If you have been involved in a car accident with a driver who was under the influence of drugs in Phoenix, AZ, you can—and should—hold the driver liable for your injuries. The legal team at Zanes Law at (602) 999-9999 knows how to get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

When a Driver Can Be Liable for a Drug-Caused Accident

If you have been injured in an accident with a drug-impaired driver, you may have serious injuries and property damage, and may need the services of a personal injury car accident attorney.

In Arizona, you can hold the driver liable regardless of whether the drugs were legal (e.g., prescription, over the counter) or illegal.

Our Accident Lawyers Will Help You Recover Compensation

If you are injured in a car accident due to the impaired driving of another, the costs of medical evaluations, treatments, physical therapy, medications, surgical interventions, and vehicle damage can feel insurmountable. The bills can accumulate quickly and trying to heal from your injuries while dealing with all the expenses can be challenging. You do not need to handle it alone.

An injury lawyer for accidents caused by someone driving under the influence of drugs in Phoenix, AZ from Zanes Law at (602) 999-9999 knows what to do to you get the compensation you deserve. We will:

  • Offer you a free, no-obligation case consultation
  • Investigate your case and determine who the liable parties are
  • Provide case status updates
  • Gather evidence, including witness testimony, photos, videos, medical evidence, car repair estimates, and police reports, to build the most effective case possible
  • Handle communication with all other parties on your behalf
  • Negotiate with the insurance company to reach a settlement agreement
  • Build a strong and effective case, and make sure to submit any legal paperwork by its deadline
  • Take your case to court, if necessary

You Can Help Your Lawyer

There are several things you can do after an accident that will help your lawyer to handle your case, including:

  • Getting medical assistance as soon as possible after the accident
  • Getting a police report
  • Getting the names and contact information from any witnesses and the drivers and passengers involved in the accident
  • Writing down everything you remember about the accident as soon as possible after the accident so none of your memories fade
  • Keeping your photos or videos of the accident scene, property damage, and injuries in a safe place
  • Gathering and keeping all the paperwork you have related to the accident including receipts for medical treatments, invoices for traveling to and from appointments, and legal paperwork

Be on Guard of Insurance Companies’ Tactics

Trying to represent yourself in a personal injury case may be difficult. Insurance companies may try to do the following to pay you less or deny your claim entirely.

Offer You a Quick, Unfair Settlement

The insurer may offer you an initial settlement for your accident before you have received a medical diagnosis and your prognosis for recovery. For example, your ankle may feel a little bruised after your accident, but you may discover later that your ligaments are torn, and that you require surgery to repair them. You may also learn that your job as a warehouse worker is impacted because you can no longer lift objects above a certain weight.

An injury lawyer for accidents caused by someone driving under the influence of drugs in Phoenix, AZ will advise you to make sure you know your medical status, current and future, before you accept a settlement offer.

Tell You Not to Hire a Lawyer

The insurer may tell you that you do not need a lawyer since it knows that your lawyer will fight for you and take your case all the way to court, if necessary. Going to court, and losing, will involve paying attorneys’ fees and court costs, and insurance companies do not want to pay out more than they must.

Ask You for a Recorded Statement

You will likely receive a call from the other driver’s insurance company soon after the accident. The insurance adjuster will likely also ask you to submit to a recorded statement. We recommend you decline this request until you have spoken with us. The insurer can use anything you say during this call against you. This could jeopardize your right to compensation.

We can either:

  • Handle all communication with the insurer for you
  • Be on the call with you to ensure you do not say something the insurer can twist around to pay you less

Require You to Sign a Medical Release Form

The insurance company may tell you that it cannot complete your claim until it has your medical records. Giving the insurer access to your medical records can allow them to find a pre-existing condition on which to blame your symptoms.

Investigate You on Social Media

Insurance companies can question your credibility by looking at all the information about you, including your social media postings. It may use the information it gets to deny your claim.

Insurers engage in some or all of these tactics because they are in the business of making a profit, not paying out money.

Injury Lawyer for Accidents Caused by Someone Driving Under the Influence of Drugs Near Me

If you have been injured in a car accident, and the other driver was impaired by drugs, you want an attorney who will go the extra mile for you. Zanes Law at (602) 999-9999 offers a free case consultation and can come to you. An injury lawyer for accidents caused by someone driving under the influence of drugs in Phoenix, AZ are standing by to help you recover what you deserve before the statute of limitations under Arizona law passes and you can no longer pursue justice.

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