11 Jul 2014

Ep #2: Does My Phoenix Injury Attorney Really Have My Best Interest in Mind?

A common misconception about personal injury attorneys is that they need people to get hurt in order to get paid and that they are simply in it for the money. In reality, we don’t want people to get hurt. Unfortunately, bad accidents happen and good people get hurt.

Today, we’re going to dive into whether or not your Tucson or Phoenix injury attorney really has your best interest in mind. We will also cover, specifically in an injury case, whether or not an insurance company has your interest at heart when dealing with you as the injured victim. Listen in for an easy-to-understand explanation of the personal injury case progression that can prevent many surprises within the process.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Why we need a Tucson or Phoenix injury attorney.
  • What personal injury attorney should be doing for you when you hire one.
  • Why it’s always important to have our clients’ interest in mind.
  • Do insurance companies truly care about the injured individuals?
  • The insurance companies’ approach to personal injury cases.

Featured On The Show:

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