Ep #66: Periscope Drunk Driving Video
29 Sep 2015

Ep #62: Assault: Personal Injury Attorney in Phoenix

At Zanes Law, we represent many people who have been injured in assaults, as well as families who have lost loved ones as victims of assaults. It seems like the filters and parameters that used to exist when it came to getting into a fight no longer exist today. This is why it is extremely important that people are always aware of their surroundings and who’s around them in order to stay safe.

On this episode, your host and personal injury attorney in Phoenix, Doug Zanes, talks about the topic of assault. He explains whether or not you have a personal injury claim that a personal injury attorney can help you within in order to get compensated after you have been a victim of an assault. Listen in to learn everything you need to know about getting compensated after you or your loved one haves been injured in that particular situation.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Whether you or your loved one who’s been a victim of an assault can bring a civil claim.
  • Who the claim can be brought up against.
  • Whether it is possible to get compensated.
  • Negligence vs. intentional tort.
  • The progression of assault cases.
  • How personal injury attorneys handle different types of assault.
  • What to do if you’ve been assaulted.

Featured On The Show:

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  • Zanes Law Personal Injury Lawyers Phoenix: 602-999-9999
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