There are hundreds of nursing homes operating throughout Arizona and many in the Tucson area. Laws are in place to cover the rights of nursing home residents. Should residents of a nursing home experience mistreatment or misconduct, they have a right to have this abuse stop and to receive compensation for their losses. They have a right to be helped by the Tucson nursing home abuse attorneys at Zanes Law.

Nursing Home Requirements

MMDAF awards_logo1The laws in Arizona covering nursing homes require each facility to have a director of nursing services. The director of nursing services establishes the methods by which the facility will comply with legal documenting requirements. The director is also responsible for hiring properly trained and qualified personnel so that each resident gets the necessary individualized care.

Facility Requirements

Arizona laws outline standards that nursing home facilities must meet when it comes to accommodations, maintenance, operation, and more. Every nursing home needs to provide sufficient space for staff to provide daily health services. Facilities should have quiet rest areas, as well as individual and group activities. There should be enough dining tables and chairs to meet the needs of all residents. There should be one bathroom equipped with a toilet and sink for every ten residents. The flooring in bathing areas should have slip-resistant surfaces.


Tucson Metro Chamber awards_logo2Arizona law protects the rights of residents living in Tucson nursing homes. Nursing home residents have the right to receive adequate medical care for their conditions. They also have the right to access their medical records, as well as refuse physical or chemical restraints. Nursing home residents can choose the types of medical care they wish to receive. They can also refuse any kind of treatment they do not want. They have the right to be updated on any changes in their medical conditions. Residents can refuse to see any visitor at their discretion and can make decisions concerning their living conditions at the nursing home. One of the most important rights a nursing facility resident has is the right to be treated with dignity and respect.

Filing a Complaint

AzTLA awards_logo4It is possible that an unacceptable situation could develop at a nursing home. When this happens, resident are within their legal rights to file a complaint to correct the situation. They should be able to do so without fearing any retaliation from the nursing home. The nursing home should quickly respond to the complaint and try to resolve the issue. In Arizona, nursing home residents can obtain help from the long-term care ombudsman program, which the Arizona Department of Economic Security (ADES) administers.


There are many ways nursing home abuse can occur. It is possible for the facility to hire unqualified staff members. The nursing home could have employees who lack the necessary education or who do not meet federal or state requirements for performing their duties. For example, employees could fail to pass background checks or could have a documented history of abusing nursing home patients. A facility could be understaffed. A lack of employees makes it difficult or almost impossible for a facility to provide the necessary care to its residents. When staff members are severely overworked, they might lash out at nursing home residents. Poorly trained staff members at nursing home facilities can also be a source of abuse. Workers might have passed all background checks and have the necessary education, but the facility can fail to train them on various aspects of their jobs.

Mental Abuse

ASLA awards_logo3Mental abuse can be verbal as well as nonverbal. It is behavior that intentionally causes emotional anguish. Some nursing home residents have had staff make them perform demeaning activities, deny them medication, or speak to them in a condescending way.

Economic Abuse

Economic abuse occurs when someone uses a nursing home resident’s assets in an unauthorized way. This abuse could involve bank accounts as well as cash. For example, some perpetrators have opened credit cards in a residents’ names or cashed residents’ checks without their permission.


There might come a point when nursing home abuse requires a resident to seek legal compensation. The experienced Tucson nursing home abuse  attorneys will know how to handle this situation. Our lawyers will speak with staff members at the facility in order to discover the details of what happened. He or she will ask medical experts to analyze any physical injuries the resident has experienced. Our attorney will collect other records that could help a resident’s case, including medical and financial records. He or she will review the qualifications of a facility’s staff members and take pictures of any injuries and of the scene of the alleged abuse.

Statute of Limitations

Doug Zanes

Doug Zanes, Tucson Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

It is important to immediately contact the Zanes Law Tucson nursing home abuse attorneys when you suspect any type of nursing home neglect. In Arizona, there is a limited amount of time during which you can pursue compensation. These parameters are known as the statute of limitations, and the time period ends two years from the date of the incident.

Once you contact Zanes Law concerning any type of nursing home abuse, we will review and investigate your case. Then the process of obtaining fair compensation for you or your loved one can begin. Our Arizona nursing home lawyers have the knowledge and experience necessary to protect the rights of nursing home residents and their families.

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