Ever since the car accident, your back gives you serious pain. It turns out the trauma of the collision resulted in a herniated disc. The tingling, numbness, and weakness adds to the pain, and you are miserable.

You cannot work, but the bills do not care. It is not fair that you are stuck in this situation while the negligent driver who caused your accident suffers nothing and pays nothing.

As helpless as you might feel, you should know that help is merely a phone call away. Zanes Law’s herniated disc lawyers in Phoenix will do everything from A to Z to recover damages. Call us today at 602-999-9999.

Understanding a Herniated Disc, Ruptured Disc, or Slipped Disc

MMDAF awards_logo1Herniated disc, also referred to as a slipped disc or ruptured disc, happens when the tough exterior of your spinal disc is torn, and the soft center of your spinal disc pushes out through the tear.

Numbness, pain, and weakness result from the ruptured disc’s irritating effect on adjacent nerves.

Symptoms of a Herniated Disc, Ruptured Disc, or Slipped Disc

A ruptured disc can produce sensations of tingling or numbness in areas where nerves are being irritated by the herniated disc. These areas can also weaken muscles served by the irritated nerves.

Depending upon where on your spine the herniated disc occurs, you can experience pain in different areas.

Lower Back: Your pain will be concentrated in your calf, thigh, and buttocks. Your foot could also be affected.

Neck: Your pain will be focused on the shoulder and arm.

Common Causes of a Herniated Disc, or Ruptured Disc

AzTLA awards_logo4Herniated discs can result from a few occurrences. Aging is a common culprit for the condition as discs lose water content and become more susceptible to tearing.

However, a ruptured disc can also result from the following:

  • Using back muscles as opposed to thigh and leg muscles to pick up heavy or bulky items
  • Repetitive pushing, pulling, and/or lifting
  • Unexpected trauma, including blows to the back or slip and fall accidents

Certain types of work lend themselves to causing herniated discs. Physically demanding work, like warehouse or construction jobs, can pose a risk factor for developing the condition.

Zanes Law will talk to doctors and go over your medical files to help figure out the money you have spent and will spend on your injury.

Identifying Fault and Liability for Your Herniated Disc

ASLA awards_logo3If your herniated disc occurred as the result of some other party’s negligence, we will identify the at-fault party and determine liability for your accident.

To accomplish this, we will apply the “duty of care” test used in personal injury cases.

This approach determines whether a person or party is at fault and liable for an accident by asking the following questions:

  1. Did the party have a duty to take reasonable care to prevent you from harm?
  2. Did the party breach this duty?
  3. Did this breach result in an accident?
  4. Did the accident cause your injury, imposing damages on you financially, physically, and/or emotionally?

Examples of How Failure to Provide Duty of Care Can Lead to a Herniated Disc

In the case of a car accident, the other driver had a duty to take reasonable care to drive in a way that would keep other drivers from harm. His/her negligence on the road could have caused the accident that resulted in your herniated disc, for which you missed work, paid medical expenses, and have endured pain and suffering, among other damages.

In the case of a work-related incident, your employer or safety manager must take reasonable care to train you on the proper way to lift or move heavy boxes onto a pallet. Their failure to deliver this duty of care resulted in the gradual development of your herniated disc over time. As a result, you can no longer work, and you have to pay for physical therapy, on top of having endured great pain and suffering.

These are just some examples of how we will apply the “duty of care” principle to the specific elements of your case to determine the party at fault for your accident and liable for your damages.

What a Herniated Disc Lawyer in Phoenix Will Do for Your Herniated Disc

A herniated disc lawyer in Phoenix cannot repair your ruptured disc, but the legal team at Zanes Law will do everything from A to Z to recover your damages for this injury.

We will:

  • Collect evidence and documentation
  • Obtain medical records and police reports, if appropriate
  • Work with medical experts to get their opinions on the ongoing effects of your injury
  • Collaborate with economic experts to determine the financial impact of your injury
  • Enlist the help of accident reconstruction specialists to peg how the accident leading to your injury happened
  • Send a demand letter to the insurance company of the negligent party
  • Negotiate toward a fair settlement with the insurer
  • File a lawsuit if the insurer fails to agree to a fair settlement
  • Represent you in civil court
  • Litigate on your behalf

Recoverable Damages for Your Herniated Disc

We will represent your injury in terms of the many ways it has impacted you economically, medically, professionally, and emotionally. Some of the types of damages you might be able to collect as a result of your herniated disc legal action include the following:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages and/or income
  • Prescription medication
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Diminished future potential earnings
  • Emergency transportation, including ambulance
  • Mental anguish
  • Physical therapy/rehab
  • Pain management
  • Expenses you have incurred for medical treatment

Call Zanes Law to learn more about the damages you can recover for your herniated disc.

Zanes Law Will Work to Bring You Relief and Justice

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