Ep #61: I-10 Shooter Phoenix

Today’s topic of the podcast is the devastating news and national story that’s going on right now in our hometown of Phoenix, Arizona. There have been a lot of freeway shootings over the past number of days along Interstate 10.

A driver has been driving along I-10, a major freeway that travels from Tucson to Phoenix and shooting at random vehicles. Surprisingly, so far the authorities have not been able to apprehend the shooter. People are afraid to get onto the interstate for the fear of getting shot.

We wanted to put this podcast out die all of the local listeners out there as a message of caution. Please stay safe out there on the roads if you choose to travel from Tucson to Phoenix and avoid Interstate 10 if you can.


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The shocking news about a shooter known as the “I-10 shooter Phoenix”  at large on Interstate 10.
  • The details about the shootings.
  • The engagement on our Facebook page.
  • A message of caution to those who wish to travel to Phoenix.

Featured On The Show:

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