There are many unique aspects of motorcycle accidents in Tucson that make these claims more difficult to litigate than a typical collision case. The injuries that result from motorbike wrecks are often severe, and there are specific laws concerning protective gear for motorcyclists.

If you were injured in a crash, a skilled motorcycle accident attorney from Zanes Law could help you fight for compensation. Hiring a dedicated legal professional could be the best decision you make for your case.

The Unique Design of a Motorcycle

Not only are motorcycles small, but they also provide very little protection for riders. Similar to bicycles, motorbikes can be difficult to see when driving a car or a large truck. This makes motorcycles particularly susceptible to vehicle collisions.

Another contributing factor in motorbike crashes is speed. These small vehicles can accelerate quicker and travel faster than an average car or truck. Due to these unique design features, it is much easier for Tucson residents to get into a wreck while riding a motorcycle than a passenger car.

Why are Motorcycle Accidents Prevalent in Tucson?

Road conditions play a large role in the prevalence of motorcycle crashes. There are many potholes in the Tucson and Pima County area that make it tough for motorbike riders to navigate. Many motorcyclists get into single-vehicle collisions due to inadequately maintained public roads.

The design of the roads also presents a problem. The lanes in this area are typically narrow, and there many consecutive stoplights. While a motorcyclist is waiting at a red light, they might get rear-ended if the motorist behind them is not paying attention.

It is also important to note that there are no freeways in Tucson. The only major road in the city is Interstate 10, which means traffic is typically heavy. Due to the backed-up roads, motorcyclists often take advantage of their small vehicles by traveling between lanes. Though this is legal in Tucson, it is another common cause of accidents.

How do Motorbike Wrecks Differ from Other Vehicle Collisions?

Motorcycle crashes differ from other vehicle collisions in the severity of the resulting injuries. As stated above, motorbikes offer little to no protection compared to cars, which have seatbelts and a large outer shell.

In motorbike wrecks, riders are often thrown from their vehicles. Even when motorcyclists wear helmets and other protective gear, the risk of severe injury is high. These differentiating factors make motorbike crash claims much more complex than cases involving two cars.

An Attorney Could Inform You of the Unique Aspects of Motorcycle Accidents in Tucson

Motorcycle accidents are much more complicated than other auto accidents due to the way they function. Their size, weight, and speed make these types of collision particularly dangerous.

At Zanes Law, our legal team is familiar with the unique aspects of motorcycle accidents in Tucson. Our experienced lawyers have successfully guided injured parties through numerous motorbike wreck claims over the years. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in this type of crash, please do not hesitate to contact our firm today.

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