When negligent drivers fail to take appropriate caution near motorcyclists, it often results in severe accidents. These types of collisions have the potential to cause catastrophic injuries and significant and long-term psychological damage for the people involved. If you were harmed in a preventable crash, talk to an experienced motorbike injury attorney as soon as possible to start building a claim for compensation.

There are many motorcycle accident injuries in Tucson for which you could recover compensation. Our legal team could guide you through the process of pursuing a claim.

Common Causes of Motorbike Wrecks in Tucson

Motorcycles are much smaller than the average passenger car, and other drivers often have difficulty seeing them. Consequently, visibility issues are the most common cause of motorbike accidents. When there is inclement weather, obstructed vision is an even larger problem.

Because of these potential visibility issues, all motorists should check their blind spots before changing lanes and making turns. If a driver is distracted, they could easily cause a collision. A dedicated lawyer in Tucson could help motorcyclists determine the specific cause of their accident and subsequent injuries.

What Are the Different Types of Motorcycle Accident Injuries?

Motorcyclists do not have the same amount of protection that other drivers have. Passenger cars and trucks have a sturdy outer shell that protects occupants from the weather and other vehicles. When a car collides with a motorbike, the rider could suffer head injuries, road rash, burns, crushing injuries, and other severe medical conditions.

Severe Head Trauma

Head injuries are prevalent in motorcycle accident cases. When a motorcycle rider’s head collides with a hard surface such as the hood of a car or the pavement or the ground, that blunt force will likely cause a TBI.  In other accident cases, the motorcyclist can suffer serious brain damage even if they do not hit their head directly. If motorcyclist is jarred forward with enough force, their brain may slam into their skull and cause a severe concussion.

Even when the rider is wearing a helmet, there is still a risk of suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI). However, it is important to note that helmet use could significantly decrease the damage a rider sustains. If a TBI is not treated immediately, the harm to the brain could be permanent.

Traumatic brain injuries that arise from motorcycle crashes can have a serious impact on a person’s behavior, causing frustration and short-temperedness. They can also temporarily limit a person’s cognitive abilities, such as memory power or problem-solving skills.

Broken Bones

Broken bones in Tucson motorbike crashes tend to come from direct impact, such as a car hitting a motorcyclist’s body or a motorcyclist hitting the ground. The broken bone injuries can range in severity from a hairline fracture or compound fracture. In some of these cases, the motorcyclist may suffer a fractured bone that breaks the skin, which will require immediate surgery to fix. The consequences of a broken bone can be long lasting, and an injured party may face a difficult recovery period after their accident.

Road Rash

After a crash, a motorcyclist could be thrown off their vehicle. Depending on their speed at the time of the collision, they could hit the ground and continue tumbling. The repeated contact with the asphalt can cause serious skin abrasions known as road rash.

Severe Burns

If the gas tank on the motorbike is punctured in the accident, it might explode. If the rider is trapped under the vehicle when this happens, it could cause severe burns. This type of injury can take a significant amount of time to heal, and the recovery process is often frustrating and painful.

Crushing Injuries

When a motorcyclist is thrown off their vehicle, they could be hit or run over by another car. Even the weight of a small sedan could cause the accident victim to suffer crushing injuries in the affected areas of their body.

Depending on the severity of the injury, an individual may even lose their life after the accident. In cases such as these, a committed attorney could help the family pursue a wrongful death claim.

Talk to an Attorney About Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Tucson

The freedom you experience when riding a motorcycle can be exhilarating. However, these vehicles offer very little protection if you are in a wreck, and the injuries you may incur as a result of a crash may be devastating. If you suffered motorcycle accident injuries in Tucson, please contact our firm to schedule a consultation as soon as possible. Our legal team could help you obtain compensation for your damages.

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