Tucson Man Threatens Police

Tucson Man Threatens Police

Tucson can often be categorized as a sleep town except for the all the traffic at 5p, all the festivals that happen every other month, all the unexpected rain and snow and…

Oh yeah and random holed up men in RV parks…

Recently, a man who claimed to have a gun and propane and was holed up in an RV parked at a Tucson police substation

Since then he has been taken into custody.

Police said the unidentified man was in a standoff with police since about 8 a.m. that day and was taken into custody shortly after 5:30 p.m.

You think YOU had a long day…

The incident started about 7:30 a.m. when police say the man drove to the closed substation at 1310 W. Miracle Mile and tried to get inside.

He then used an emergency call box near the entrance, but officers say he was mostly incoherent, said Sgt. Pete Dugan a department spokesman

The man then walked back to the RV where a short time later officers went to the RV to talk to him.

But he would not answer and was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher instead.

Police say at some point the man made threats to the dispatcher and has threatened to set off propane tanks to explode the RV.

He had refused to talk to officers at the scene and has been spotted holding a propane gas tank up to a window of the vehicle, Dugan said.

The man is believed to have gone to the substation Monday seeking to file a complaint.

He was referred to internal affairs and left without incident. Police say nothing about the earlier encounter was troublesome.

However, this a recent incident resulted in a massive police response. Both the bomb unit and SWAT team were on the scene.

Meanwhile the substation, crime lab and trailer park and several businesses along Miracle Mile between North Flowing Wells Road and North Fairview Avenue were evacuated.

*Thank you Tucson.com for the original story!

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