much money you could receive as compensation for the death of your loved one. Remember that you have been through quite a lot as the result of a death in your family. It is best you hire a lawyer to take your case so that your emotions do not bias your opinions.

Who Is Responsible?

There are various parties that could be responsible for a wrongful death. If your loved one died on the job, the company that made the machinery could be at fault. Your loved one’s employer could be at fault, or the company that owns the property could be responsible. There are many cities that are negligent in how they maintain their landscapes. There several different types of vehicle accidents that could result in wrongful death claims. Your attorney is familiar with all of these possible causes and will make sure to represent you properly.

What Is Your Responsibility?

You must bring your lawyer all the information you have relevant to your case because he or she is the only person with enough training to evaluate it correctly. Make sure you provide all of the evidence you have. Be completely honest with your attorney because he or she must sign off on the case before going any further. Rely on your lawyer to determine the severity of the case and to decide what needs to happen in order to make sure you receive adequate remuneration. Feel free to ask your lawyer any questions you have as often as you need to, and your lawyer will manage every step of your case until it is over.

How Do You Get Started?

As soon as you call the Tucson wrongful death attorneys at Zanes Law we will set you up with a free consultation so that you can get all of your questions answered. A lawyer will evaluate your case, decide whether it’s viable or not, and tell you how to proceed. It’s best not to ask your lawyer what you will earn from the case because it is not his or her job to earn back your money. Your lawyer is ethically required to treat your case with care and is there to give you comfort as you attempt to work out the facts of the case.

Zanes Law Will Support You

Zanes Law will support you through your time of need because we believe that you should have a lawyer you can call on at any time. We make customer service a high priority and will update you about your wrongful death case as it progresses. We will give you all the facts that we uncover, which will be helpful to you especially if the people who are responsible for the accident are hiding its true nature. You will never have a way of predicting the future, but you will have full confidence that your Zanes Law lawyer is serving you in the best way possible.

Never Hesitate to Call

Zanes Law is waiting for your phone call. Our lawyers want to be there for you and get to the bottom of a case that has likely been traumatic. Ask for your family’s support when you call Zanes Law, and do not think that your case is too small. Whether you have lost someone in a slip and fall accident or an auto accident, you need to look into the causes of these incidents. A wrongful death is a serious matter, but you can trust us to seek justice for you as best we can.


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    After I was hit by a drunk driver last year, Zanes Law handled my case and my experience was a positive one. Even though the guy was never given a sobriety test (due to a lot of inconvenient and frustrating circumstances including police incompetence and other thin

    Kayley Self Personal Injury
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    I never though of myself as a person that would ever file a lawsuit, but sometimes you have to do what you don't want to do to get what you need/deserve this was one of those times i didn't know a thing about the process they we very helpful in answering all of my

    Nate Ash Showers Personal Injury
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    I enjoyed my experience dealing with Zanes Law. The staff kept me up to date every week. It was nice to know how my case was progressing week by week. Everyone I dealt with was very friendly and also helpful.

    Richard Keegan Personal Injury

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