Rapper Tyga Might go to Jail for Buying Kylie a Mercedes

Rapper Tyga Might go to Jail for Buying Kylie a Mercedes

According to Mashable.com, rapper Tyga might go to jail for buying Kylie Jenner a Mercedes for her birthday.

Sources say, Tyga owes over $400,000 to his landlord for his Malibu home. That didn’t stop him from buying his girlfriend, Kylie, a $200,000 Mercedes.

Kylie Jenner snap-chatted her new car and apparently Tyga’s landlord caught wind and was not happy about it.

This as a lesson for all of us! Do not buy unnecessary and expensive items when you’re in debt! Even more importantly- be careful with what you post on social media, especially if you have a legal case.

Doug Zanes discusses this topic in detail in one of his podcast episodes. One picture, video, or other social media post can essentially ruin your personal injury case or any other legal case.

In Tyga’s situation, he might get jail time.

Whether or not this celebrity news is true- there is a lesson to be learned!


Thank you Mashable for the original article: http://mashable.com/2016/08/09/tyga-arrest-warrent-kylie-jenner-car/#Qgwa..CUCaqY

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