Riding a motorcycle is very different than driving a car. Even if you have a driver’s license, there are several steps you must take to be able to ride a motorbike legally. If you wish to know more about the process of obtaining a motorcycle endorsement in Tucson, you should consider speaking with a legal professional. The knowledgeable motorbike wreck attorneys at our firm could answer any questions you have.

Taking the Motorcycle License Exams

Anyone who wants to ride a motorcycle in Tucson must first take a training class. Those who do not already have a driver’s license must pass three exams to obtain a motorcycle license. The written exam tests future motorcyclists on road safety and traffic laws in Arizona. Though it is similar to the typical driver’s exam for passenger vehicles, the questions are geared toward motorcycles.

In the riding exam, applicants must demonstrate that they have enough training to ride safely. The eye exam simply tests the individual’s ability to see. After passing all three exams, an individual may receive their motorcycle license.

Receiving a Motorcycle Endorsement on a Driver’s License

Individuals who already have driver’s licenses must receive a motorcycle endorsement before they are permitted to ride motorbikes in the area. The process of acquiring this endorsement is the same as obtaining a license. Motorists must take the written assessment, riding test, and eye exam. Additionally, applicants must pay $7 for this seal of approval.

Learner’s Permits for Minors in Tucson

Teenagers between the ages of 16 and 18 may begin training for a motorcycle license or endorsement with a learner’s permit. There is a six-month timeframe in which minors must hold their instructional permits before taking the motorcycle exams. After passing the tests, the permit will transition into an official endorsement or license.  

Training Programs for Licensed Motorcyclists

Though it is not mandatory, it can be beneficial to take additional training courses after receiving the license or endorsement to ride a motorbike. These classes provide motorcyclists with an opportunity to learn new skills and improve their technique. 

The more information motorcyclists have about how the vehicle works, the easier it will be to prevent catastrophic accidents. Some of the common topics of instruction include:

  • How to brake properly
  • How to change lanes properly
  • Positioning one’s motorcycle to prevent an accident
  • Riding on dirt and sand
  • Avoiding oil slicks and debris
  • Riding near construction sites

Instructors also warn students of the potential dangers of riding and teach them how to avoid careless mistakes. An experienced lawyer could inform Tucson residents about the various programs in the area. 

Talk to a Lawyer About Obtaining a Motorcycle Endorsement in Tucson

Before obtaining a motorcycle endorsement in Tucson, you must receive the proper training. Once you are legally able to ride your motorbike, it is equally important to continue learning about road safety. Taking a refresher course could improve your defensive driving skills and help you avoid severe accidents. Contact Zanes Law today to learn more about the training programs in your area.

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