Ep #24: David’s Story and His Phoenix Dog Bite Attorney

Phoenix Dog Bite Attorney Seek Adequate Compensation

On this episode of Zanes Law Personal Injury Legal Tips podcast, Doug Zanes shares a story of David, a young boy that got attacked by an angry pitbull and was badly injured. Because most of the visible scars have healed overtime, the insurance company claimed it was not a “big deal” and awarded a minimal amount of money for treatment. Sadly, the damage done to David was a lot more severe than the visible scarring. Tune in to find out the outcome of the story and how Zanes Law Phoenix dog bite attorney was able to represent their client’s best interests.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The details of David’s accident.
  • Why the insurance company only wanted to pay David a minimal amount.
  • The actions Zanes Law Phoenix dog bite attorney took to get a significantly better compensation for David.

Featured On The Show:

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