9 Jul 2014

Ep #1: Introduction – Tucson and Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyers

I am pleased to welcome you to the inaugural episode of Zanes Law’s Personal Injury Legal Tips podcast. I am very excited to be publishing the show live for all the listeners out there, so without further ado here’s the first episode…

My name is Doug Zanes and I am a personal injury lawyer with offices in Toucson and Phoenix, AZ. The legal world is filled with complicated jargon and confusing mixed messages. My goal with this podcast is to provide as much information and knowledge as possible about legal issues to help you make sense of it all. We are your Tucson and Phoenix personal injury lawyers, who are here to help in all your personal injury cases.

I encourage you to email me with your questions so I can answer them on upcoming shows. Don’t miss this opportunity to get free legal advice and educate yourself on a variety of legal matters. And remember, at Zanes Law, you are under our care, our guidance and our protection!

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • What Zanes Law’s Personal Injury Legal Tips podcast is all about.
  • How you can ask us a questions.
  • What we stand for.
  • How to reach us.

Featured On The Show:

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