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25 Aug 2015

Ep #57: Teacher Shortage in Arizona

On this episode of Zanes’ Law Personal Injury Legal Tips, we’re covering a serious issue in Arizona as a whole. A teacher shortage in Arizona. Sadly, the teachers in Arizona are not getting proper support in terms of funding, resources and salaries. As a result, many of them are fleeing the state because they are unable to support themselves and their families on their extremely low salaries. According to the statistics, in 2014-2015 school year, 74% of schools districts in Arizona had 1 in 5 open positions.

As you may know from our previous episodes and blog posts, we, at Zanes Law, are a huge support system for local teachers in Tucson, Arizona. We would like to thank all of the amazing teachers who have stuck through these hard times and haven’t left their students.

If  you are a teacher in Tucson and you’re interested in applying to our 2016 School Supply Giveaway, click here to learn more.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Shocking statistics about the shortage of teachers in Arizona.
  • Why teachers are fleeing Arizona.
  • Our message to the local teachers.
  • How to sign up for our  2016 School Supply Giveaway.

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