The Tucson dog bite attorneys at Zanes Law know that every year a significant number of innocent people are horribly injured when they are bitten by dogs.  An example of this is the story of Mike Cook. Mr. Cook died from injuries to his neck and arm after being attacked by his dog Butch. Although no one knows exactly how the incident occurred, an experienced animal bite lawyer regularly investigates these types of cases.

In this case, authorities concluded that it is possible that Butch was fighting two of the smaller dogs in the house over food. In addition, Butch had just undergone neutering surgery and had a cone around his head to prevent him from biting or scratching the incision while it was healing. He had chewed the cone nearly to pieces, indicating that he was in pain. Family members state that Butch had been a happy and loyal dog in the past. He was put down shortly after Mr. Cook died.

As with many dog bites that occur in Tucson, it is possible that (if a dog fight was involved), Mr. Cook could have avoided this attack by not physically interfering in the fight. If someone must intervene in a dog fight, animal control officers recommend using “the wheelbarrow” method to disengage the fighting dogs. This method requires two people, preferably each of the dogs’ owners. One person grabs the back legs of one dog and the second person grabs the back legs of the other. The two dog owners then simultaneously pull the dogs out of the fight. This way, no one has to put his body in the middle of the fighting animals.

Arizona Law & Dog Bite Cases

MMDAF awards_logo1If you are unfortunate enough to have a dog bite you, it’s important you speak with a Zanes Law animal bite lawyer. We know the law and can hold the owner responsible so that you receive adequate compensation for your injuries. This is where the experienced Tucson dog bite attorneys at Zanes Law can help.

Dog bite laws vary by state. In Arizona, the statute of limitations gives victims one year to file a claim following an injury. This is called a “strict liability claim.” The claimant has to prove that a dangerous injury occurred and identify who was responsible. Arizona recognizes that if a victim sues within a year of the injury, the dog’s owner is strictly  liable. If the injured party does not file a lawsuit within a year, he or she can no longer file a strict liability claim. However, the victim can still file a negligence claim and has up to two years to do so. But it will be much more challenging to prove negligence. One of the best ways you can increase your odds of compensation is to file a claim as soon as the injury occurs. Get medical records of any treatment you receive, take photographs of the scene of the accident, and give a written record to the police of where and when the situation took place.

After a dog bite, find the dog owner!

Tucson Metro Chamber awards_logo2There are many factors that decrease the odds of a victim winning a dog bite injury case. Therefore, it is imperative you hire the Zanes Law Tucson dog bite attorneys. In order to bring your claim, we will need to know the dog owner’s location and personal information. If the dog attacked you when no one was around, it will be difficult to ascertain who owns the dog. This makes it impossible to find an insurance policy to cover your injuries.

If you’re fortunate enough to know who the dog owner is, it’s crucial that you don’t threaten him or her. Inquire calmly about the owner’s insurance so that you can professionally and legally file the claim. If the defendant does not have homeowners insurance or if the policy doesn’t cover hazardous animal attacks, you might be able to sue the homeowner if you can prove that he or she owns the dog and that the dog was responsible.

Advice From A Tucson Animal Bite Lawyer

AzTLA awards_logo4The following information is a good guide to follow if you have experienced a dog attack in Tucson. These steps will help you to solidify the legitimacy of your case. You must collect critical information that a Tucson dog bite attorney can use to help you obtain damages.

  • If it’s obvious who the dog’s owner is, ask about the person’s homeowners insurance while being as cordial possible. Getting this information is one of the best ways to smoothly obtain compensation because the policy might include coverage for dangerous animals.
  • If the owner doesn’t cooperate with you, call the police or Animal Control. These officers can help you by acting as a go-between and asking the dog owner about insurance on your behalf.
  • Record any evidence you can and include the date and time. Many smartphones have the ability to include real time data that may be permissible in court. It is helpful to know the location of the event, details about your injury, and how the situation unfolded. It will help your lawyer if you obtain any legal paperwork acknowledging the incident, such as medical treatment and police reports.
Doug Zanes

Doug Zanes, Tucson Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

Once you have collected this information, you can bring it to your appointment with the Tucson dog bite attorneys at Zanes Law. With over twenty years of experience, Zanes Law has worked diligently to serve its clients. Doug Zanes fights for his clients and their families. This tenacity has earned him many accolades throughout his career. Most notably, he is a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, which is exclusive to attorneys who have won cases worth over a million dollars.  Dog bites can be traumatic events, but Doug Zanes and his team of Tucson dog bite attorneys will fight for you.

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