Arizona is Headed to the Elite Eight

The University of Arizona’s basketball team is headed to the ELITE EIGHT and we couldn’t be more proud!

This exact time last year, things got a little out of hand on University Boulevard and Fourth Avenue when the UofA lost against Wisconsin.

Passionate UofA fans rioted in the streets resulting in multiple injuries and an aggressive interaction between a Tucson policeman and a student (video can be seen below).

After the incident the young woman proceeded with legal action and hired a personal injury lawyer to receive compensation for her injuries and to hold the officer and City of Tucson accountable.

Well, the rematch against Wisconsin is scheduled for this Saturday, March 28th and we hope everyone remains safe this year.

If you are watching the game on University Blvd., Fourth Ave., or in downtown Tucson, we recommend you leave the area before any passionate behaviors begin.

Good luck to the Wildcats and stay safe Arizona fans!

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