Sun Tran Drivers on Strike

Sun Tran Drivers on Strike Sun Tran bus drivers on strike!

Hundreds of passengers were left without bus transportation this weekend while the Sun Tran bus drivers went on strike.

According to Tucson News Now, there were zero buses in service for the entire weekend.

We asked our Facebook audience if they were affected by the strike and here are some of the responses:

“Someone who normally rides the bus was trying to steal a bike that belonged to my sons’ friend on Sunday.
We caught him as he was in the act and he ran… When they had a strike years ago I lost my job I pray for those who went through what I had gone through.”

“Yeah the 5-10 people I saw that didn’t know the buses weren’t en route. They must have been waiting a long time.”

“Even with buses just running from 6-6 it’s still a burden on us”

“Yes people that depends on buses to go to work these people want more money who does they ought to b glad they have a job they are always going on strike”

“My daughter depends on the bus to get to and from school….if she misses any more days she’ll have you start the semester over. She’s trying to get rides from friends but that only lasts for so long. I hope the strike is over very soon.”


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