Zanes Law is an Arizona based personal injury law firm. We have Arizona motorcycle accident lawyers in both Tucson and Phoenix. Our motorcycle crash attorneys in Arizona want all riders to have the following information. The Arizona Department of Transportation publishes detailed motor vehicle accident statistics – including stats specifically dealing with motorcycle accidents in Arizona. 2016 is the most recent year where motorcycle accident stats have been published. All of the statistical information presented below is from the 2016 calendar year.

3,115 motorcycle accidents took place in Arizona in 2016. Saturday is the most dangerous day of the week to ride your motorcycle. According to our Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona motorcycle accident lawyers, Saturdays are when most motorcycle accidents take place during the week. This makes sense considering that many motorcycle riders enjoy going for weekend rides. Especially if they’ve been stuck working their office job all week, craving the rush of fresh air as they enjoy Arizona’s amazing riding climate.

Unfortunately, the number of motorcycle riders in Arizona that lose their lives in motorcycle accidents is rising year-over-year. 145 Arizona motorcyclists lost their lives due to an accident in 2016. That’s an 8.21% increase over the previous year.

And motorcycle accident injuries are rising too. 2,602 motorcycle operators and passengers were injured as the result of a motor-vehicle accident in Arizona. That’s a 2.97% increase over the previous year.

Our Motorcycle accident attorneys in Arizona know that victims are extremely vulnerable to physical injury and potentially death as a result of their accident. When a four ton car or truck slams into a 600 pound motorcycle, the people on the motorcycle get the short end of the stick.

Sadly, our Arizona motorcycle accident lawyers know many motorcycle accidents could be avoided if drivers would pay attention to the road and drive in a safer manner.

Steps to Take After A Motorcycle Accident

The Zanes Law Arizona motorcycle accident lawyers will tell you that the most important thing is your health and physical safety after an accident. Following a motorcycle accident, immediately move yourself out of the flow of oncoming traffic. Damaged vehicles can leak gas, which could easily ignite following an accident. It is best to move as far away from the scene of the accident as possible.

Next you need to call 911 and request emergency services. Firefighters will assist in reducing the risk of a gasoline fire and safely direct traffic around the accident scene. Police will also help direct traffic and initiate a motor vehicle accident investigation. Their accident report will be extremely important to you Tucson or Phoenix motorcycle accident attorney when establishing the facts of your personal injury case. Paramedics will provide you with immediate medical assistance and transportation to the hospital. It is very important to follow the instructions of first responders.

Once you’ve arrived at the hospital, Arizona’s finest will do their best to provide you with a full physical and mental recovery. You’re likely dealing with significant injuries that will take time to fully heal. Follow the medical guidance of the physicians and staff to the best of your ability – the quality of your medical recovery will depend on it.

Zanes Law – Arizona Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Zanes Law has offices in both Tucson and Phoenix so that it can staff its Arizona motorcycle accident lawyers conveniently in both communities. We are a motorcycle injury law firm in Arizona with more than a decade of experience helping motorcycle accident victims. Our Arizona motorcycle accident lawyers will help you cover the cost of their expensive medical treatments, lost income from missing work, and the tragic pain and suffering associated with your motorcycle accident.

We’ve helped people just like you recover over $500 million in total damages since starting our family owned and operated law firm. Our motorcycle crash attorneys in Arizona are dedicated to helping motorcycle accident victims get back on their feet and start living life again. Furthermore, in the tragic circumstances of a wrongful death following a motorcycle accident, our Arizona motorcycle accident lawyers will do everything in our power to look after your family’s interests.

You need to give us a call before talking to the insurance company or the lawyers representing the other parties involved in your accident. If a commercial vehicle (i.e. truck or tractor-trailer) was involved in your accident, the motorcycle accident becomes much more complex. Large companies will use every tool they have in order to pressure you into accepting a low-ball settlement in return for signing away your rights to go after the entire amount your family may be entitled to under Arizona law.

Meet With Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyers In Phoenix or Tucson

Our Arizona motorcycle accident lawyers can meet with you at one of our offices in Phoenix or Tucson. If you’ve been hospitalized or feel more comfortable meeting somewhere else, we will come to you. We are more than happy to travel throughout the surrounding communities of Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona.

Affordable Motorcycle Accident Representation

Our family is dedicated to helping Arizona families impacted by motorcycle accidents. We do not charge up-front fees for our services. And if we are unsuccessful in recovering financial compensation for your accident, we will never send you an invoice for our work.

This includes all of the work involved in dealing with the insurance companies, hospitals and Arizona judicial system on your behalf. We’ll stop the harassing phone calls from the other side – they can deal with us instead. We know exactly how to negotiate favorable terms for you and your family. And if we need to, we’ll take the people responsible for your motorcycle accident to court.

We understand how important it is for you to cover expensive medical bills, lost income and compensation for the pain and suffering following your motorcycle accident. Give us a call or send us a message. Our 24/7 motorcycle accident response team is standing by to answer your legal questions and help your family get started on the path to recovery.

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